Hi everybody!

I had a quick question for those of you who read this story when I first posted it.

A few weeks ago I received a banner for this story and as I went to post it on my LJ page I reread it. When I finished I decided to rewrite the entire thing. Now the plot will be the same, most of the current scenes will remain only they will be rewritten in the style I write now. I will also be adding several new chapters along the way.

I have no plans to start posting the new version until it is COMPLETE that way I can post a new chapter every one to two days.

My question is this… would you guys like me to delete this current version and post the new one here or no? I've already deleted it from my LJ page but I'm curious if people will even bother readind and giving me some feedback on a new version of this story.

Please leave a comment and let me know… thanks!