The impossible flight seemed to be getting longer the further away from the earth skellig got. Then BANG!

Skellig had done it, he had gone beyond the solar-system. It was white and empty, it made him feel alone. He wished he had never left the kind owls, he had no idea why he was still flying. He stopped. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He fell the endless fall.

Meanwhile Michael worried. He wanted to find Skellig, he had been looking out of his window for weeks. On the 5th week he was going to give up when "AHHHH!" Skellig is that you, he thought. He ran out of his room to tell Joy, but when he left his room the house was dark and quiet, too quiet. He went to mum's room, nobody was there. He went back to the hall and standing there, was Skellig. "It's your fault," said Skellig "you should have let me die in the shed, I have nothing now!" Michael tried to get away but Skellig wouldn't let him. Then silence.