Part One

It was white, just pure white. No, it was silver. It was the mist. And somewhere ahead, there was a dark gray.

He walked closer to the outcast shade and, in turn, the dark grew lighter.

"Huh?" the boy gasped.

Only the other boy's slightly tanned skin and black jeans stood out, because everything else was the color of the mist.

The boy's eyes landed on the small golden-brown eyes of the other. They were steely. Then, the silence broke. And soon after, so did the gray eyes. They closed, then reopened as a neon yellow with small spots of shining silver.

"Finally," the gray boy spoke, "You have begun to question my other."


"You've been wondering why Souji hasn't fought his shadow."

"N-no…" the strawberry blonde boy replied.

"You lie to yourself, Yosuke. Why? Had the Shadow Yosuke not taught you anything?" the yellow-eyed Souji questioned.

Yosuke moved backwards into the mist as a response.

Souji disappeared, laughing maniacally. "That's right, just distance yourself. Distance yourself like everyone else!"

Yosuke kept sliding backwards into the mist. He bumped into something soft and reluctantly looked behind him.

"Hey, Yosuke." another steely-eyed Souji greeted.

"Is that really you, Partner?" Yosuke asked. Souji let his calm mask slip for a moment into confusion.

"Yeah, why? What's wrong, Yosuke?"

Souji's confusion slipped back into his calm mask, and time seemed to stop there.

"So, now that you've met me, you're scared of him? That's hypocritical of you. He accepted you just fine. That doesn't make a lot of sense, now does it, Appetizer?"

A hand shot out from behind him and landed on Souji's neck. Souji still had that expressionless, unreadable, calm face on.

Yosuke stood there, shocked, as the person behind him squeezed.

"I hope you know," the Souji behind him said, "if this keeps up, and you don't figure out something, this boy," he squeezed his hand to emphasis his point, "is going to still be heading down the road of self-sacrifice."

He squeezed even harder and Souji crumpled to the ground.

"Since I'm him, and he's me, does that mean he died by suicide?"

Yosuke turned angrily. The fog had cleared and it became Inaba. Chie walked by, talking to Yukiko, Naoto was on the other side of a fence, and Kanji and Rise were arguing over something. Several other people he knew were walking around the buildingless place.

Everyone except Souji Seta.

The future was clear, and it didn't have Souji in it.

Yosuke woke up, gasping, tangled in sheets, and sweaty. "It was just a dream. It was just a dream. It was just a dream." he chanted to himself. He couldn't really imagine a place; past, present, or future, without Souji. The world might as well revolved around him. He practically changed every person he met, helped people with their problems, saw the clearer side of everything. So, why would such a dream happen? Where everything seemed too real, and he hoped it was just his imagination. He hoped to so many things.


Souji felt a chill down his spine all during school. A few times he turned around and found Yosuke staring really hard at him.

After Mr. Moron's class let out, Yosuke dragged Souji by the wrist and dragged him to the roof. Yosuke quickly turned the moment Souji flew through the door, and said, "I really need to know something."

Souji nodded the go-ahead, because it seemed it was really close to raining, the sky was as dark as the depths of the ocean, and Yosuke asked, "Why haven't you fought your Shadow yet?"

Souji looked sideways, finding the fence interesting, and replied, "I guess I don't keep secrets."

The next thing that happened surprised them both. Souji's steel eyes grew wide and his hands flew to his chest.

"Gaaah!" Souji screamed at the ground. Yosuke flew over to him and panicked. What was he supposed to do? What was wrong?

Souji fell to his knees, still screaming, but biting it back, and finally stopped when his voice couldn't take any more strain. He looked up at Yosuke; eyes watering, face flushed and sweating, and panting. Souji started to mouth something, and then stared back down at the ground.

"What?" Yosuke asked, squatting down beside the misty-haired boy.

"Nothing." Souji replied, and instantly started a coughing fit. "Okay! Okay!" Yosuke's stomach turned at how much pain he sunded. "I'm sorry. I lied." Souji wheezed out. "If I tell you… about everything… Will you not tell anyone?"

Yosuke was honestly confused and asked, "Why?"

"Because I… am on the verge of lying to myself." Souji looked up, ashamed, and looking for any stray emotions. He saw none that would stop him like fear, or hatred for his lying, and continued, "When I first went into the TV, when we first watched the Midnight Channel, the whole place was white. Then the shadow popped out of nowhere and scared me into the real world. I was hurting when I hit my head on the table, so I fell asleep and battled my Shadow. In my mind."

Yosuke was silent, and so was the rest of the world. Even the music blaring through Yosuke's headphones stayed silent in wait.

Souji turned away in shame, and Yosuke sat in silence, processing his new information.

"What was he like?" Yosuke finally asked.

Souji took a while to answer, most likely trying to figure out what he'd let out to the music-loving boy. "He was… I was… very, very wrong."

Gray eyes looked up and visited brown eyes. "I… yeah, I'm sorry. This is… out of character, huh?"

Yosuke smiled. "Hey, whatever floats your boat. Then, I would've kept bugging you. The answer after you gave up would've been even more out of character. Bugging anyone about a sensitive subject, you could've snapped and killed someone! I never knew I could think that far ahead so fast…"

Souji's eyes widened considerably, and Yosuke noticed. "So, your Shadow…?"

All Yosuke got was a wave from Souji's soft steel hair.

"Well, it's okay, though. You accepted ours just fine. It would be hypocritical to not accept you." Yosuke reassured. It felt like he was being Souji in this situation.

"So, are you just doing this because you think it's hypocritical?"

The question caught Yosuke off guard. "Uh… N-no, Partner! It's because I care! We're friends, right? Partners?"

The bell rang for school and Souji looked up. He looked over to Yosuke before smiling and getting back up. "I'm… sorry for bringing you into this. It's my responsibility for my Shadow, not yours."

He walked back to the door and into the school, Yosuke following behind. Is what he said true? Could it be…? No, he shook his mane of strawberry hair, it's because we've been friends since we got here. I wouldn't care if he really was a mass murderer. Like they say "A friend will bail you out of jail, a best friend will be sitting next to you". Yosuke wasn't paying attention and crashed into the wall and fell. "Geh… Owww…~" Yosuke rubbed his head.

"Are you okay?" Souji asked from farther down the stairs. He heard a crack of thunder, and the lights flickered. "Souji? Hey, where did you go?"

Another crash of thunder followed by the flicker of the stairway lights.

"Souji? Hey, where are you?" Yosuke shouted again.

He heard the door behind him open and click together in an attempt to close the door. The stairway was too small for anyone to fit by Yosuke without him feeling them, so how did Souji…?

Yosuke turned and walked up the stairway to the door, slightly ajar, before a gush of wind whipped it open. It sat still before banging open again. Yosuke walked onto the roof and saw Izanagi floating in front of a slightly warped space.

"How is that possible?" Yosuke asked.

Izanagi just stood there, protecting the space like his life depended on it. "Izanagi, what's in there?" Yosuke asked, practically screaming over the newfound bipolar weather.

Izanagi once again answered with silence.

Yosuke walked over, being stopped by Izanagi's spear. "Hey! I want to know what's in there!" Yosuke counters. "It has something to do with Souji, doesn't it?"

Izanagi nodded.

"Then I have the right to know what's wrong." Yosuke said defiantly. Izanagi left his spear in the same way for a long time, while staring at Yosuke's defined stare. He finally lowered his weapon and stared at the space before looking back at Yosuke.

He walked forward and slowly and unsurely placed his hand in a gray space. It looked gray, but it was actually black and white swirling with each other. His fingers popped out from another place on the other side. "Hmm…" He tried pulling out his hand but it felt like something was holding on from another space, even though his hand is visibly on the other side.

Yosuke, being the impulsive person that he was, stuck his head in. He gasped then ran in, full speed, to Souji. He was huddled in the fetal position. His eyes were just staring at the blank space ahead. Swirls much like the space from the outside made up his blank stare.

"Souji?" Yosuke whispered.

He looked up at Yosuke, still holding his faraway gaze, and smiled, though it didn't reach his eyes. "Hi, Yosuke. I would leave if I were you." Souji looked once again at the space in front of him.

"Why?" Yosuke asked in that childish voice of his.

"Because my Shadow's not happy with me again. He keeps telling to put down the act." Souji smiled, but once again, it failed to reach his eyes.

"Where… Where is he?" Yosuke asked.

Souji looked up at him, then fell from the fetal position to his back. "You had to ask the most obvious question…" he mumbled. "My Shadow… The reason why feared it… Because this place… Everything… This is my Shadow, Yosuke."

Wow... Yeah, I had gotten into an obsession with Persona 4, (because Yosuke and Souji are ADORABLE!) and the storyline is epic, too. Though, I haven't gotten past Princess Yukiko cause she doesn't know how to die! But for my other stories, I'm planning on re-writing "KH: Taiga" and "Memories" I'm planning on updating soon. As for "Opposing Forces", the rough-draft is with FantomoDrako right now.