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The story idea rightfully belongs to whoadrep08

WALL∙E is a 2008 computer-animated science fiction film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by Andrew Stanton.

The solitude of Wally's open Buy n' Large utility truck is shattered by a sudden blast of wind, a figurine lands on her feet after flying here at supersonic speed, cradling the body of the truck's occupant.

Eve rushes inside the truck, her every thought and movement going at flank speed. Hal rushes in behind her, whining to see his master wake up again.

She lays Wally's lifeless body on the metal floor and begun rotating the shelves to find his prosthetic spares, struggling to remember precisely where he kept his glasses the last time she was here. She searches frantically, already suppressing her tears for the time being. She has no time to cry she had to act fast.

The shelf full of obsolete medical supplies and crude prosthetic components comes into rotation. Eve stops the shelves cycling and scoops up a pump-like device, Wally's spare pacemaker.

She drops to her knees by his side and unfolds the field surgical kit she brought.

The backpack-sized kit suddenly activates into an auto surgeon, a compact, sterilized, multiple armed biotech machine containing injection canisters, biodegradable scanning, cell membrane generators and operating tools of the most advanced regenerative medicine of the twenty ninth century.

Eve rips open Wally's tattered, bloodied coveralls and gets to work, having no time to ponder over what else she has or doesn't have in the kit or how much of her medical training limited on operating this thing. She had to bring Wally back in the next couple of minutes before his mind rots away. Every second counts.

She starts with the most critical damage to Wally, his crushed skeleton.

The mechanical operating arms form into clamps, and each clung into every broken movable joint and extremity. The piercing clamps inject liquid Periosteum into the marrow and cartilage of his broken bones while pulling the bones into full length at the same time.

Eve tries to ignore the crunching sound of Wally's bones snapping back into place, it seemed surreal to watch a human body unfold into its proper shape like a crunched up piece of tin foil.

His arms and legs straighten out to normal. The injected fluids instantly solidify his fractures into new bone mass, making his fractures disappear. His crushed ribcage, vertebrae, and skull decompressed by suction clamps injected with the skeleton-patching liquids reshaping them from concaved to proper form and smaller fractions are dealt with by lightning speed injections of the hematopoietic liquid by Eve herself. In a few seconds time his unfolded, patched up skeleton has returned to normal form.

She has her biodegradable scanner analyze the physiological damage done to his internal organs. His lungs had to be depressurized. His brain showed traumatic concussion bruising, liver squashed to jelly replaced and extreme tissue damage in most of his tendons.

She has the information relayed to the auto surgeon's flash-cloning device to create the new liver needed and prepare for an operation. Inside a translucent canister is an embryo of a human liver rapidly morphing into shape. Also at work, the prosthetic processing arms began repairing Wally's ancient and scrapped mechanical forearm.

While the new organ formed, she has to get quickly inside his torso to repair his internal injuries.

She uses a surgical laser to cut open his abdomen. With no blood left in his body it made less of a mess as she pries into the clean cut incision, barely keeping herself from getting queasy while sticking her gloved hands into his innards.

Her hands move fast but a bit shaky as she slices through cartilage to his damaged vital organs.

The auto surgeon pings, indicating the flash cloned liver and rebuilt arm completed. Almost half a minute passed, she had to go faster!

Eve cuts her way around the surrounding stomach tissue, freeing the damaged liver from its diaphragm attachment and extracts it. She pulls out the destroyed liver, the dark organ responsible for fluid distribution and blood cleansing looked like a squashed yam from being compressed. Eve's hands drenched in thick gore and leaked liver fluid. Shaking her head she sets the squashed organ aside and the auto surgical arms place the duplicate inside his abdominal cavity. With speed, precision, and no regard to disgust, the auto surgeon implants the new liver inside the diaphragm. It reattached blood vessels, injected proper fluids and instantly stitched it up with biodegradable stitching within seconds.

To his lungs, she takes two tiny nozzles of oxygen out of the kit and jabs them into the punctured air sacs. She felt the flow of oxygen, inflating his respiratory system and sealed the lungs with biodegradable stitches.

With all torso wounds out of the way, she finally prepares the spare pacemaker by sterilizing it while the auto surgeon slices out the destroyed one from Wally's chest. The arms form tweezers and pull the blown pacemaker out of Wally's chest cavity piece by piece. Eve slows her pace down to take a look into Wally's opened chest, seeing his deformed heart for the first time. It appeared it was a chewed and swollen organ with all blood cavities in the wrong place, a birth defective heart.

She tenderly installs the device into her beloved's misshapen heart with care. Recalling what knowledge she had of ancient silicon based circuitry, she examines functions of the spare pacemaker and the scarred delicate circulatory system, noting where every copper wire and every pump goes inside the ventricle cavities and valves.

With the last wire in place, Eve believes she has it implanted correctly to function. Now Wally needs a blood transfusion, having lost all of it from prolonged and profuse bleeding.

Using the auto surgeon's flash-cloning erythrocyte pump, Eve makes numerous IV injections into every major vessel with freshly generated oxygenated blood with plasmatic fluid, pumping Wally's body with ten pints of new A- blood volume.

With his circulatory lines being refilled, she simultaneously pneumatically injects amniotic and embryonic stem cells into his torn muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, the regenerative embryos rapidly seals numerous open gashes and burnt flesh to ensure they don't bleed out again, the incisions included and the splinted spinal membrane in his back.

Within another minute's time, after reattaching his rebuilt prosthetic arm, extracting the broken shards of shattered Wally's glasses from his face and final patches to his lacerations, the pummeled pulp of a garbage collector now fully healed.

One last step in order to bring him back.

Eve prepares a wireless defibrillator, rubbing both electrodes for a charge. Both pads in hand pinged fully charged and she inhaled a deep breath. This is going to be the most important moment in her life.

She places the pads over his heart, mentally praying for this to work…


…and shocks Wally's heart, sending the electric shock to jumpstart his pacemaker.

Wally's pacemaker activated, its blood distributor pumping new blood. Eve gently presses two fingers to his carotid artery. No pulse came from his heart…

Time slowed to a crawl, every nanosecond felt like an hour.

…Eve holds her breath for every passing second…

...she waited…

...and waited…

...and waited...

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

thump thump…

..thump thump…

A very faint heartbeat echoes in Eve's ears loud as music.

Wally stirs, his eyes open slowly and he remained on the floor unmoving, starring at her.

Eve remained wide-eyed seeing her deceased lover suddenly awake. She couldn't believe she actually resurrected him. She let out all the air she held, her whole world fell back into place and back to normal. All her pain disappeared seeing him alive and well again.

Now she could give him the thing to make everything complete, to hold his hand.

"Wally…" she sweetly speaks, removing her blood stained gloves and holding her slender hand out, waiting for him to take it.

Wally stares at her. Eve isn't the least bit confused, he's right in front of her, waiting to give the happy ever after he always dreamed of. Wally doesn't reach out for her hand. He sits there unmoving, staring blankly at Eve. Something about his eyes…

Wally moves, his organic hand brushing pass Eve's arm. Eve expression goes from rejoice to bafflement.

What is he doing? Wally lays himself on his belly, like he's trying to crawl like a baby. Eve turns him over to get him to face her.

"Wally. It's me, Eve!" She points to herself, using her sweet voice to emphasize herself to him.

Again, he stares at her with a blank face, if he doesn't know who she is. Eve could only speculate amnesia for his bizarre behavior, the concussion he had must've temporarily knocked out his memory.

Working with that theory, she looks around. Maybe something could refresh his memory.

"Oh," she picks up the Rubik's cube and the light bulb, the bulb shined as she touched it. She puts the trinkets in his hands. Hopefully he remembers how much he liked finding these things.

He barely turns his head to look at the unknown objects in his hand. He had no idea what they are. Eve gets the lighter from one shelf, maybe he will remember the night she was with him in this truck, one of his greatest memories he had of sheltering and sharing his treasures with her.

She flicks the lighter on in front of him, yet Wally doesn't seem to acknowledge the tiny little flame. He doesn't even register the soft glow of heat.


Eve slowly became worried. Why didn't he recognize things the way he should after she restored him? Something's missing…

"Oh! I know!" Of course, something was missing. Eve rushes over to the VCR, pushing the play button toHello Dolly.

As 'Put On Your Sunday Clothes'played its cheerful tunes, Eve looks back at Wally expecting to see him be himself again. Eve's eyes shot wide open in shock and confusion instead.

Wally flailed his arm at the junk filled shelves, he couldn't even try to control his arm's extremity functions like his fingers or joints even though he can. He couldn't even move his lower body if paralyzed, even drooling uncontrollably.

He tries to crawl with his limp arms like some primal, brainless creature.


Eve stares at Wally, her confusion quickly turned into panic.


Hal sniffs his revived master, barks at him stipulating he didn't know the person at all, not the master he knew.

Why is this happening? Paralysis? No cognitive senses? No memory…

"Oh no…"

A dark realization came over Eve. She checks her timer to see how long Wally has been clinically dead for. If more than fifteen minutes of passed, then that would mean he's…

…her clock read seventeen minutes passed. At this point, without oxygen flow to Wally's brain for that amount of time…

"No!...NO!...NOO!" Eve cries out in disbelief, unable to quell the dreadfulness brewing up in her as the realization sank in.


She rushes over to his twitching body at the bottom of the ramp, turning him over and propping him up to face her. The look in his eyes shocked Eve so much she refused to believe her sight.

There was nothing in his eyes, the absence of his innocent being relevant in the now fully dilated pupils. He no longer had the most caring and loving hazel eyes longing for Eve and with the purpose of her yearning to see into.

The pupils of his eyes darker than the blackness of space itself. They were void. Soulless.

She hesitantly pulls out her holographic-data pad to run a neuron scan on Wally's brain, she couldn't believe this was happening, this is a nightmare. Deep down she knows it's too true to deny.

The neuron scan pings completed and Eve reads what's wrong with his mind. All of the hope Eve clang to, her last drop of happiness, the faint light at the end of the tunnel for saving the one she loved... shattered as she read it. Her worst fears now confirmed a reality.

There was blood flow to Wally's brain, his Nero-cortex showed no signs of cognitive bioelectric activity, all membrane cells in his nervous system already died from necrosis, a lack of oxygenated blood for, irreparably, too long.

Wally was clinically brain-dead.

"NOO! WALLY!" Eve breaks down in tears, shaking his body, slapping his face to wake whatever left of the man she loved from a mindless sleep he will never wake up from.

"WALLY! DON'T LEAVE ME!..." She sobbed through her desperate pleas for him to come back to her. She held his face tight and loving as she can, screaming for him.


No force on Earth or Heaven listened to her begging for his life.

It's too late. Wally's memory, his mind, his consciousness and in essence, his very soul simply gone.

Wallace Burtt is no more.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

She lost him forever in oblivion. Eve stared into the empty eyes of the soulless body once Wally. She looked at him in silence for what felt forever, her heart pounding in dread as what happened sank in, a life simply ended right in front of her.

Finally, she broke down. All the emotions built up inside her heart flowed out in soft sobs. Though mostly silent, Eve cried like she never had in her entire life.

She let out all her tears of immeasurable pain and immeasurable love.

Her tears flowed freely like a waterfall until her eyes reddened and stung, unable to tear anymore from crying too much. Her sobbing faded into painful, choked whimpers like she couldn't breathe.

All quiet again, the only sound breaking the silence of loss is the soft howl of the wind and the steady breathing of Wally's vegetative body.

Even though she got Wally's body functioning again, it is not him anymore, just his former shell, no life force left in him. His brain damage irreversible and his consciousness ceased, not too different from clinical death. Her mind ceased to register everything around her for her whole universe shattered into nothingness.

She couldn't save him, the man she loved more than life itself no longer existed. There's nothing left here anymore, but Eve couldn't just leave. There was nothing to go back to. The life she knew has been altered forever because of him, because he had put so much importance on her.

It's ironic on how much her thoughts of this lonely, humble man had changed so dramatically. When first meeting him, she pointed a plasma rifle to his face, all because he wanted to take in the first human being he had laid eyes on in untold years of isolation. Furthermore she tried to ignore him for being such a nuisance, hoping he would go away. She even tried to blame him for her problems. Moreover she tried to kill him herself for the problems he never caused to her. He still kept following her with those longing eyes like a lost puppy through everything she put him through.

What she wouldn't give to have him come back to her right at that moment. Even through her mistreatment of him, he had done incredible things for her. He brought the plant to her, protected her, showed her unthinkable treasures and taught her things that no one else could comprehend the secrets of life long forgotten by humanity: emotions, understanding, moments, dreams and affection. He had brought humanity back to its home world because of the sequence of events created by everything he had done for her out of the humble goodness of his golden heart.

Moreover, he gave his life for it, for her because he loved her.

Eve's pain endlessly swelled in her broken heart, she wanted to cry so hard, although she had no more tears or strength left to do so. She suffered an unimaginable loss that hurt her more than dying. Nothing left she could to do.

There is one thing she can…want to...need to... must do. The last thing she could do for Wally's memory, to give him something for everything he done for her. The one thing he always wanted, something he traveled through hell, space, life and death for.

Slowly, she pries open his lifeless hand with her own, intertwining her slender, silky fingers with his calloused, scarred fingers.

Eve brought her other arm around his vegetative body, holding him close in utter silence, closing her eyes and touching his forehead with hers. Her angelic white hair enveloped his blank yet peaceful looking expression. She then, out of somewhere from the deepest parts of her, quietly and tenderly hummed the sweet tune of his favorite song'It Only Takes A Moment.' One that taught him the thing he always dreamed of cherishing.

She held his hand, the one thing Wally deeply wanted to love her and be loved.

It hurt her he never lived long enough to savor the thing he survived, suffered, and died for; to see his wish come true. Where all his pain would end with this magical moment of intimacy with her, letting him know he is no longer alone in the universe, and it did only take a moment to be loved a whole life long.

As Eve rhythmically hums the last notes of the song she cups his cheek with a delicate hand, planting a soft kiss on his lips, finishing his song.

She kept her eyes closed, her voice choked with sadness. Eve let out three little words that were quieter than the softest whisper humanly possible.

The words she let out were Wally's last words he had said to her before they returned to Earth. She quotes the same words to whatever is left of his spirit remained in his body, and wherever afterlife his consciousness went. The three little words that Wally had waited an ended lifetime to hear.

"I…I l-love you."

It made her tears return, out of the pain of pure love…

…A minute goes by slowly as a few hours, just holding him. Remembering him...

Her grievance subsided, leaving her reluctant to leave his body, let alone move or think clearly of anything else.

Not entirely forgotten, Eve figured eventually the people of Axiom will come looking for her, and him.

She no longer cared about them anymore, nothing important left for Eve. Her directive completed, humanity has returned home… now what?

Eve felt a void growing in her heart out of the feeling of being useless without a direction in this new world, she felt lost without the one she loved and the irrelevance of the people she brought to Earth didn't seem they posed any significance to her. For the first time in her life, she felt totally and utterly alone and without purpose.

She wondered if there were any reasons for her to go on without him now.

Maybe she could follow him into oblivion as he once followed her wherever she went, to join him and be with him forever. She had potassium cyanide capsules...


She can't do it, she can't even think about it.

She would condemn herself if she ever thought of suicide to be with him. She had to live, something Wally would've wanted.

Eve hesitantly tries to get up from her embrace of him, a first step to a very painful goodbye. She will never forget him long as she lived. Neither will the rest of the Axiom, no one could've possibly amount the courage Wally had to give his life for humanity, everyone who now resides on Earth owed him everything.

She sets that to be her thought from now on. She couldn't bring herself to think of another dark thought entering her mind about what to do with his body since he has no consciousness left. She had to go, she will come back for his body, for everyone will want to know everything.

She pulls away to painfully leave...

…except her hand is still clutching Wally's hand.

She slightly jerks back, snapping her out of her depressive thoughts. She tries to shake her hand loose but her fingers still stuck in Wally's no matter how hard she tried.

Eve quickly looked back into Wally's eyes. Maybe he'll be him again. Somehow.

Wally's eyes still empty. Eve's hopeful expression drained out of her eyes, defeated by desperate delusions to see him again. She couldn't let go of him that easily, that's why. Her gaze lowers to his hand still interlocked with his. Somehow, they felt tighter if she were clutching him tighter…

His fingers twitched, slightly inward around her hand.

Eve's thoughts and emotions came to a grinding stop in shock, she wasn't holding him back, he was holding her back!

Wally's fingers twitched again, they slowly yet gently clasped Eve's hand, a perfect fit.

Eve's heart skips entire beats, looking back into his eyes.

Wally blinks, the blackness in his eyes shrink into hazel irises contracted in his eyes. A familiar presence filled the void of his eyes.

It was the eyes full of innocent life, the eyes of Wally. Could it be?…


… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

Wallace groaned, felling a lightheaded tingle from a sensation of something growing inside his mind. His whole body in the inside felt the same numbness of something unfamiliar, yet they were functioning and it didn't hurt. That confused him, for he knew he had been in terrible pain before he ended up here.

His vision painfully tries to come into focus, sensitive from emerging from total nothingness into the bright light of day. He didn't have his glasses on, his near sightedness made out a glowing white silhouette of a human being. He felt warmth radiating off this blurry beautiful figure wrapping him around like a blanket. A very familiar, loving presence was holding him. There something about that presence, like he knew it as an angelic being, a woman.

He sees crystalline blue orbs twinkled brighter than the stars of the night sky. He looked straight into her wide-eyed, stricken expression of disbelief, and some very evident sadness. Suddenly, he knew those eyes.

It was the eyes of the angel holding him close.

His angel.


… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

Eve's heart almost stops when she heard him say her name.

She is too shocked and astonished to move. The impossible just happened. This a hallucination? A dream? Was her mind clouded by dread it desperately tries to make her feel better?

She looks deep into his large eyes, the innocent consciousness she knew as Wally flooded back into his body as he moved his limp extremities and slowly sat up.

She couldn't believe it for even a second, yet…here he was.

He was alive, well, and…remembers.

He remembers!

At last, believing Wally, his consciousness, has come back to her.

She didn't know or care how, her silent prayers have been answered. He was hers again.


Unable to contain all her erupting emotions, she embraces Wally with all her strength, new tears fell from her moistened eyes and she never smiled so much in her life.

She no longer cried in pain, but cried so much of pure joy.

Wally felt all his bizarre sensations and confusion disappear instantly, for the love of his life held him for dear life. It felt so good, it felt loving, and he returns her embrace. If this was Heaven or if he really wasn't dead, he will drown in the warmth of the moment forever.

"I thought I lost you," she said between her joyous whimpers.

Wally had no idea of his immediate surroundings, and what happened to him after falling into the holo-detector, after the struggle for returning to Earth…dying on the Lido Deck…His last words to Eve…It felt if it happened a lifetime ago, yet after seeing his immediate surroundings, it was barely a few minutes… Surely, he passed on into a realm impossible to articulate.

He felt something draw him away from it, made it all feel instantaneous.

He felt glimmering warmth in his hand, something reminded him of her. He felt a soft peck on his lips, it reminded him of all the things he never experienced in his life: joy, nurture, belonging, love...it reminded him of Heaven. He heard an echo throughout his being trapped in the darkness, hearing the three words he awaited for.

" I...I l-love you."

It felt like something stirred inside his head like his brain being fixed or regenerated on its own.

Unbeknownst to either Wally or Eve, the stem cells injected into his blood by Eve flowed in his blood lines to his brain and restored all of his neuron membranes to the way they were.

He didn't care how it happened. All he knew that she was here with him, covered in stains of his own blood and choking in so many tears of love, pain, and happiness. She must've been through so much just to get him back. He will be eternally grateful of her, not to mention eternally loving.

Wally looked at Eve who stood so close to him he could see her fairly clear through his short-sighted vision, their faces almost touching one another as they held each other like there was no tomorrow. Eve looked more beautiful than he could ever imagine without his glasses, the blurriness of his vision made the tears of her face glow with the radiance of her joy. She looked so happy and tearful at the same time, happy to see him alive, so in love.

"Wally…" Eve's honeyed tone grew with her wide smile and held up his hand, still intertwined with his.

Wally gasps, his pacemaker nearly fluctuates at the same time he nearly jumps in pure joy.


He held her hand!

"Uh-u-Oh-I-uh-you-" he stuttered to find the words for this moment he been waiting for so long for. Eve giggled at his speech impediment more than at his gob smacked reaction, he willingly faced death to save a starship and he is still shy for comprehending holding a woman's hand. He definitely came back as the timid, humble garbage collecting weirdo she loved so much for. Only now he is a heroic, timid garbage collector. Her heroic, timid garbage collector.

Wally's stuttering stops, his eyes taking in the image of his hand interlocked with hers. This the one and only thing in his lifetime he ever wanted so badly, so much this simple act of the moment devoted to a lifetime's worth of hell he suffered. This tender touching of the woman of his life was worth it all.

His eyes look up to Eve's, his vision sank into the moist, tranquil blue eyes shining all the love in the known universe of Eve. It looked like he stared into Heaven itself.

Finally, he speaks without a single impediment, his words directly from his heart.

"I-Is this what Heaven is like?"

Wally's voice barely above a whisper, but it made Eve's eyes overflow. The magic of this moment almost too much for her, yet, it is among the most beautiful words Wally ever spoken to her deep from his core. He had spoken so many wonderful things to her before, conscious or not, if she could melt when he said that, she'd be a warm puddle on the ground at the moment.

She brings her other hand up to his cheek, staring back into the hazel eyes full of love and awe. Without his glasses, his eyes looked far more intense, not to mention far more attractive and beautiful to her now. No more pain present in him anymore. His question so touching she had to answer.

"No…" she held their intertwined hands to her heart.

"…this, is real."

Wally's heart melted and tightens his gentle grip on her hand. This is too wonderful to be true. He couldn't differ if he really was dead or not, for it felt if he was in Heaven. Instead, this was real.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

"WAWWY!" Hoover cheers at the top of his lungs, seeing his friend has survived. The rejects jumped up and celebrated as they see Wally awakening.

Moe celebrated as well, even Hal wagged his tail in rejoice, his master has woken up! Moe knew t the way Wally and Eve looked they needed to be alone. After everything they've been through, theirs no need to think about what's to happen next.

Not wanting to shatter the couple's moment, or risk Eve's wrath, Moe tries to shoe off the rejects. He also didn't want to miss the historic event about to take place just outside the Axiom, the captain going to plant the seedling!

"Come on, let's go! Go! GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!" Some are too eager and tried to watch them, Moe manages to get them away.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

They are aware Moe and the rejects are there, they didn't really give for privacy. They'd let anyone in the world witness this beautiful moment.

Wally sat up and both slowly leaned ever closer to each other, both their eyes closed in pure bliss as their lips touched.

Their first mutual kiss.

Wally felt the mental overloading of Eve's love rushing through his body. He didn't pass out this time. This time he stayed conscious to savor every picoseconds of the sweet taste of her lips in contact with his own. Both lovers went slow and passionately, drinking in more and more of each other as they deepened the kiss. Wally let his free hand that supported Eve runs slowly up her spine, the sensation enough to get through Eve's nano-suit, causing her to moan along with him as he felt her free hand massage through his unruly hair down to the back of his neck. They both fell beyond euphoria and into ecstasy with such intimate touch they've waited so long for.

"And that is all..."

Somewhere, probably from the VCR that Eve left on in the truck, they could hear no better song than one intimate enough for this exact time, 'It Only Takes A Moment,' their song.

They didn't touch Heaven. Eve was right, this is Heaven.

"...that love's about..."

Wally and Eve slowly broke from the kiss, touching each other's foreheads and slowly breathing deep from the passionate exchange.

They looked into each other's eyes, staring into the other one's soul. in time suspended by the intimacy.

Wally held Eve gingerly by the back of her slender neck and around her seductive waist. She was stained in his blood and filth plus minor injuries of her own but it didn't bother him or her anymore, so he just kept her as close to him as possible to keep the feeling. He was completely amazed that after his journey through so much odds, from surviving nature's fury to flying across the galaxy, this beautiful female of a white haired angel in his arms is now all his to love and care for.

"...And we'll recall..."

"I love you, Evah," he whispers as soft as his rough voice could.

He looked deep into the abyss of her blue orbs as he pours his heart to her. He felt his own eyes moisten.

"…I love you so much. I always have," he didn't stutter, for he now knew he could say to her the things he wanted to say.

"...when time runs out..."

Eve's eyes once again flowed freely of tears, the happiness in her face shined brighter than all the stars of the cosmos, truly moved by the words from his heart.

She held him by the back of his neck and the cup of his jaw. Truly amazed for the loyal and beautiful soul she held. This man from the dark and long forgotten Earth who devotedly protected her against unimaginable odds, shared her the forgotten secrets of life and ventured across deep space to hold her hand, now all hers to love and care for.

"...That it only..."

Affectionately and playfully, she tickled the peak of his nose with the tip of her own, drawing a light giggle from both of them.

"I love you too, Wally," she breathlessly whispers to him as she plants a long kiss on his lips, embracing him around his neck.

Wally rested his head on her shoulder, burying his face into her cascading white hair. Caressing her tightly, letting the heat radiating off her skin to his to keep him warm. Eve's whole body pressed up against him, wrapping around him like a blanket to protect him.

Eve murmured his name in a tender way possible as she cuddled up with him, Wally and Eve felt safe in each other's arms, never felt more safe, more cozy, comfortable or belonging in the duration of their existences.

She whispers into his ear.

"…I love you so much and I always will."

"...took a moment..."

Hearing her, tears freely rolled down Wally's cheek as he rests his weary face against her white hair and silky skin. He shredded sweet tears for this was the happiest moment in his entire life. Because it was the very first time he not only has ever heard those three words spoken to him, and truly mean it to the core and those words came from the heart of Eve herself.

At last after three decades of suffering and surviving a past of hell and journeyed through the impossible to hear those three little words from someone who now sees him a significant other, a human being that needs him more than air to live a happy life together. Living proof of true love in his arms, a moment that will last forever in his memory; even if the world ended right then and there, he would die a very happy man.

Eve, his angel embracing him, his angel that came down from the stars like he prayed for on one lonely starlit night not so long ago; looking up into the heavens for the answer to his lonely life and the wonders of what beauty was.

"...to be loved..."

His dream finally came true.

Wallace Burtt will never feel alone ever again.

"...a whole life long."

Well, this is technically where the movie ends with end credit showing a montage of artwork from the past in historical order starting with the cave paintings which than progresses through Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Renaissance, then mimicking certain Impressionists such as Vincent van Gogh, Georges Seurat and Auguste Renoir. The credits than finishes with depictions of the main robots in the style of early computer games all the while the song Down to Earth by Peter Gabriel is being played at the beginning of credits.

For those who are familiar with the movie, you'll notice that this chapter doesn't end with the captain plant the seedling, witness the happy couple and the rejects play around outside the truck, the view of vegetation growing back out of the dead ground, and the view of the planet Earth. The reason for that is whoadrep believed the film ended too quickly so he purposely rewrote the ending to emphasize the importance of how Wally (WALL∙E) finally earned his place in Eve's (EVE) heart, to see how he feels after everything he experienced throughout the film to get to where is is now which is in Eve's arms. Plus, the alternate ending made it easier for the author to get the story to flow into the epilogue.