Hi all hope you enjoy my new fanfiction. Its set around 1994 and the story is told by Alex. Feedback please.

Emylou x


Alex sat next to Holly on their outdated 80's sofa, watching the TV. Well Alex wasn't watching TV she was watching Holly, Holly reminded Alex of a little girl she knew over ten years ago she would have been the same age as Holly is now, ten years old.

"What Mum?" Holly asked accusingly. Alex considered her answer and sighed sadly. "What's wrong?" Alex looked at her and a smile pulled at the corners of her lips.

"I'm lucky to have you Hols." Alex gave her a hug, but Holly pulled back baffled by the statement her mother had just made.

"What do you mean by that," Alex wished she had never said anything, but now she had to go on. Confusion filled Holly's eyes and Alex though she should tell her.

Alex let out another sigh, "Hols I almost lost you once or maybe two times," Alex looked miserable.

"What you mean you left me in a shopping trolley or on the train," Holly let out a smirk at her own suggestions. But Alex's expression was not a joking expression.

"No, do you really want to know?" Alex hoped she could wriggle out and not have to relive the pain.

"Yes Mum I love hearing stories from when you and Dad were younger," Alex took a deep breath before she began the story.

"When your dad and I were first married, your dad didn't want kids," Alex paused again hoping Holly wasn't going to be interested.

I woke up a normal day in our new house. Gene had gone to work I had a half day to try and "sort out the house". A shot of guilt ran through me when I remembered my plan of not taking my pill to get pregnant and oh no. I'd got my wish but would it drive me and your dad apart. You were not an accident I had planed you but your farther hadn't. I had to tell him sooner than later. But I had to blame the pill not working, which was my plan.

I walked up to Boots to give myself room to breathe. I wandered in to the aisles and all I saw was mothers and children, I wanted one, I had one (maybe) inside me. I found the lane I wanted, the ones that sold contraception, the morning after pill and (deep breath) pregnancy tests. I picked the one that promised the most accurate result. I picked up one and stared to walk down the aisle the back tracked to pick up not one but three more. I didn't want to not be one hundred percent sure so Gene wouldn't question me. I practically ran back to the house, when I got there to cover my tracks I popped out the pills I had "missed" and washed them down the sink. I was all sorted; I did all four tests the next after the previous tests result had shown. All four were positive, I was overjoyed and I patted you inside me but Gene probably wouldn't feel the same way. I felt like I had betrayed him, well I had betrayed him. I never had betrayed someone this badly before, I felt awful. I had betrayed my husband, but surely in sickness and in health come in to this somehow, this is my sickness.

I gathered the four tests up and placed them in to my bag. I walked once again to think of what I could say. The walk didn't help, I was clueless when I walked in to the office for the first time as Mrs Hunt. I filtered out the "whoop whoop" and the "Look everyone it's the new Mrs Hunt" comments. My brain fixed on one thing and one thing only, you. I entered Gene's office with a deep breath. I would normally draw the blinds when I wanted a private conversation, but not knowing how he would react I left them open so everyone could see.

"Gene," He looked up with a grin, the same grin he'd worn since our wedding day. I was about to wipe that grin of his face.

"Hello my beautiful Bolly," He beamed up at me I kept a serious expression so he would know we had to talk. "What's the matter Boll's?" I looked ashamed and my head hung, my eyes glued to the floor. "Bolls?"

"I …I have to….. tell you something, Gene," I looked up locking my eye's with his. I thought I'd let the evidence do the talking, so I fumbled in my bag to pull out one test. "Here." I passed the small white stick to him, he grabbed it with forcefully. He looked at it then put both hands on his head in despair.

"You can't be Alex," I nodded then pulled out one more stick and put it on the table next to the other then pulled out the other two. All four positive tests lay on the desk one next to the other. He grasped all four and smashed them against the wall. "Get rid of it, Alex," His brow furrowed and his trademark pout grasped his lips.

I protectively wrapped my arms around you. I looked at your farther determinedly. "No Gene, we may not be ready now, but we can be ready," He eyed me suspiciously, inside I panicked he could have been on to me.

"Alex, is this a surprise or?" He did question me, he was on to me. I had to deter him from that thought.

"Or what? Are you accusing me of plotting this?" My voice raised and I waved my hands over my stomach.

"Yes I might just be, well?" I kept composed.

"Just because I want to keep the baby doesn't mean I planned this behind your back, I made a promise to you in front of God that I would not betray you," He turned his back to me and rubbed his hands over his face.

He was suddenly calm, so calm it scared me, "Alex get rid of it." He said simply but those words hurt like I had just been shot again.

Alex trailed off remembering that not only had she been shot in 1982 but she had been shot in 2008. Holly looked at her Alex's eyes were full of bad memories.

"Mum you alright? You were shot?" Holly's eyes were trained on her mum as she shifted in her seat to face Holly fully.

"Holly, this is going to sound like I have completely lost it but you have to believe me," Alex looked truthfully at Holly who just nodded. "I was shot in 2008, I travelled back in time to 1981, and then I have lived my life from that point on here with your farther," Holly looked blankly in to Alex's eyes.

"But Mum its 1995, 2008 hasn't happened yet."

"I know I sound crazy but it's true. I couldn't get home, to 2008, because I died in that time but got given a second chance."Holly sat staring beyond Alex deep in thought.

"So you're telling me that currently there is another you wondering around that's going to get shot in 2008," Holly's words were monotone as she began to surface from here state of shock.

"Well I suppose so, I did meet myself once, I , she was about your age," Alex was thinking about what she had left in 2008 but she couldn't think that far back all she could truly remember was this life.