My boots crunched obnoxiously against the loose pebbles, causing me to cringe with each step. My head was pounding, pulsing with its own heartbeat. The light from the rising sun was too bright against my sensitive eyes, I squinted against the golden, pinkish hue; the sliver of light sending glowing, rippled beams along the water. "Remind me to never do that again," I grumbled, pawing at my eyes as I looked over my shoulder. He was chuckling lightly, shaking his head back and forth, "I told you thirty was too many."

It was the kind of day that you would always remember. Not one that would be of importance, but one that would just turn out right. I could feel it that morning. I was so sure that it would be one of those days, my excitement building up, that I clumsily tripped and fell onto my face.

Pushing myself off the ground, I told myself to forget it; I didn't want anything coming in the way of today. I slipped on my fuzzy slippers and headed downstairs to a very grumpy and hungry Charlie.

"Morning Bells" He said rather lazily.

"You don't even have to ask Dad, breakfast is on the way" I laughed. We had fallen into a routine ever since I had cheered up. I would make him breakfast, we would eat together, and then he would head off fishing. It's nice. It's stable. It works.