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Hearts Breaking, Part 2

You never believe in love until you look into someone's eyes. You never know that you can be loved. You go your whole life, taking things for granted. And then you look into that one person's eyes and realize you could never take them for granted. They become one with you, you feel them and they feel you. The problem is this understanding rarely happens until it is too late. Too late to respond.

She cries. Hands pull through her hair. Such a common gesture. One I have seen her do day after day. And yet, know seared into my head for all eternity. She starts, stumbles, tries again.

"I love you."

And I curse myself- for not having done it sooner. For not appreciating her. For not telling her.

"Quite right, too." I have to say it. My heart is breaking at even the thought of saying it back. It is too late. It is too late. It is too late. But I owe her. I owe her everything.

"And I suppose, if it's my last chance to say it… Rose Tyler…"

My soul screams again, in more agony than ever before. I'm left, once more, listening to the echoes of her sobs. Of her cries. And I join her. Tears streak down. Two tears, to represent my two hearts breaking once more into a billion pieces.

Can hearts break even more than they have already broken? Can they be so crushed by the inevitable, the unstoppable, that they can never heal? Can one truly die from this? This burning agony. The words that will forever be just a thought, unspoken for eternity, always remaining on my lips, haunting me with what I should have said a long time ago.

"Rose Tyler, I love you."