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Chapter 15


Sonny's Point Of View

How long has it been since I realized that maybe, just maybe, I liked Chad Dylan Cooper. Yes, the snotty, conceited, rude Chad Dylan Cooper. Even though I can say things like this about him, only good things of him come to my mind. It hasn't been that long since the realization hit me.

It was probably during Michael's death. Not the best place to realize that you have feelings for a certain someone. Though Chad could be mean and annoying, he was sincere, well now anyway. He changed. In about a month he had changed to a man I would have never imagined. The Chad I first met was still there but he was better. He cared about… others? Bizarre, isn't it! But I start to wonder why I had only noticed this now. From my first date with Austin, to my break up with Austin, the death of Michael, and everything in between, Chad was there for me. I never really acknowledged how much he cared for me. But now every time I was around him my heart would beat fast, when he would leave I felt lonely, he's the only one that can cause me so much confusion and make me worry.

Now I see why I like him. I've tried to deny it, continuously at that, but no matter how much I try to throw him out of my brain, his smiling face comes back. When I'm around him, my heart flutters, I want to smile and it's uncontrollable. But when we talk, I go completely opposite, I fight with him, I don't know why but it's the only way I could get him out of my mind. I yell at him and go crazy if he makes a random comment. I had completely blown up today at him and this time it felt like he would never forgive me because his face was red with madness.

I told him that he was conceited, that nobody would like him because he was a bad person, also that he should stop getting into my personal life, some other stuff as well.

So as of right now I'm walking to his room, ready to apologize to him and try to maintain my feelings.

There was no sound in the room as I knocked and he yelled out a "WHAT!"

I jumped back, my heart pounding and aching. The door swung up to a blazing Chad looking with dead shot eyes at me.

"What do you want! I have no idea why in the world you're mad at me! I helped you and was nice to you because of your cousin, but what is wrong with you! You're nothing but a crazy little girl running out spouting random nonsense, no wonder your whole family left you! Just get the hell out of my life!" I remained still as he stood there yelling at me. With that he slammed the door in my face.

Tears balled out of my eyes as I slowly walked to my room. He had gone too far… I know that I had been mean to him but I had never said something so personal to him. Bringing my family in this was the turning point, and I couldn't stand for it.

For the next few days all I did was ignore him and write lyrics. The only way that I could get my anger and feelings out was by writing a song and this time it was about him. Not about me liking him, it was about something very different.

The time for the camp out came and I was ready with my song. Chad sat across from me looking down to the ground. His eyes were drooped down and he wasn't giving me single glance as I started to drum the small few notes across my guitar.

You better take it from me

That boy is like a disease

You run and try and you're trying to hide

You're wondering why you can't get free

He's like a curse he's like a drug

You get addicted to his love

You wanna get up and he's holdin you down

Cause you can't live without him one more touch

He's a good time, cowboy Casanova

Leanin up against the record machine

He looks like a cool drink of water

But he's candy-coated misery

He's the devil in disguise, a snake with blue eyes

And he only comes out at night

gives you feelings that you don't wanna fight

You better run for your life.

I looked up to Chad as I strummed the keys, his face had changed. There was a sort of weird touch in his eyes, but yet he still didn't look up to me. It hurt me more at how he didn't care and made me believe that he actually liked me, as a girl. But who am I kidding, he's the great Chad Dylan Cooper, why would he want to me with a girl like me! And yet he kissed me, told me he cared for me, took care of me… He was nothing but a deceiving Casanova. He had said the thing that hurt me most straight to my face, and yet I was thinking about him.

Run, run away

Don't let him mess with your mind

He'll tell you anything you wanna hear

He'll break your heart it's just a matter of time

But just remember, he's a good time cowboy Casanova

Leanin up against the record machine

He looks like a cool drink of water

But he's candy-coated misery

He's the devil in disguise, a snake with blue eyes

And he only comes out at night

gives you feelings that you don't wanna fight

You better run for your life.

Chad got up and walked away. My eyes trailed at him as he walked off but I pushed the pain away and continued to sing in low tone.

Oh you better run for your life

Oh you better run for your life

After listening to some other people sing and having a chat with the adults, I excused myself. My shoes scraped across the cemented floor as I stopped at the ranch. He was probably in there…

I should probably do something... maybe I should go in and say something…

Wait! Why should I say something, he should be one to say something! With all how he insulted me and hurt me!

I ran away from the house and into the meadow crossing the stables. Without stopping I ran all around, and finally stopped when behind the tree that was next to the small lake that I considered my special place. A dark figure was sitting staring into the lake. The only other person who knew about this place was…. Chad….

I gasped, my heart skipped a beat as I looked at him.

"Why are you here!" I screamed in confusion, tears starting to slip slowly by slowly out of my eyes.

He swerved around looking at me. His blue eyes shone in the moonlight and his blonde hair stood out.

"Sonny…" He whispered lightly walking towards me.

"Stop! Why! Why are you here! This is my special place… you don't deserve to be here…" I said looking to the side, not wanting to glance at him and see his expression.

"Sonny… I'm sorry…"

I still didn't look at him and stood still, not wanting to respond.

"I'm sorry… I shouldn't have said that… I blew up, I'm sorry…It was wrong and I know I hurt you, but-" I could hear his footsteps towards me so I turned to him and yelled,


"I don't care! I don't care anymore!" More tears dripped down and he continued to walk so I slowly backed away but my back hit the trunk of the tree.

"Sonny… Listen to me… I'm sorry." I looked up to him as he stood across from me with my back along the tree.

"Listen to you! Why should I! All you can say is sorry! You hit the one subject which I'm sensitive in and now you say you're sorry! You're words cut me deeply and I can't bear it anymore!" My eyes were raging red as I looked up to him.

"What about me! This whole time I've bear with all you have done. You hurt me too! With how much you cared about Austin and not me! I was always there for you but you had completely turned me down! Now all of a sudden you start yelling at me, telling me to leave and that I shouldn't be here! What am I supposed to do!" He gripped my shoulders staring into my eyes. The tears wouldn't stop…

"Tell me, Sonny, what should I do…?"

"You're supposed to leave! You should leave, so that when you leave… my… love for you will too… and so I won't have to endure you not returning my feelings anymore…" The words that escaped out of my mouth surprised me just as it surprised him.

He then smiled, "But I don't want to leave… I don't want to leave the… girl I love…" My head bounced up to his face. The look was sincere…

"The girl you love?"

"Yes… the girl I love… Ms. Sonny Munroe…" My face lit up as he clarified his words.

With that he pressed his lips lightly onto mine. His hands slid up to brush along my face and I gripped my hands onto them.

Once he backed away I whispered, "I hate you…" in a small playful tune and he interlocked his fingers in mine.

A few weeks later…

As I strolled across the marked, a picture on a magazine rack surprised me. It was of Chad… in Wisconsin.


Quickly grabbing the magazine and buying it, I ran all the way to the ranch. Knocking the door open I ran in and dropped the magazine on the kitchen counter. Mr. Cooper and Chad were sitting there eating slices on apples and they both stared down at the magazine.

"How! How in the world did they find out!" Chad screamed flipping through the magazine pictures.

"They were bound to find out sooner or later…" Mr. Cooper told him. I looked down to the magazine wondering what would Chad do if they found out about Chad and I?

"What about you and me?" I asked him and he looked up, concerned.

"I have to go back eventually Sonny, though I love this place, Hollywood is where I belong." He said looking to the magazine and spoke in a soft tone.

"But I can't leave Wisconsin…" I told him back and he stared at me.

"Why not? You're fit to be a singer and it will be a cool adventure for you."


"Sonny… what's your dream…?" The words surprised me. My dream? As of now it was nothing… I guess just to get through life peacefully…

"I don't have one…"

"To sing." He answered for me but I shook my head.

"That's just a hobby... Chad… that fame world is not for me…"

"Sonny… please… it's either you come with me or I stay here…" I knew Chad didn't want to stay here. He loved the fame and fun at Hollywood. He always spoke about it in high terms and I just couldn't make him stay… that would be selfish of me…

"Give it a try, I'll be there with you, if you don't like it you can come back and we'll figure something out for." All types of ideas and thoughts about Chad leaving ran through my head and I suddenly became dizzy so I just stearnly said, "No!" and ran to my room.

Going there would just make me embarrass myself and Chad as well. I wanted to be a singer and go far but just thinking about actually pursuing that… dream… was making me scared… I never really thought about it and I didn't want to imagine false dreams.

The whole day I sat in my room, wrecking over what to do and at night time Chad walked into my room and sat on my bed next to me.

"You don't have to go if you don't want to…"

"I want to… but I'll embarrass myself, I'll ruin your reputation, that life is not fit for me."

He chuckled. "I was prepared for this after I fell in love with you and admitted it to myself. To me, my reputation doesn't matter anymore, and you can't embarrass yourself, you're dating THE Chad Dylan Cooper, it's not humanely possible. I just want to be with you, I'll be there with you every step of the way. If you want to give up, I'll let you, I just want you to give it a shot." He looked deeply into my eyes and I just couldn't help but smile and nod.

"I'll do it; I'll give it a shot."

He hugged me and whispered in my ear, "I'll never let you go, no matter where we are or what we do, my only wish is to be next to you."

"You know the perfect words to say, as like it's rehearsed." I scoffed and he smirked.

"Well I am after all, the cowboy Casanova."

"Actually, my cowboy Casanova." I leaned onto him, grabbing him into a steamy kiss.

As he fell onto of the bed and I looked down at him with his blue sparkling eyes meeting my chocolate brown eyes.

"Let's go to Hollywood." I said before he captured me in a kiss..

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