Final Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader,

Since our adventure has now finally come to a close, I feel it is only fair that I should thank you properly for your participation in this story. You have, throughout all the chapters, displayed great courage, talent, compassion and patience, and I am very glad to have made you the leading lady of my little tale. I am quite convinced that nobody else could have done it better!

I would also like to thank you for putting up with my sometimes obnoxious comments, and for staying with the story even when chapters were short and far between. Also, I am very grateful for all your reactions to our adventures, whether this response was written down and posted, spoken aloud or simply a silent thought in your head (e.g. "Give me a break!"). Rest assured that I took notice of them all. I am, after all, omniscient within the framework of this story.

There is something quite sentimental about saying goodbye to a friend for the last time (as I hope I may now refer to you as my friend, in spite of all our ups and downs during the course of the narrative). I hope that you may perhaps consider writing to me some day, if nothing else, to let me know that you have suffered no lasting trauma from our little journey.

Until then, I remain always

Your obedient friend

And Narrator.