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Chapter 1/2

Sequel to Knowing

Written for my Paranormal25 150 Prompt Table. Prompt of the Day # 27: Haunted Prison

Warning: Some spoilers for the Movie: A Haunting In Connecticut because Tony, being Tony, discusses movies.


Putting on her gloves, Chloe nodded at the policemen putting up the yellow tape around the crime scene. She ducked under a strip and hugged herself against the cold of the morning, heading in the direction she'd been told the body had been found. The blonde pushed open the door and and hesitated at the strong scent of blood, before pushing onwards, recognizing the smiling faces of Ducky, Ziva, Tony and McGee. "Hey guys. Where's Gibbs?"

"Morning Chloe." Ducky smiled while the others parroted hellos.

"The boss is talking to the prison warden." McGee responded.

"You're looking bushy-eyed and bright-tailed this morning." Ziva smiled.

Tony sighed. "Bushy-tailed and bright-eyed."

Both females ignored him.

"Thanks." Chloe smiled. "So, what was I called in for?"

"This particular death seemed right up your alley." Ducky motioned for Chloe to follow him, both making sure to not contaminate the crime scene as best as they could, and he walked her to one of the bathroom stalls, opening the door to reveal the corpse within. "Meet Corporal Larry Maddison."

"Hello Larry." Chloe bent to her knees, frowning. "Who did you piss off?"

"Actually," Ducky cleared his throat and fixing his glasses on his face. "From what I can tell, he did that to himself."

Chloe looked up at Ducky with raised eyebrows before turning back to the mutilated corpse. "Ouch."

Her gaze went over the many different symbols carved into his skin. She easily made the assumption that they'd been carved with the large, blood glass fragment on the ground beneath his lifeless hand, a fragment that must have been taken after he'd broken the bathroom mirror. The blonde frowned as she noticed some of the symbols disappeared under his sleeve. "Are there more symbols on his body?"

Ducky nodded. "Yes, but I will not be able to get a good look at them until I have him in my room."

Chloe nodded, standing. "I want to be there in the room before you perform the autopsy. Those symbols..." She paused. "They're disturbing."

"Tell me about it." Tony announced, plopping in a strip of chewing gum into his mouth. "It's just like in The Haunting In Connecticut, except this sucker actually did that to himself."

"I see your point." The young woman declared. "But those marking and these are completely different. Thinking about it, the ones on those bodies were quite harmless: Protect the land, keep out intruders, obey my every wish. It was only when the one who did it died that things got screwy. And only because it wasn't very well thought out. If he'd just carved some additional symbols he would have been able to control them from beyond the grave." She smirked. "He must have been so pissed when he realized that after passing over."

There was silence.

The blonde winced, not needing to look up to know she'd freaked them again.

Sometimes she forgot that despite the fact that they were very accepting of her and her weirdness, sometimes one could be a little too weird.

And she seemed to be crossing that line over and over again.

Chloe cleared her throat, interrupting the awkward silence. "I want to have a better look at the others covered by his clothes."

"Of course." Ducky nodded.

"So you think this does have satanic associations...or paranatural." Ziva frowned. Surprisingly enough, she had been quite accepting of the fact that there were supernatural or paranormal things in the world, and along with Abby were the most nonplussed whenever they got the odd case like this.

"Supernatural." Tony whispered to himself in a tired way, correcting his partner once again.

"Most definitely." The blonde replied Ziva's question without a moment's hesitation.

Gibbs had been trying to keep Chloe completely overprotected, but had been forced to go to her for advice when one of their cases had had hints of supernatural aspects in it. It was only because of Chloe's knowledge that they'd been able to realize that the suspect wasn't the Corporal in question, but a shapeshifter who'd taken his form. They had been able to arrest the shapeshifter, but what exactly were they supposed to do with him? Chloe had had a special pair of handcuffs made that were made with enough silver to keep the shifter from being able to shift, but not enough to truly hurt, much less kill, him.

Considering that Chloe had nearly been killed in that episode, she probably wouldn't have been allowed by Gibbs to ever help out again-except that the man whom the shapeshifter had tried to shape into next, and had consequently kidnapped, was Director Leon Vance. He'd been kidnapped and kept in the sewer system she'd found him in, and had watched as the shapeshifter tore off his own face and began to shift into the other face it had decided it wanted better...the man the shifter had wanted to be. The shifter, in his new face, had gone to kill Vance, and probably would have killed him too if Chloe hadn't tackled him from behind. The two had fought, while Vance tried to free himself, and Chloe had been thrown into the wall, pinned there as the creature with the human face snarled at her, slashing at her, wounding her.

It was only when Gibbs arrived and shot the shifter in his knees, wounding him, and then knocking him unconscious, that the day was saved.

That was how Vance learnt about the supernatural, and after a very long meeting with Chloe, they'd agreed (neither listening to Gibbs' intense disapproval) that whenever a case had the chance of being supernatural, Chloe would be brought in. The seventeen year old had grown used to being called at odd hours to crime scenes and examine dead bodies, most of them terribly mutilated.

"What are you doing here?" Gibbs asked, frown obvious in his voice. "Shouldn't you be in school?"

She didn't turn to acknowledge him. "You're always so grumpy in the mornings, Jethro. You need to try some of Abby's Caf-Pow to see if it'll make you as bubbly as it makes her." She turned to Ducky. "Though, it'd be a bit disturbing to have a bubbly Jethro, wouldn't it?"

"I do say so." Ducky had to agree.

Tony looked utterly terrified at the very thought.

Gibbs slapped his daughter up the back of the head, though it was much softer than whenever he'd do it to the others.

She finally looked up at him and smiled.

He smiled back before sighing and looking at the body. "I hate these sorts of cases."

"Only because I get involved." She replied, standing and brushing her hands together. "This one is interesting."

"I'm terrified to ask why." Tony plopped gum into his mouth, watching her in morbid fascination. "Is this some sort of...summoning crap?"

She raised an eyebrow. "Why would you think summoning?"

He went pale. "Oh god. It is. Isn't it?"

Ziva and McGee exchanged looks.

Noticing something, Chloe edged closer to the crime scene and bent down again, narrowing her eyes as she pulled out a tweezers from her handbag and used it to pick up a piece of burnt paper covered in blood and stuck to the body. "Evidence bag."

Ducky passed her one.

"Thanks Ducks." She smiled, bagging the piece of paper as she stepped away. "There's something written on this, but the blood is so dark it's making it hard to make out. Seems like old babylonian though. Maybe Assyrian." She narrowed her eyes, trying to get a better look through the blood. "Ancient Assyrian. Definitely." The blonde began to walk away, snapping her fingers. "McGee. I'm not taking the public transport while with this."

McGee's eyes widened. "But the boss might need..."

"McGee..." Gibbs raised an eyebrow.

"Right." McGee nodded, going towards Chloe. "I'm parked outside."

Blowing a kiss to her father, Chloe walked out after McGee.

In the car she kept trying to decipher the writings, but it was hard. She even forgot to thank McGee for the ride once they reached NCIS headquarters. The blonde had instead gone inside using her clearance I.D. and headed to her own little laboratory slash office, which Vance had given her to work in whenever a supernatural case came up. She worked on cleaning the blood off softly, trying not to damage or break the fragile paper, and when Ziva arrived later with some bags containing other little pieces of paper they'd found on the body, Chloe felt more uneasy. She'd managed to clean up the first one quite a bit by that time, and what she'd managed to decipher was disturbing to say the least.

It was with a mixture of relief and trepidation that she headed down to the morgue when Ducky dialed her through the intercom to let her know that the body was ready for autopsy. Pictures of the body would have been enough, of course, but Chloe preferred seeing the corpse up close. There were some angles in pictures that you missed things that could be incredibly important, so with surgical gloves donned again she surveyed the body of Corporal Larry Maddison. Gibbs was already there, and she knew that he was frowning at her even though she didn't look at him.

Gibbs wanted her to have as normal a life as possible, but she was an adept, she held all the knowledge on the supernatural or otherworldly ever obtained, in her head. There was no way she could be just another teenaged girl. This was a part of her, and while she couldn't access most of the information stored in her brain easily, the more she worked cases like this, the more she found the keys to the locks imposed on her mind and knowledge.

And she thirsted for more.

"The wounds are most definitely self inflected, note how on the back itself there are almost no symbols since it was out of his reach, and the ones closest to his back are less structured than the ones where he'd have easy access." Ducky informed Gibbs. "There's also signs of blunt force trauma to the head suffered a couple of hours before the symbols were carved."

Chloe's gloved fingers ghosted over the markings, engraving them in her mind, trying to access the information on them she knew she had somewhere, locked up in some part of her.

Like a key turning in a lock, the door opened and it flooded in in a jumbled mess, leaving her momentarily disoriented.

Closing her eyes tightly, she swayed slightly, the lights in the room blaring, before finally everything subsided and she could open her eyes once more.

Taking in a deep breath, Chloe continued to trace the markings softly.

She then reached the one by his rib. "This is not good."

"What is it?" GIbbs asked, going to stand behind her, towering over her shorter frame.

"At first I thought the Corporal might have made a self-sacrifice...but this symbol? This isn't..." She frowned, bending on her knees and staring at a badly carved symbol. "Oh shit."

"For those of us who don't read ancient Assyrian..." Gibbs was getting impatient.

"Oh, no, this isn't Assyrian. The bits of paper are in Assyrian, one or two in Babylonian. But these symbols? They're in ancient Sumerian. So the bits of Babylonian make sense, since Sumer was the ancestor of Babylon." She looked up and knew from the look in her father's eyes that she'd lost him...although Duck seemed fascinated. The blonde straightened and cleared her throat. "Right. I'm rambling." The young girl motioned back to the body. "Unless Coporal Larry Maddison knew fairly competent ancient Babylonian, Assyrian, and Sumerian...and considering that symbol...he wasn't the one who did this."

"But the wounds are most definitely self inflicted." Ducky frowned before getting it, eyes widening as he nodded. "Possession."

"So we have a ghost in our midst." Gibbs massaged his forehead.

"But that makes no sense." A new voice announced, and they turned to see a bouncy, excited Abby in the doorway. "I mean, what would trigger the ghost's behavior? There's been no recent murders-the prison just opened last month. There's no reconstruction going on because, as stated already, it's new. What could have made a ghost this angry?"

Chloe smiled at the enthusiasm Abby always showed for the paranormal cases.

Abby, noticing the look Gibbs was giving her, gave him a sheepish smile. "News reached me about the new case and I tried Gibbs, I really did. But this is a Haunting In Connecticut all over again! It's exciting! I love that movie! And even though I doubt its truthfulness because of some parts I-." She stopped when she saw the amused expression on everyone's face. "Right. I'm rambling."

Gibbs turned to Ducky and sighed. "They spend too much time together."

"I'm afraid so." Ducky grinned, feeling no compassion at all.

"Why do they always talk as if we're not in the room?" Abby wanted to know, joining Chloe's side as she surveyed the body.

"Old people do that." Chloe ducked the swat Gibbs had aimed for her, and went around the other side of the table. "Okay, all joking aside, we have a serious problem on our hands."

And like that, all levity vanished.

"What is it?" Gibbs frowned.

"Tony actually got something right. The symbols on the Corporal? They're summoning." She looked around her. "Demonic, summoning."

Abby's eyes widened. "No way."

"We need to destroy this body." Chloe announced.

"We can't destroy the body." Gibbs leaned down with his hands on the autopsy table next to the body. "This is evidence, it belongs to the-."

"It belongs to Azazel." Chloe interrupted, mimicking her father's stance, both glaring at each other over the body. "The ghost that inhabited the Corporal's body wanted to summon Azazel to him, and since we brought the body with us we're all in danger."

"Azazel?" Abby whispered, hand going to her mouth. "As in the biblical demon?"

"One goat for God, and one for Azazel." Chloe nodded. "It's in Leviticus 16 I think."

"Wait, I know that text." Ducky took off his glasses and cleaned them. "But it doesn't say Azazel, it says scape goat."

"No, it says Scape Goat. Azazel's name means Scape Goat. If you read the original versions of the Bible, the Hebrew, you'd see that." Chloe replied. "The Hebrew Bible mentions demons like Azazel and Lilith by name, but our version changed them to Scape Goat...and I believe Lilith to changed to something like shrieking or screeching owl. Though some also call her Lamia..." She frowned, trying to remember. "In short, they didn't want the demons names in the bible, so they took the meanings of the names and put it there instead."

Ducky blinked.

Gibbs' frown went darker.

"Azazel and Lilith were big time demons, so big time that the Hebrew used to have a day of cleansing, in which they'd have two goats for sacrifice." Chloe explained. "One they'd slit the throat of as a symbol of their Messiah redeeming and saving them, and the other the high priest would put his hands over and transfer all the sins into. That goat would then be taken to the wilderness-Azazel's kingdom-by the strongest man in the village, and would be left there to be consumed as a sacrifice as well. One goat for God, one for Azazel."

Abby nodded her agreement.

"So, believe me when I say, you do not want Azazel coming here." Chloe narrowed her eyes. "We have to destroy this body."

The lights started to flicker.

She went pale.

"It's already too late." A voice said from the stairs.

They turned as one, Gibbs pulling out his gun and aiming, at the man in the man in a suit standing there.

Chloe blinked.

The man was handsome.

Very handsome.

He had dark hair scattered with traces of gray, his beard and mustache was short and neatly trimmed.

His eyes were dark.

And sad.

The lights continued to flicker.

"He's coming." Chloe whispered.

Gibbs suddenly frowned. "John?"

The stranger smiled. "Hello Leroy, I didn't realize you worked here."

"Gibbs?" Abby turned to him. "You know tall dark and mysterious?"

"No time." Chloe and John said at the same time, before Chloe rushed to where Ducky's assistant kept the salt shaker 'hidden' so he could have lunch down in the morgue with Ducky. She threw the large container to John, who caught it and eyed her in surprise before beginning to pour out the salt in the doorway in a straight line. "What are you-?" Ducky asked.

Chloe rushed to the intercom and pressed the emergency button she'd had Vance install in case something like this happened.

A loud, shrill sound echoed throughout the building as lights flashed.

She only could pray that the employees would get to the panic room in time.

"What's going on?" Gibbs wanted to know. "John, what are you doing here? What-?"

"Ducky?" Chloe called.

The older, british man nodded and pressed a button on the underside of his desk, causing the morgue to go dark, and then ultraviolet lights came on, causing symbols that'd been painted on the walls and ceiling to magically appear.

"What the-?"

"They look good." Abby grinned. "We're good."

Chloe couldn't smile, too nervous as she looked towards the doorway.

"These symbols..." John looked around him as he pulled out a gun. "How do you know them?"

"How did you get in here with a weapon?" Gibbs cocked his gun. "Drop it!"

"Dad!" Chloe snapped, placing a hand on Gibb's arm. "Put the gun down, he's a hunter."

Gibbs was tense, but not because of the situation.

He looked down at Chloe in wonder.

She cleared her throat and looked away.

It was the first time she'd ever called him that.

"Trust me, please."

Although the marine in Gibbs obviously was telling him to subdue John and unarm him, the father in him trusted her, and she was extremely thankful when he lowered his weapon.

"How touching." A voice announced from the doorway.

John snarled and fired his weapon at the figure.

"He's in a host!" Chloe snapped at the hunter.

But she didn't have to worry for the host, because the demon moved his hand and the bullets fell, useless.

"Really, John. You know that bullets and everything else you've tried to kill me with won't work." He sneered, the flashing lights illuminating his face momentarily before bathing it in darkness. "And anyway, I was summoned. This is no way to treat a guest. A took time out of my very busy schedule to be here, you know."

"You're one of the most powerful demons in existence." Chloe cleared her throat. "I doubt you were bound to come if summoned."

He turned towards her, head tilted. "True. But I was curious." His eyes were yellow and glowing in the half-light, as he noticed the salt barring his entrance in the room, and the symbols highlighted by the ultra-violet light. "Those symbols." He turned to Chloe, an amused smile tilting his lips. "So you're her. You've done a good job at hiding yourself up until now, little Adept."

John's eyes widened as he turned to look at Chloe.

Gibbs snarled and went to stand in front of his daughter protectively, aiming his gun the demon. "You leave her out of this."

The demon gaze at him. "Has she not told you that that's useless against me?"

"Dad! You'll only hurt the host!" Chloe tugged him back.

Gibbs was obviously fighting his desire to protect her, and his knowledge that he'd be hurting someone innocent.

Finally, he lowered his gun.

Chloe kept her hand on his arm. "We're sorry, Lord Azazel," she cleared her throat, trying to access all the information she had on the demon, realizing that he was a highly respected demon and would have been called this by his peers. "We didn't summon you. The ghost who did this did."

"Lord Azazel?" John snapped at her.

She ignored him, eyes on Azazel.

"Good. You have manners." Azazel announced. "So little mount of humans understand how much that's appreciated."

The blonde cleared her throat.

Abby and Ducky stood behind the other three, holding hands.

"John." Azazel turned to the man. "How's Sammy?"

John snarled and fired again, although he knew the bullets would only fall to the ground...which they did.

Azazel chuckled. "You're too easy, John. You need to get a reign on that temper of yours. Patience is a virtue, you know."

"You no good sonofabitch!" John growled. "When I find out how to kill you I'm going to!"

Azazel turned his golden eyes on Chloe then. "There are people who aren't safe in this building."

She recognized the threat for what it was, and she clenched her fists tightly. "What do you want?"

He smirked, about to take a step into the room before remembering and stopping, looking down at the barrier of salt. "You know where he is."

Her heart began to race. "Who?"

He chuckled, obviously sensing her fear. "Come now, little Adept, you know who I'm talking about."

She looked away.

"Answer enough."

"Chloe, what's he talking about?" Gibbs asked.

"You're not asking, so you already know." Chloe ignored him, finally returning her gaze on the demon. "What do you want, Lord Azazel?"

A muscle jumped in John's cheek, but he refrained from commenting this time.

The demon just smirked. "See you later, little Adept."

And with that he vanished.

They were left in uncomfortable silence.

"What's that scent?" Abby whimpered, finally breaking into the silence, covering her nose. "Ducky? Do you have eggs rotting somewhere?"

"It's sulfur." John and Chloe answered at once, before giving each other looks.

"Is that thing gone?" Gibbs wanted to know.

"Yeah." Chloe nodded, running a shaky hand over her hair. "He's gone. For now."

"You knew his name." John's eyes were only for Chloe as he grabbed her arm. "He called you an Adept. I'd heard rumors but-."

"Take your hands off of my daughter, Winchester." Gibbs' voice was calm, but his eyes dangerous.

John looked up at Gibbs and then nodded, letting go. "I-I'm sorry, it's just that I didn't even know his name until now and yet now..." His eyes were intense on Chloe. "I need to know whatever you can tell me on him. He-he killed my wife, and-."

"Bled blood into the child's mouth." Chloe finished, wincing when John flinched back, horrified, obviously not having known that part. "I'm sorry. I thought you knew."

"He bled into Sammy's mouth?" John whispered, horrified.

"He's been doing that for a long time now, with children on the night of their sixth month of life." Chloe brought a hand to her forehead as her mind rebelled, not wanting to reveal much more about Azazel...not having much more to give anyway. "I don't know why, but he shows special interest in these children...though so far nothing has come of it, from what I know."

"Who was he asking you about?" Ducky wanted to know, turning off the ultra-violet light, the normal one turning on and blinding everyone momentarily.

"Lucifer." Chloe replied.

Abby's eyes widened. "You know where Lucifer is?"

The blonde paused. "I know I know...but I don't know."

"Why does he want with Lucifer?" Gibbs looked as if he couldn't believe he was having this conversation.

"Lucifer's his father, why wouldn't-?" Chloe winced when she saw the expression on everyone's face. "I'm the only one who knew that, huh?" She sighed, palming her face. "Sometimes I forget that things I know aren't common knowledge."

John made as it to grab her again but backed down after a glance in Gibbs' direction. "I need to talk to you."

"You need to wait." She replied, already heading towards the door. "We need to go back to that prison. Whoever is controlling that ghost is trying to get into communication with Azazel, and I doubt that he's going to let this stop him or her. The person is going to try again."

"There's someone controlling a ghost?" Abby asked, eyes wide.

Chloe stopped in mid-stalk and flinched, turning around, expression sheepish. "I forgot to mention that, didn't I?"