Authors Note-

Hello everybody. I know you are probably wondering about why there is a note posted on here, but I just have two important things to say and let's get right to the point!

My new story: The Story of Us, has now been posted and there are already three chapters uploaded. Updates are hopefully going to be every Friday, as of right now, that schedule is working out really good so please go check it out and send a review to let me know what you think!

Another thing!


So, I am definitely doing Outtakes for Deep Into The Darkness. And I will probably switch out this authors note for a new updated one about when I post the first outtake. I will keep taking requests, if you have any feel free to PM me, don't send a review because I probably won't be able to check it ASAP.

So far here are two idea's, if you have more that aren't these let me know because I would like some more!

BPOV of Wedding

Future Life- possibly with a kid...BPOV and EPOV

I have a few myself, but let me know for more.


Thanks, I love you guys!