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Prologue: My happy life

My name is Isabella Swan, Bella for short. I am 13 years old and I have 5 brothers. Jayce, Luke, Damon, Jeremy, and Zeke. None of us are really related by full blood because Jayce and Luke are half brothers. Damon is Luke's cousin but we took him in and considered him a brother. Jeremy and Zeke are our brothers by . marriage. For me, well- I was adopted by them all when I was four, they were just one big happy male family. Ha ha, you should have seen their faces when Charlie- our dad, brought me in with a suitcase. They argued for a while, but since Charlie is the chief of police, he won. I am the youngest out of them all, because their ages are very remotely close 17-just turning 19.

Now we all are very unique (in a weird…way) Jayce is the very muscular, retarded, child-like brother, but when you make him mad…the bull is released. Luke is the too over-protective brother who takes things seriously, it's sad that he has some heart problems that affect him deeply. Damon is-well…gay. And I'm sure you understand pretty much everything about that so hehe (not going into details) Jeremy is the smart one, of course he's not smarter than me, but usually if you have any problems of whatsoever he's there and he figures things out for you. Zeke is the most irresponsible, slow minded, annoying, brother in the world. He never listens and he is very random…but hey, I still love him.

I love them, they can be a pain in the face sometimes, but usually they're not. Using their 'big brother' duties against me, we always prank each other, and we always make each other laugh and smile. We tease each other and laugh at ourselves too, and because of them, I am a huge tomboy. I care less about anything besides having legal fun and keeping my grades up. I haven't been personally close to a female since my parents died when I was four, but guess what- I don't care.

Not until the best thing happen to me, when I changed my beliefs of that soul mate crap.