Chapter 7

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I watch as my dad and uncles confront Carlisle. Jake sets me down but keeps my weight on him. "Dad, why did you do it?" my dad asks Carlisle. Carlisle turns to look at me with a little anger in his face and I can feel my eyes widen. "I have no idea what you're talking about. I have never seen this girl before in my life," "Really now? That's not what I've come to know," My father looks straight into Carlisle's eyes.

"Edward, really I have no idea what you're insinuating but I don't like it." Carlisle replies with the same calm voice he had when we came to the house. "Cut the shit dad. We know all about how you took Black Rose just after she was born and how you treated her!" Emmett says while standing next to Jasper.

I look up to see Carlisle looking at me with narrowed eyes, he then turns to look at my dad and says "Alright, so I did it. Good job. What do you want? A gold star?" I hear a couple gasps come from behind me and as much as I want to turn around and to see who it was, I don't. "Carlisle shut it."

Jasper says still standing between my father and Emmett. "Excu…" Carlisle begins angrily but is cut off. "No, it's my turn to talk. For 16 years you have lied to the entire family about the existence of this innocent girl, who I now know is my niece. You denied Esme, Renee, and Charlie another granddaughter and Bella and Edward another child. You are the sickest fucker I have ever met and I feel disgusted that I am related to a bastard like you. You will burn in hell for what you have done!"

In the small amount of time I have known Jasper, I learned he doesn't get angry often and seeing his temper I now know that when he does get angry he doesn't hold back. I felt Jake cringe next to me; I look down and see that my black painted finger nails are digging into his wrist. I release my hand and look up at him "I'm so sorry!" I whisper quietly to him. "It's alright. I can just imagine how nervous you are." He whispers back just as quietly.

"Nervous doesn't even begin to cover it," I mutter to myself. I look back to Carlisle and see that he is looking at me again. I can feel his eyes boring into me and this time I don't look away, I hold his gaze as he begins talking again.

"So Jasper, I see you finally grew up son. I had my reasons for taking this little bitch. None that I feel the need to explain to any of you. She shouldn't be here today, she wasn't meant to be born! But the mistake will be taken care of today she will no longer be a problem." The whole time he was talking he never took his eyes away from mine. I bite my lip in anticipation and watch Carlisle as he moves his hand to the pocket of his pants and pulls out a handgun.

My eyes widen and I can feel Jake tense next to me. I look at my dad and notice everyone has tensed also. Shit. The mother fucker's going to kill me! Oh why did I have to come here, stupid fucking me! I put everyone in danger and now I'm going to die. I bet everyone hates me now. Great. I should have run when I could. Oh wait I tried to but I was tackled. "Say goodbye Black Rose." Carlisle says as he brings the gun up and points it at me.

I close my eyes and wait for my end to come. I feel myself being pushed aside just as the I hear the sound of the gun being shot. My eyes snap open and I see Jake lying on the ground in a pool of blood. "NOOO YOU STUPID KID! WHY THE HELL DID YOU LET ME SHOOT YOU! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE BLACK ROSE NOT YOU!" Carlisle screams at Jake who is still lying on the ground not moving. Dad and Emmett grab Carlisle as he tries to come at me again. I can feel the tears flowing from my eyes faster and my cheek are soaked. Bending down on my knees, I place his head in my lap and look down at his face. His eyes are open and he's looking at me, he reaches up and wipes a couple tears off with his finger. He winces at the pain but I can tell he's trying to hide it. "Jake…you shouldn't have done that. You stupid boy!" I whispered to him softly.

He grins at me like a fool. I can't help but smile back. "B…I couldn't let you get hurt let alone die. I promised myself that I would do whatever I had to in order to protect you and now I have." Jake says weakly. I nod and look up to see the family has gathered around with the exception of Carlisle, my father, and Emmett. "We need to get him some help!" I say looking at no one in particular. "Yeah, we should get him to the hospital right away."

My mom says looking at Jake. Jasper and Alice help Jake to get up and Jake to the car. For someone as small as Alice she is surprisingly strong. I get up off the ground and look around, Carlisle, dad, and Emmett are nowhere in sight.

I head toward the cars where everyone is waiting for me. I go to a black Volvo and hop in the back seat. Mom and dad are in the front and next to me is Renesmee. I look out the window to avoid eye contact with them. "Later, when this is all over we need to talk about what has happened." My dad says while still watching the road. I nod and ask "What happened to Carlisle?" "He was taken care of. He won't be bothering you anymore." Dad replies and I bite my lip.

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