Yami thought it weird that Yugi liked to stare at him at times. No words. No conversation. Just staring. "What's up, Aibou? You keep staring at me." Yami addressed. Yugi outstretched a hand, bringing it to Yami's face. "So, he just wants to touch me?" His thoughts were interrupted when Yugi pinched his cheek. "Rgh! Aibou! What the hell are you doing! Get off!" Yami groaned. Yugi held on tight, no matter how much Yami struggled to get him off. "You're resilient..." he finally said. "Why are you pinching me! What did I do?" Yami cried. Yugi finally let go of Yami's face. He laughed at the red mark arising on Yami's alabaster skin. "Ow...damnit, Aibou."

"I just wanted to play..." Yugi said quietly. "But, that hurt so much, Aibou." Yami said. He wondered if Yugi took his gentle reprimanding the wrong way. "I'm sorry..." Yugi said. "I know how to make it feel better..." Yami leaned over a little. "By pinching the other one?" Yugi shook his head. He crawled over to Yami and kissed the bright red wound gently. "Aibou..." Yami wrapped his arms around Yugi's waist and pulled him to the floor. "You know I can't be angry at you..." Yugi silently listened to Yami's heartbeat. "But, I have a gentler way for us to play." said Yami. "What's that?" Yugi asked. Yami turned over so Yugi was beneath him. "Take your shirt off and I'll show you."

The End.