Author's Note: Hey, readers and reviewers! Well, I absolutely love Sonny with A chance, as you can see and I also love Carrie Underwood. I was hearing her song, "Cowboy Casanova," and I thought of an idea for a cute story.

Okay imagine this (summary)- Sonny's a cowgirl in Wisconsin and Chad is a spoiled brat in Hollywood. His mom then sends him to Wisconsin to stay with his dad, and coincidently he is paired up with Sonny and she has to teach him how to be a cowboy and live in Wisconsin. Let's just say, neither are happy about it, but when sparks fly, what happens.

So here's my 1st chapter. I'm trying to get as many ideas for this story, as I can, so bear with me people.

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Cowboy Casanova

Chapter 1

2 Different Worlds

Chad's Point Of View

"Chad! Wake up!" My annoying mother called me. I was trying to sleep here! I pulled off my sleeping mask. So what if I wear a sleeping mask, it helps. I can do whatever I want, I'm Chad Dylan Cooper.

"Chad Dylan Goldfarb get your butt down the stairs this insistence, or I will…" I hated when she used my old last name.

"Or you'll what, mother…" I called.

"I'll take away ALL your hair brushes!" She yelled.

"Not my brushes!" I said quickly getting off bed and changing. Ugh, why was she so annoying, beauty cannot be rushed!

"Where are you, you're still not here!" She called again.

"I'm putting on my moisturizer as fast as I can!" I called back. You think me putting on moisturizer is funny, huh, huh? Well, I'm Chad Dylan Cooper and I can do whatever I want!

"Diva…" I heard her mumble as I rushed down the stairs.

I grabbed my seat on the dining table. Lily (I think that was her name) served my food.

I didn't bother saying thank you because the money I give her should be the thank you, and I didn't feel like saying thinking, and I could do whatever I wanted because I was (well you get the point.)

"Bib me," I ordered as she grunted and put on my bib.

My spoon was next to my plate but where was my fork. I looked and saw that it was on a plate, for the chair next to me.

I could get it but I didn't want to.

"Get me my fork!" I ordered her again. Mom's eyes shot open from her book.

"Chad get it yourself, it's right there, Lola don't give it to him." Mom said.

"But I don't wanna!" I whined.

"Lola get it!" I called as Lola reached for it.

"Don't you dare," Mom threatened as Lola pulled her hands away from the fork.

"LOLA!" I stared at her as she reached for it.

"Stop! I'm the adult of this house, and they will do what I say, and I tell Lola to go and Chad move your butt from the chair, and get that stinking fork!" Mom jumped from her seat and yelled.

"Sheesh… I'm getting it, no need to go diva on me." I said simply and grabbed the fork.

"ME A DIVA! OH THAT'S IT CHAD!" My mom literally blew up.

"What?" I said.

"You are going to stay with you dad at Wisconsin for 3 months in this summer, where you will learn manners and not be a Hollywood jerk!" OH NO SHE DIDN'T!

"But… but… but…" I strutted.

"I'm tired of your behavior, you have let the fame go to your head. Maybe staying at a ranch will help clear your mind. And anyway, summer's here and that means no Mackenzie Falls." Mom said.

"The only thing that will go to my head, is the stinky, yucky, horse, and cow poop smell!" I yelled at her and ran out of the house and slammed the door.

How could she do this to me! I didn't deserve this!

I climbed into my convertible and drove to Condor Studios.

"Ashley!" I called as I walked into my dressing room.

A black haired girl with glasses holding my latte ran into my room.

"Yes, Mr. Cooper?" She said hurriedly.

"Cancel my movie deals for the summer?" I ordered as I grabbed my latte from her hands.

"Why?" She mumbled.

"You're my assistance and you do what I say without question!" I said coldly and shooed her out of my room. I didn't care if I was mean, I could whatever I wanted!

Sonny's Point Of View

4 days later

"Wake up Sonny!" I heard Mr. Cooper call.

"Coming!" I said climbing off my bed and smelling the morning ranch smell. It was so fresh.

I quickly got changed and ran to the table.

"Morning Sonny, want some eggs?" He asked politely.

"Thank you Mr. Cooper," I said back and grabbed the plates and cups.

"Sonny, you live with me, you don't have to call me that." He said smiling.

I politely nodded.

"I know, but…" I couldn't finish my sentence.

"It's okay, I know you miss them. Come on today's a new day, a fresh start." I smiled today him.

I grabbed the eggs and thanked him.

"Look, I know I should have told you earlier. My wife called me and said that my son, Chad, is going to come here for the summer. And well… I was wondering if you could help him fit in." Mr. Cooper said. I almost spit out the food in my mouth.

"You mean the actor, Chad Dylan Cooper?" I asked. WHY HIM! He was a total stuck up snob, who thinks he's the center of the world!

"Yea, him," He said weakly.

"Do I have to, please?" I begged.

"I know Sonny, it will be hard but I really need you to help him, I'm really busy. Maybe you'll become friends?" He said trying to force a smile.

"Him, and me," I laughed harshly, "He's a total snob!" I yelled.

"I know, but please Sonny," He begged this time. I sighed.

"Alright, but I'm not going to go easy on him and be nice." I smiled evilly.

"That's my girl!" He smiled back and we high fived.

Mr. Cooper was like a good friend to me, but not my like my father. My father was his best friend and Mr. Cooper was like my friend too. Since the… accident, he had helped me through the hard times. People would say that he was like my father but he acted like a kid around me and we played games and joked, and even prank'd people, but when it came down to business he was strict.

I wondered what it would be like to work with the Chad Dylan Cooper. I knew it was going to be hard teaching him to be a cowboy but I knew I could do it.

But I wasn't warned that he would be a Cowboy Casanova for sure.

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