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Chapter 16. Shh, I'm here, my sweet Bella (epilogue)

Esme's POV

Why did she run? Was she scared? I thought she already knew about us…

Carlisle and I just got back from Isle Esme. Edward said that he wanted us to meet a friend named Bella.

He told us everything about her, and her life story. The poor dear lost her parents when she had just turned four. And she lost them by vampires.

I was sitting in the family room, Carlisle patting my back reassuringly.

"Don't worry, she hasn't had a mother since she was four." He said in my ear.

I looked at him, "She acted out of hurt Carlisle, I saw it even though I only got a glimpse of her eyes"

He sighed and kissed my cheek. "She will come." He said to himself.

A few minutes later, the door opened and our children came in. Bella was cradled in Emmett's arms, her arms wrapped around his neck, her face was hidden in his chest. Carlisle and I stood up immediately.

"Go easy Esme, she's kinda shy of how you'll react to her." Alice said so low Bella wouldn't be able to hear.

Emmett nudged Bella gently while holding her. "Go ahead Bella" he said softly.

She sighed and turned her head slightly, so that only one of her eyes were looking at me. It was an okay view, but I couldn't see all of what those eyes show.

And then she turned to look me full in the face. I gasped as I looked into those beautiful, wide, chocolate brown eyes. I could see her soul and emotions perfectly.

I observed her whole figure.

She was quite slim for her height, and had lovely brunette colored hair that went to her waist. She had pale skin, it was almost as pale as mine if it weren't for that stunning, rose colored, natural blush on her cheeks. Her eyebrows were arched and the color of her hair, she had long eyelashes, she had a straight nose too. And she had pink cherry colored lips.

"Bella" suited her perfectly.

I would stay with her for as long as she wants, I would never leave her, and I would help her get through her pain.

And I wouldn't give her up…for anything.

Bella's POV

I stared at Esme, curiosity suddenly taking over my hurt. She looked over me, and then looked back into my eyes. She looked like she was going to cry, but I don't think that was possible for vampires.

And she did the one thing I've been wishing for ever since the day my mom died.

She held out her arms to me. Her honey colored eyes full of love and acceptance.

I untwined my arms from Emmett's neck, and he set me down.

I walked shyly over to her, not taking my eyes off of her. And I felt the others watching me.

And when I was a few feet from her, I held my arms out and closed the space between us to embrace her. And she hugged me back softly.

After a moment of that, she picked me up as if I weighed nothing, and she cradled me like how Emmett had. And I felt all the love she put in this.

I also felt my heart was whole again.

She had a heart like my mother.

She loved me already like my mother had when I was born.

Hell, she even looked like my mother…in some ways.

But the best of all, like my mother…

She was perfect.

And yes, she was my mother.

Edward's POV

My siblings and I watched as they hugged. And all I could think was…Wow

Aww… Alice thought with a huge smile

YEAH! NOW WE CAN REALLY BE A BIG HAPPY FAMILY! Emmett boomed mentally, containing a victory dance.

I guess she is happy now, if she considers Esme a mother, then I'll consider her my sister. And don't worry Edward, I'm happy for that. Rosalie thought surprising me, I smiled at her warmly, which she returned.

So much love, happiness, and wholeness…wow I don't think I remember any of those feelings! Jasper was happy too.

I nodded, Bella would finally have a mother, we would be there with her for anything, and I would protect Bella from harm's way.

Other than that, I believed that we would have some memories to remember.

Esme's POV

Bella…I thought unconsciously. She was the only person I could think about. I ravished her sweet smell, and I buried my face deeper in her hair.

Even though I barely knew her, besides her life story, and a few facts- I loved her already.

I remember the pain I felt when I lost my son before, but I vowed from the moment I saw Bella, I will never lose her. She was so small, fragile, and still so adorable, I loved her with all my heart could give.

She had a bright heart I heard from my children. Apparently I believe them.

She was so beautiful.

And most importantly…

She was perfect.

And yes, she was my daughter.

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