Sidenote: Okay so this is my first time writing no fanfic. This is a Vampire Diaires fanfic, not for the book series, but for the TV series. This is my own continuation of the first season's season finale. I just can't wait for the next season to start ! The last episode left off on such a cliffy. This is just a one shot, I'm probably not gonna continue. Cut me some slack, it's my first time writing fanfic!

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't watched the latest episode of Vampire Diaries. You probably won't understand it, and it will contain spoilers.

Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Diaries, or any of it's characters, no matter how smexxi Stefan is...=( xD

"I looked everywhere...yeah, someone definitely took my stuff." I told Stefan through the phone. I sighed, listening to his reply. "I'm just gonna go check on Jeremy before I go on the hospital, can you meet me there?" I smiled as he agreed. "I love you, Stefan." I hung up and walked through the door to my house, locking the door behind me.

"Jeremy, are you up ?" I yelled up the staircase, knowing Jeremy would hear if he were awake. Suddenly, then there was a smash sounding from the kitchen, as if something had fallen. Cautiously, I walked towards it.

"Aunt Jenna, are you there?" I called out. I tiptoed closer to the kitchen, and peeked in...and screamed. I ran into the kitchen and fell onto my knees in front of Uncle Jon, who I actually assumed was my father. He was lying on the floor, struggling for breath. His fingers had been cut off, and there was a knife sticking out of his stomach. I gingerly grapped the knife and pulled it out of his stomach, then pressed my hand against the wound to try and stop the bleeding. He gasped with pain and his whole body arched.

"Uncle Jon! Dad! What happened! Uncle Jon! Please, don't die on me!" I yelled at him, trying as best as I could to keep his body up. He let out an agonized breath. "Uncle Jon, stay with me! What happened?" I screamed.

"Katherine..." He shuddered as he said her name, and then right then and there, he died.

"No! Uncle Jon!" My mind was spinning. I was feeling so many things at once, but mostly, my mind screamed "Katherine!". I grabbed my cell phone, calling Stefan.


"Stefan! Uncle Jon, he's dead. He said...well. He said it was Katherine!"

"Katherine ? How could it be Katherine? Listen, Elena, we haven't seen Katherine in years. Are you sure?"

"Put down the phone." I heard a voice from behind me and jumped. Looking up...I saw someone who looked exactly like me.

"Katherine." I said, looking up at my was wearing the exact same thing I was and...she had my stuff. At least now I knew who took all of problem down, a million others to go. The main one being, Holy shit, she's going to kill me! I need to get out of here, fast!

She smiled at me, as if she read my thoughts. "Hello Elena. I see you realized that he is, in fact, your father. Too late, it seems. I would say I'm sorry, but really I'm not." She smiled evily, her fangs shining as her chin went up proudly.

"God, I've always known you were a bitch, Katherine, I mean, especially after what you did to the Salvatore brothers, but this? This is too much. Why did you do it?" I demanded. The frightened me was gone, and replaced with an enraged one. Distantly, I heard Stefan yelling my name through the phone. Yes! Let's hope he comes to get me! I thought to myself, but at the same time keeping my brave face. Katherine looked surprised, but quickly covered it with a smirk.

"You silly girl. Why did I do it? Well, for fun of course. I'm gonna save his body for later, I haven't fed it quite a while. Oh and, by the way, did you know that your 'brother' is dead?" She remarked.

"What the hell did you do to Jeremy, you evil witch?" She laughed.

"Witch? Oh no, no. I'm a vampire. Never confuse the two. It might get you...hurt." She lunged at me, knocking me backwards onto Uncle Jon's body. I could feel his blood seeping through my clothes as Katherine reached behind me and grabbed one of his fingers. "Another witty comment, and you'll end up like him. Don't forget it. Let this be your reminder." She snarled, as she through his finger at me. The finger, I noticed, with the ring on it. I snatched the ring off and slid it into my pocket, hoping she didn't notice. "I did nothing to your brother. Even I can't work that fast. Your brother merely killed himself, drinking some of the vampire Anna's blood before overdosing in your pills. Let's just say, Damon is to blame for that." She grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to my feet. She then kicked me and smiled. "How does that feel? I'll kill you like I killed your father."

"B-but why?" I stuttered, struggling to get out of her grip. She laughed.

"Do I need a reason?" Suddenly, there was a bang. She quickly let go of my hair and whirled fast.

"Elena! Elena! Where are you?" I heard Stefan's voice yell out.

"Here!" I yelled weakly, clutching my stomach. Katherine turned to me.

"I'll be back." She whispered. She then turned and ran, using her vampire speed, out of the kitchen, to who knows where.

Sidenote: So there it is. I didn't realize until after I wrote it how crappy it is. Sorry! I don't know if I stayed in character very well, but it's kind of hard to write something like this, especially since I have no idea what supposed to happen. Anyways, urrghh I really don't like this, but I'm gonna put it up anyway, and think of something better to write. Please review, so I know what to fix and what kinda things to watch out for the next time I write something like this. This is my first time at writing fanfic, and I'm more used to writing my own stories. Anyway, please review !