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This is a BakuraxRyou fic! YAY! But it is sad at the beginning and it has a few funny parts in it because I love funny stuff but still, it might get better later on but I don't know… so yeah… this is my first sad story… There might be yaoi later on, but it depends on what the readers want! Btw: "later on" does not mean like 10 chapters from now, it means less then 10 chapters from now lol. Oh! And all the yamis live with their hikaris. I don't know why so don't ask why. lol


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Delicate Rose

Ryou was sitting on his bed when the phone started to ring. Ryou wasn't to happy after what happened during the weekend with Malik, so he just let the phone keep ringing and ringing until the answer machine kicked in. "Hey, Ry? You there?" It was Malik. "DON'T CALL ME THAT! YOU DON'T DESERVE TO EVEN CALL ME YOUR FRIEND!" Ryou screamed at the answering machine while crying. "Hello? Come on Ryou I know you're there… It's Friday and you haven't been to school since last Friday… Please pick-up the phone Ryou I just want to talk... you know I didn't mean any harm by it..." continued Malik. Bakura stayed home as well because he stared to get worried when Ryou kept missing school and wasn't eating as much as usual when he had heard what Malik had said to everyone.

"Yes you did, you always do… because you always do things like this... I don't even know why I'm still your friend..." Ryou replied under his breath while staring blankly at his walls. 'Empty and bare, just like my life…' Ryou thought bitterly. "Well I guess you still aren't willing to talk to me… I just hope you know that I am truly sorry…" Malik sighed. At that Ryou snapped and picked up the phone. "YOU'RE SORRY? YOU'RE NOT SORRY! YOU NEVER ARE!" Ryou screamed, but before Malik could get a word in edge wise Ryou continued. "If you were sorry then you wouldn't have told anyone, let alone everyone, about what I told you in confidence that you would keep secret and you even told Bakura too!" Ryou yelled quietly and crying quietly as possible so Bakura wouldn't hear, but so Malik still got the message.

Ever since Bakura had gotten his own body Ryou had finally got to see what Bakura looked like since he was always locking him in his soul room or just knocked him out period, which Bakura did apologize for, but ever since then and when he had started being nice to him Ryou had developed a crush on Bakura. But Malik just had and go ruin his chances by telling Bakura and all of his friends his secret. Malik had always been a better friend to him then anyone else, especially since Malik knew what Ryou was going through, so he was his best friend or so he thought.

Ryou had a secret, a dark secret that he didn't want anyone to know. Ryou wanted to die… He wanted to die a swift and painless death… Ryou had even tried to commit suicide by overdose, but he knew that the amount of pills he took wouldn't be enough to kill him. But he still wanted to die and was constantly thinking of doing it again and taking enough to actually succeed. So he had told Malik this secret because he couldn't hold it in any longer. He just had to tell someone and Ryou thought he could trust his best friend, but sadly he was mistaken. Malik had told all his friends and even Bakura, his crush. Ryou had never known love since his sister and mother died when he was young and after that his father was always making excuses to get away from Ryou because he couldn't stand to look at him because he looked so much like them. After that Ryou had either been shunned or bullied his whole life. That was of course until his father had sent him a gift for his birthday one year, the Millennium Ring, and all the bullies started to disappear one by one. But Ryou had no idea why, so now he was just shunned, well at least until high school anyways. That was where he met Yugi and all his friends.


Yugi and his friends had wandered into the library that day because Malik had wanted a book on Ancient Egyptian Artifacts. Ryou was sitting in the very far corner of the library when he stared to hear very loud talking and laughing. Ryou looked up and saw Malik, a person in his class, start to walk towards him and he couldn't understand why so he just started to read again. Malik was looking for his book in the History section and couldn't find it. As he kept looking for the book, Joey had apparently made a funny joke for once because everyone was laughing. Malik noticed a white blur in the corner of his eye, so he turned to look to see what it was. As he was turning his head he noticed that the white blur was someone's hair. It took him a second but he then realized it was Ryou, a kid from his class. So he started to walk over to him. Malik figured that since he had seen Ryou walk into the library so many times that he might know where he could find the book he was looking for.

Ryou looked up as he heard quiet footsteps nearing him. Malik was still walking towards him. He had a determined expression on his face, but as he got closer his facial expression kept changing. First one of surprise, and then when he was about three footsteps away his expression changed to humor. When Malik stopped he just stared at Ryou and zoned out. So Ryou was the first to speak. "Um… Can I help you?" Ryou asked shyly. "Huh? Oh! Right sorry I guess I zoned out for a minute eh?" Malik questioned. "Um… yeah I guess… But what was so funny as you were walking over here?" Ryou answered then questioned.

At first Malik just laughed but then he answered Ryou's question. "Well I originally came in here looking for a certain book but I couldn't find it, but then I noticed you and thought that since I see you come in here so often I thought you might be able to help me find the book I was looking for, then as I got closer I started to wonder what book you were reading. So when I got closer I was starting to read the title and when I finished reading it I realized that the book you're reading is the book I was looking for!" Malik laughed. Right after that moment Ryou and Malik just started to talk about all different kinds of things and they instantly became best friends.

*end flashback*

Ryou's trust was easily shattered after everything that happened in his life and Malik already knew this because they had always told each other what happened in their lives, but Malik went and told everyone everything anyways. So now Ryou had locked himself in his room and only came out to eat, but when Bakura was asleep because he didn't want to have to face him after what had happened. Bakura would ask Ryou to talk to him about it but he always refused, Bakura would ask why and Ryou wouldn't respond. This was a daily routine. Lucky for Ryou he has a bathroom in his bedroom, or he would be screwed.

But today Bakura had formed a plan after eavesdropping on Ryou's phone conversation. Bakura went through his daily routine with Ryou so he wouldn't get suspicious. As usual at round 10:32 pm Bakura went to his bedroom and laid down on his bed to sleep but didn't actually go to sleep. At about 11:42 pm he heard Ryou open his door and start walking down the hall to his bedroom. He heard Ryou open the door and then close it about a minute later. Bakura guessed it was to make sure he was asleep. Bakura did this for a few more days to make sure he knew Ryou's routine and he had it down to a T after the third day.

So on the fourth day Bakura went to bed at 10:32 pm again but this time around 11:35 pm Bakura made his way over to the doorway as quietly as he could. Right on cue at 11:42 pm he heard Ryou padding down the hall to his room. Ryou opened the door to see if Bakura was asleep but before he could do anything else Bakura grabbed him from the doorway, closed the door and pushed him against it. When Bakura looked down at Ryou's face he looked like the Authoresses cat had jumped into the story and started doing the Jig in front of his face.



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