Dear Reader,

In order to qualify as the main character in this Phantom of the Opera fanfic you need to meet a few basic requirements:

1) You must be a fan of the Phantom of the Opera (more or less).

2) You must be female (or really in touch with your feminine side, as other characters will be referring to you as "she").

3) You must be able to read (or know someone who is able to read and whom you can bribe to read this for you).

4) You must trust the Narrator of this story blindly and put your life entirely in her hands, as she sends you back in time to the late 1800's (or at least give her the benefit of the doubt, you know she means well).

5) You must be up for an adventure (or just looking for a break from that annoying Real Life).

6) You must not take requirements 1) through 5) too seriously. It is, after all, just fiction.

If, after having read this, you feel that you are the perfect leading lady of the story I am about to tell, please move on to the next chapter to learn how in the world you could end up in Paris, in the 19th century!


Your obedient servant,

The Reliable Narrator

PS: If you don't already have a breathtaking (but as yet untrained) soprano voice, one will be given to you shortly. You may keep it if you like.