Chapter 1: A Normal Beginning

"People Talking"

"People Thinking"

"Demon Talking"


AN: This is a story that's been stuck in my head. I think it has potential, But this chapter is kind of slow and meant to show how Naruto lives his life before becoming a ninja.

In this story Naruto is not the Nine-tailed host. Instead this story shows how Naruto would have been if he was giving a chance. It will most likely be a harem and there will be some Oc's I want this story to be original. Though for my sake some people will be familiar.

Only disclaimer: I obviously don't own Naruto

So Yeah I'm finally back. And for some reason this is the story I wanted to do. I have a whole new direction I want to go with this story.

"The orphanage wanted me to give you this letter of gratitude. They also want to thank all the people who helped donate money." Naruto said handing the letter to the Hokage.

The Sandaime took the letter and briefly looked over it. He placed the paper on his desk and smiled.

"Please tell everyone at the orphanage that I'm very grateful for this and will share it with the others," Sarutobi said with a gentle smile. A small smile adorned Naruto's face as he bowed.

"Of course Hokage-sama… that's all I wanted to tell you. Do you have any messages to be delivered?"

"None at this moment I'm afraid," Sarutobi answered. "Actually it worries me that I don't have any paper work." He said with a small chuckle. Naruto smiled at the joke before bowing again.

"Then if you'll excuse me Hokage-sama," Naruto said turning to leave.

"Naruto wait," the Hokage called out. Naruto stopped and turned to the Hokage. "Your eyes seem duller than usual. Have the therapy sessions with Anko been working?"

Naruto inclined his head before combing his hand through his spiky hair. "The sessions help me rest without being disturbed or having to sleep, but lately the nightmares have become more and more…" Naruto drifted off.

The Hokage looked at Naruto with concern.

"I'll see what I can do… for now try to rest up. I can see faint bags under your eyes."

The Hokage gave Naruto a knowing look. Naruto nodded and began to leave when he stopped by the door.

"I need to ask a favor," he said looking at the Hokage. The old man nodded motioning for Naruto to continue. "The upcoming Genin exams are this Friday so I need to do some training. If it isn't too much trouble could you lend me the scroll of the shadow clone?"

Sarutobi stayed silent for a short moment before smiling.

"Of course Naruto with all the work you've been doing I think you deserve it."

The Hokage slowly stood up and walked to a shelf near the wall. He did a pair of quick hand signs that Naruto couldn't see. The outline of the shelf began to glow a gentle yellow before the shelf itself caved in revealing a small man-made hole. The hole was square and completely covered in darkness. Sarutobi bite his thumb and put the bleeding hand in the darkness.

"If the scroll of forbidden jutsu is in there then is scroll down stairs just a diversion?" Naruto asked with interest. Sarutobi chuckled as the darkness unnaturally parted revealing a large scroll.

"Yes and no," Sarutobi answered. He slowly unrolled the scroll to the first jutsu. "Reach into the top drawer of my desk and hand me a blank scroll and some ink please."

Naruto moved to the desk and opened the drawer. He saw a pile of signed papers and some blank scrolls and an orange book. Naruto inwardly smirk at the book before grabbing the blank scroll.

When Sarutobi received the scroll and ink he began to copy the jutsu. "The scroll down stairs is not a mere diversion. It truly does have all the forbidden jutsu of this village, but it is a fake. The jutsu in that scroll are only giving their name and effect. It in no way shows how to perform the techniques. This scroll here is the true scroll. Every jutsu here is given in detail. There is no stone left unturned."

"I don't understand. What would be the point of a little bit more info?" Naruto asked looking toward the window.

"A little knowledge can go a long way. You should know this first hand," the Hokage answered. Naruto grimaced as he looked down. "For example the shadow clone jutsu is a forbidden jutsu largely because of the large amount of chakra it demands. Many ninja who have tried using it have died from chakra loss. The scroll downstairs has nothing about this in it."

A few minutes of silenced passed before the copying was complete and the wall was sealed.

"I trust that no one but you will see this?" Sarutobi asked handing the scroll to Naruto. Naruto nodded and put the scroll away.

He bowed and said, "Thank you Hokage-sama." before quietly walking out of the room.

Naruto closed the door behind him when he heard, "How was the meeting Naruto-kun?"

Naruto looked at the reception desk to see the Hokage's assistant. Naruto smiled at the lady and walked over. She had short black hair and a gentle face with light purple eyes. She looked like a regular woman but Naruto knew that it was all a ruse. This lady was a trained killer.

"It was fine Ayumi. The kids at the orphanage just wanted to thank the Hokage," Naruto answered. Ayumi smiled and reached into her drawer. She pulled out a small bag and tossed it at Naruto. "What's this?" Naruto asked examining the bag.

"It's a little thank you gift for being so sweet," Ayumi answered sweetly. Naruto opened the bag and saw a variety of assorted candy. He took a small piece that caught his eye. He popped it into his mouth and began to chew. "Do you like it?" Ayumi asked.

"I've never had anything like it. It's really good. Where did you get it?" Naruto answered after swallowing the treat. Ayumi smiled brightly before playing with a kunai on her desk.

"I got it from a friend who went to Kumogakure (Village Hidden in Clouds). He said that he met a traveling vendor there who was selling rare candy. Long story short, he bought me a large amount and I save some for you."

Naruto thanked her and waved goodbye when she called out, "If you want, I can get you more."

Naruto waved but continued walking, "I'll hold you to it." He said before disappearing down the stairs.

Uzumaki Naruto walked through the streets of Konoha. He wore a simple black T-shirt with a red spiral on the back. He wore dark orange shinobi pants with black markings. Tied around his waist was a black and orange jacket (From shippuden). The jacket was a gift from a friend.

Many of the villagers and ninja that saw him waved and called out to him. Why wouldn't they, after all he was Konoha's prodigy. Second only to the genius Negi Hyuga and tied with Uchiha Sasuke for rookie of the year. Many called him the future Hokage because he looked so much like the fourth, but it was all just a ruse. Naruto acted the way he did because he had a horrible secret.

Naruto reached the grocery store. He was about to enter when he heard someone call him out.

"Naruto-kun, wait up!"

Naruto cringed at the voice. There was only one person who had that kind of voice and where she was the cause of most of all his pain and the bane of his existence was sure to be there. Naruto turned to the voice and crossed his arms. Two figures landed in front of him. On the left was none other than Mitarashi Anko and on the right was Arisawa Tatsuki (She looks exactly like Tatsuki from Bleach except with the six markings.).

"So Naruto what's up?" Anko asked with a grin. Naruto smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"Nothing really, I was going to do some grocery shopping for the orphanage and head home," he answered. He decided not to mention his new training scroll. Tatsuki crossed her own arms and pouted.

"Why are you still living at the orphanage? Didn't old man Hokage offer you an apartment?" she asked. Naruto nodded.

"Yeah he did. I told him I would move in after I became a ninja. This way I can help out at the orphanage a little bit more."

Tatsuki opened her mouth to say something but Anko decided to interrupt, "We'll see you later Naruto. Tatsuki and I have some training to do."

Naruto looked at the sun. It was already setting. He hadn't really realized how late it was.

"Isn't it a bit too late to start training?" He asked.

Anko shook her head and smirked.

"As Guy would say, it's never too early to start training," she answered. Anko turned to leave when she gasped. "Oh and the Hokage wanted us to meet tonight for another session. Don't forget tonight at ten o'clock sharp." She began to walk away.

Naruto turned to Tatsuki.

"Aren't you going with her?" He asked.

"Are you ok?" Tatsuki asked looking down.

Naruto raised an eyebrow before answering.

"The Hokage just wants me to meet with Anko for an extra session. There's nothing to worry about."

Tatsuki looked at him apologetically.

"You have bags under your eyes," she said her voice laced with concern.

Naruto ruffled her spiky hair. This would look weird to any on looker as Naruto was only a few inches taller, but it had an effect none the less. Tatsuki blushed before slapping his hand away and running after Anko. She stopped in mid stride and turned to him.

"You better pass the exam!" she called out.

Naruto raised an eyebrow but smirked. She was the last person who needed to tell her that. Naruto glanced at her disappearing figure. To think all his problems started on one night, that fateful night.

Six Years Ago:

Naruto was a seven year old orphan. He was what the caretakers called an odd case. Naruto was the perfect gentleman. He was kind, intelligent, and everything parents looking to adopt wanted in a child. Yet he refused every single adoption. And when asked why, he would always reply, "I'll get adopted when everyone else has a loving family."

At first this would seem like a noble thing to say but for those who truly knew the orphanage it had a hidden meaning. There was one child at the orphanage that would most likely never be adopted and that child was six year old Tatsuki Arisawa. For some reason Naruto didn't know the girl was treated like the plague and was outcast from society. Naruto tried his very best to help the others get along with her but the parents that came to adopt and even some of the caretakers where dead set on their opinion that this girl was evil.

Naruto couldn't understand it. There was this lonely girl that tried to make friends but was always shunned. He decided to forget the world and help her. He became her friend and overtime the two became inseparable. Over time other orphans who looked up to Naruto began to hang out with them ignoring the warning from the adults. One girl, Tenten, had become really good friends with them before she was adopted by a weapon maker.

Although they were friends Naruto still couldn't learn why Tatsuki was treated the way she was. It was almost as if the reason was a secret. But one day he found out, but perhaps the cost of the truth was too much to pay.

Naruto and Tatsuki had been playing in the forest near the orphanage. The others had gone back early because tonight was hamburger Thursday. Naruto didn't go back because they always saved him some. Tatsuki on the other hand didn't go back because she never got any. Naruto always shared his with her.

The two had just finished and were tired and sweating.

"That was fun," Tatsuki exclaimed in her tomboyish voice.

Naruto smiled and nodded. His stomach growled causing both of them to burst out laughing. They could see the orphanage building when they heard voices. Naruto looked at the street where he saw a few men laughing and joking. One of the men was clearly drunk because he was swaying and bumping into the others causing them to laugh.

"Come on," Naruto said pulling Tatsuki's arm. His mood had suddenly taking a downturn.

The men saw them and began to whisper. Naruto picked up traces of the word demon and monster. He glanced at Tatsuki who had her head down. She noticed him looking and gave a hollow smile. Naruto looked away and grimaced. He hated that smile. There was nothing good about it.

"Hey brat!" the drunken man called out. Tatsuki made to stop, but Naruto continued to pull her. "Hey demon I'm talking to you!" the man called out again.

"Come on leave them alone," one of the sober men said.

"Yeah, they aren't causing trouble," the other man agreed.

Naruto inwardly sighed. At least there were some sensible people.

"That demon killed my son," the drunken man slurred. "He had just become a Genin."

Naruto could hear the man. Emotion was being poured out but he continued to walk. He could see the orphanage. It was probably half a mile. He suddenly heard quick shaky footsteps. He turned and saw the drunken man in a comical fashion running at him and Tatsuki. Naruto glanced at Tatsuki who had her head down.

"Run," Naruto commanded.

Tatsuki looked at him and turned around. She gasped seeing the man. She tried to quickly back away but tripped and landed on her butt. Naruto groaned and stood in front of her. He bent his legs and put his left arm at his side while extending his right. The drunken man gave a battle cry before leaping at Tatsuki. Naruto jumped and kicked the man in the chest. It was an effective kick but had no power to it. The man stumbled a little and regained what little balance he had. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife. The other man saw this and tried to stop their friend.

The sight of the blade caused Naruto's eyes widened in fright. He took a step back and heard a weak, "Naruto?" He glanced behind to see Tatsuki who was slowly standing up.

"Run home. Hurry up!" Naruto said gritting his shaken teeth.

The drunk didn't wait and charged at him wildly swiping the knife. Naruto stood his ground and tried to wait for the right moment. Perhaps it was the fact that the man was completely drunk or that he didn't know how to handle a blade, but the man tripped on his own feet and threw the knife. Naruto who wasn't expecting this could only stand still as the knife impaled him. Time seemed to slow for Naruto. He looked down to see the end of the knife protruding from his chest.

He looked at the man who was slowly standing up, before turning to Tatsuki who was livid with horror. He could hear the yells of the other men who had finally forced the drunkard down. Naruto's vision began to turn black. The last thing he saw was red chakra.

Unknown location:

"Look who has come," A deep voice growled.

Naruto slowly woke up. He blinked a few times before examining his surroundings. He was in what looked like a broken, torn down building. Many of the furniture was either ripped or broken. The lights where busted and somewhere blinking on and off. The entire room was a light gray color.

"Come down here." The voice growled.

Naruto looked around but saw no doors. Suddenly the floor began to cave in revealing a flight of stairs.

Naruto walked down the stairs when he realized that he was walking against gravity. He continued to walk when he reached a completely black space. He saw a large row of bars but continued to walk. It was then that Naruto realized that he couldn't control his body. He tried to yell out only to find his voice nonexistent. Two large red eyes stared at him from behind the cage.

"Why can't I stop?" Naruto thought while desperately trying to control his body.

He reached the metal bars when he felt a presence. It was if Naruto's fear had gone haywire. He could only stare into the red eyes that seemed to promise death. Then he saw it. It was a fox. No a fox was an understatement. It was a monster. Before Naruto could say anything the creature smiled. The scene that was in front of him was enough to give anyone nightmares. It was a feral smile with too many teeth to count.

"Coming here was your undoing boy," the voice taunted.

Your body can't even stand in my presence. Naruto in shock slowly looked down at his body or what was left. His body starting from his feet was slowly disintegrating. Naruto had no words. He just stared at the fox who was staring back. The fox stopped smiling and Naruto heard it speak again.

"I don't know what the little kit thought I would do by sending you here. But I cannot save you." Naruto didn't understand what the fox meant. "You would have died from the knife wound but your body cannot handle my power. There is nothing I can do for you."

The disintegration had now reached Naruto's face. He could only stare at the gigantic fox as his left eye vanished. Naruto accepted his fate and closed his remaining eye. There was no pain but he could feel his mind losing consciousness.

When the boy had completely vanished the Kyuubi stared at the spot he had been.

"He was a good kid. But fate gave him a bad draw."

Kyuubi sighed and went back to slumber.



"Naruto, wake up little one"

"Wake… Up?"

"Wake up little one"

Naruto blinked. He blinked and his consciousness awoke. He was surrounded by darkness. He slowly looked around but couldn't see anything.

"You're finally awake little one."

Naruto was hearing the voice inside his head.

"Where are you? I can't see anything." Naruto replied.

"Open your eyes little one."

Naruto was confused.

"But my eyes are open."

The voice chuckled.

"Open your true eyes. Open your mind and understanding of what is real."

Naruto was still confused but definitely tried. He tried widening his eyes but could still only see darkness. Naruto sat down and began to think. Something the voice found very amusing.

"What's so funny?" Naruto asked still trying to see through the darkness.

"I find it funny that in this situation. You sit down and try to think things through. Normally, a little one like you would panic. But you stay calm."

This compliment made Naruto blush a little. Then it hit him.

"Why do you keep calling me little one?" he asked.

"Oh," The voice replied humored. "I find all humans to be little, but you are a child after all."

Naruto jumped up and began to back up. He kept his eyes open and continued to back up. He did this for what seemed like hours and blinked only when it was a necessity.

After even more time passed Naruto finally saw something other than darkness. It was like a gigantic arc of light. It shined with the colors of the rainbow. Naruto continued to back away and the arc increased in size. It was then that Naruto made a jaw dropping realization. What he was looking at was an eye.

Naruto literally dropped on his butt at the realization. The voice began to laugh again.

"So you can see me?" it said with a chuckle.

It took a moment before Naruto could reply.

"I only see your eye." he looked at the ground he was standing on. "What are you?"

"I am Mirotic Guardian of Life and Death. And you little one are my new Avatar."

A moment of silence passed between the two.

"I don't know what that means." Naruto replied.

"Avatar means embodiment little one. You are the one I have chosen to host my will. My desire you could say."

"Why me?" asked Naruto staring at the giant eye.

"Well, how do I explain this little one? I chose you because in your life though small as it may have been, I saw great potential for you."

Pride grew in Naruto's chest. But then the realization hit him.

"Wait! That giant fox! What was that? Was that thing inside Tatsuki?" Even more from the past event came to realization. "What happened to me back then?"

The creature seemed to have blinked because for a second the giant eye closed before opening.

"That creature its existence is one that I cannot let one so young know about. You would not understand. But just know that its destiny and yours are intertwined." Naruto shook his head. He was having information overload. The guardian chuckled. "Do not worry we have plenty of time."

"How?" a still confused Naruto replied.

"In this plane of existence time does not exist."

"Wait but how did I get here?"

"Naruto," the guardian sounded as if he were searching for a way to tell Naruto.

"-I'm dead aren't I?"

"Yes you are."

Naruto remembered what the fox had told him before. It didn't make sense then but it did now.

"So what happens now?" asked Naruto.

"Now I revive you and you carry my will in the world of the living"

So time passed and Naruto learned of the Mirotic Guardian of Life and Death. Mirotic was just as his name said the Guardian of Life and Death. He kept balance of the number of living and the number of dead. His job as he explained to Naruto was that there were multiple universes, Billions, and when one person died in one. They would then be reborn in a new one and live out their destiny in that one.

As Mirotic was the Guardian of Life and Death he was in charge of keeping this balance. Mirotic explained to Naruto that there were other Guardians and everyone had their own existence and job. He also explained that each one had their own Avatars.

"Will I ever meet them?" Naruto asked.

"Perhaps," answered Mirotic. "Avatar meetings are possible. But the odds of two Avatars of different Paths meeting are impossible if not absolute nil."

That confused Naruto. Mirotic continued his lessons and explained to Naruto that as an Avatar he must keep his power and being secret. This was probably Mirotic's most important lesson.

After what seemed like years of explaining and teaching Mirotic was ready to revive Naruto.

"Your power will not manifest until you truly need it or you force it out through willpower. But the willpower needed is impossible."

"Why is that?" Naruto asked. "Wouldn't that kill the point of being your Avatar?"

"It's a sort of lesson we use to have the Avatar understand and appreciate their world." Naruto's body began to glow. "We will speak again little one. When you're power manifests."

Naruto nodded and smiled at the giant eye as light engulfed him.

Naruto later awoke in a hospital bed and shocked the nurses attending to him. The Hokage rushed into the room at the beckoning of the nurses and examined Naruto. Naruto was shocked as to why everyone was panicking. It wasn't until the Hokage held up a mirror to Naruto that he knew why. He no longer had crystal blue eyes but instead he now had the Rinnegan.

Naruto and the third Hokage had a long talk. The old man told Naruto exactly what was inside Tatsuki and explained why. The scans of Naruto showed that his mind was completely destroyed and unrepairable. Naruto didn't understand what that meant because he felt fine until he tried to close his eyes. It was then that he learned of what they meant. Every time Naruto closed his eyes he would be haunted by nightmares of the Kyuubi. Apparently Tatsuki had saved Naruto's life by using the demon's chakra.

Naruto knew this wasn't the reason but Tatsuki had inadvertently given him some of Kyuubi's chakra and with his body no longer human it was having strange effects. Naruto would make sure to ask Mirotic about it.

Naruto was torn. On one hand he was thankful that Tatsuki had saved his "life", but on the other spending every moment cursed by nightmares wasn't exactly a good life either. He had basically become an insomniac. Luckily the Hokage had told him that the Yamanaka clan had a technique that would allow him to rest without having to sleep of close his eyes.

Naruto and the Hokage decided to cover Naruto's eyes with bandage to hide his Rinnegan until Naruto had enough chakra to cover it with genjutsu.

"So what will happen to Tatsuki now?" Naruto asked. The Hokage smoked his pipe before answering.

"I have a Tokubetsu Jonin who was willing to adopt her. That way she'll get training and a nice home." Naruto stayed silent as he stared at the roof. "Who you like to see Tatsuki?" the Sandaime asked.

Naruto honestly didn't know how to answer.

"Sure," He eventually answered.

The Hokage went and got Tatsuki. Naruto could hear her footsteps. They were meek and frightened. It was the strangest thing. Naruto could still see even with his eyes covered. He took a good look at Tatsuki. He could see her internal chakra system as well as her outward appearance. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying making Naruto frown.

"Stop crying," Naruto snapped. His voice seemed to stab her.

"Naruto, -

"You have nothing to be said about. We're both alive aren't we?"

For a second Tatsuki looked down before nodding. Naruto could still feel her doubt.

"What was your dream again?" he asked.

The question shocked Tatsuki. Naruto answered for her, "To be the greatest Hokage that ever lived."

Tatsuki waited a moment before nodding.

"Well, Hokage don't cry, so man up." Tatsuki looked at him in shock through tear stained eyes. "Isn't that your dream?" Naruto asked again with more conviction.

"To be the greatest Hokage!" exclaimed Tatsuki.

The Hokage chuckled and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Tatsuki, I bet Anko-chan would like to see her new daughter."

Naruto smiled at the pure joy radiating from Tatsuki. The girl ran to the door before coming to a halt.

"Naruto-Kun, I'm really sorry for what I did to you, but I also want to thank you for being my friend. You don't…" She stopped and looked down before walking out.

Naruto watched the girl with a frown. Her emotions were all out of whack.

"She really cares for you," the Sandaime said when Tatsuki was gone. "She doesn't want you to hate her, but she understands that she probably messed up your life and is willing to let you go."

"Yeah I understand," Naruto replied. He shut his eyes for a split second before opening them. He looked at the Hokage who was watching him with concern. "I fine Hokage-sama."

Naruto would have to speak with Mirotic soon.

"I actually need to ask you for a favor. Call it a mission if you will," Naruto looked at the Hokage in confusion. "I know that you're scheduled to enter the ninja academy this year but could you post pone it for one year?"

"What!" Naruto exclaimed.

"I want you to enter the academy with Tatsuki. That way she'll have someone close to her," the Hokage said.

"I'll be a year behind everyone else my age!" Naruto exclaimed.

The Hokage shook his head, "I'll be giving you the same lessons being taught at the academy for the year so you'll be caught up." Naruto could only think. "I think it's better this way. I'll be able to teach you the rest technique." Naruto took in the information. He nodded and sat back down.

"So what exactly happened to me?" he asked.

"When you were stabbed by the knife Tatsuki unknowingly used the Kyuubi's chakra to heal you. Sadly the healing came with a payment." Naruto didn't know what to say. What could he say?

"Oh yeah, what happened to the man who attacked us?" he asked. The Hokage puffed his pipe.

"The man is in prison, but he will be let out eventually," from the look on Naruto's face the Hokage sighed. "He was drunk and the Kyuubi had taken his family from him. The council thinks he should at least be let off with a warning."

"Your treating him like what he did isn't an offense. He attacked two children and caused me a life time of torture."

"I know what I'm asking of you I shouldn't ask for anybody. But I want you to look after her, just until she graduates."

Naruto stayed silent and thought. Naruto shut his eyes for a few seconds. He quickly snapped them open and turned to the Hokage.

"I'll do it. I'll take care of her."

And Naruto did. Over the next six years Naruto would go above and beyond. The people of the village began to call him the next Hokage and some even came to him for advice. He wasn't known for his prowess but rather his potential. As one of the best ninja's that would ever surface from the hidden leaf village.

But for Naruto all that praise was meaningless. He had yet to unlock his true power and could do nothing about the insomnia. All he could do was cover his eyes with genjutsu and train everyday.

Current Time:

Naruto is 13:

Tatsuki is 12:

Naruto snapped from his daydream. He sighed before going into the store. That was six years ago. His genjutsu eyes were always dull and lifeless. He was never shocked or surprised anymore. But he would live. No he had to live. The store owner waved at him as he entered.

"You were out there for a while, what were you day dreaming about Naruto?" the owner asked with a smile.

Naruto smiled at the owner before reaching into his pocket. He pulled out a shopping list. He went over it before handing it to the store owner. The man smiled and took the list.

"You know," He said walking through the isles, "You really shouldn't be hanging around that Tatsuki girl." The owner said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "That girl and her snake master will only bring you down." The man came back and handed Naruto three bags full of groceries. "I put a little extra in the bag for you." Naruto thanked the owner and left the store.

Naruto quickly returned to the orphanage and dropped off the groceries. He went to the forest near the orphanage. He checked the time.

"Seven O'clock. I got time," Naruto thought.

He unsealed the shadow clone scroll and began to train. Later that night Naruto went to Anko's house. The door opened revealing a tank top clad Tatsuki. Naruto was used to it so he didn't say much except a greeting.

"Naruto you're here," she said with a smile. Naruto smiled and walked in. He saw Anko sitting on the living room floor. She smiled when she saw him and he proceeded to join her.

"Ready gaki?" she asked with a smile. Tatsuki sat on the couch and hugged a pillow.

"I'm always ready," Naruto answered.

"We'll be done in two hours. That should last you until the exams are over." Anko said. Naruto did three hand signs and was mirrored by Anko.

"Ninja Art: Calming Mind," Naruto said.

He shut his eyes and began the jutsu. Naruto could feel his body relaxing.

"Ninja Art: Infinite rest," Anko said placing a hand on Naruto's forehead.

The two stayed like that for the next two hours. When the clock hit twelve they separated. Naruto looked brighter than before. He smiled at Anko and thanked her before leaving.

"If you ever need help you know where to find me," Anko called out to him. Naruto waved without turning.

"I'll hold you to it," He replied.

Naruto enjoyed the cool night air. He returned to the forest. It was time to resume his training. The Genin exams were only two days away, but that wasn't the reason Naruto was training so hard. Naruto wanted to unlock the powers that Mirotic had told him he would unlock. Naruto was beginning to think that perhaps everything he had done with Mirotic had been a dream. The thought made Naruto pale in fear.

The day of the exams came and Naruto passed with flying colors. He attached his headband to the arms of his jacket tied around his waist so it showed as his belt. He was now searching for Uchiha Sasuke so they could have their fight.

Naruto walked through the halls were he saw multiple families congratulating there kids. Naruto ignored the feeling welling up inside him. He had had plenty of chances to have a family and had turned them down. Who was he to complain now? He stopped when he saw Tatsuki sitting on the swings by herself.

"Isn't Anko here to congratulate her?" Naruto thought to himself.

Suddenly he realized that he couldn't see a headband. "Did she fail?"

He made to move towards her when he saw a teacher talking to her. He recognized the teacher as Mizuki. Mizuki sensei seemed to tell her something and give her a folded piece of paper before leaving. She got up and sprinted away. Mizuki turned towards Naruto and smiled.

"Naruto-kun could you do me a favor?" He asked when he reached the blond. Naruto crossed his arms looked at the swing that had been occupied.

"What is it?" He asked. Mizuki motioned for him to follow. The entered an empty classroom.

"Naruto, I was looking over Tatsuki's test and noticed that it was tampered with." Naruto raised an eyebrow. "I want you to help find the culprit."

"Why me?" Naruto asked.

"I've already informed Iruka. Right now he is talking to the Hokage about it. I sent Tatsuki to them with the test." Naruto looked into the man's eyes to see if he was lying.

"So what do you want me to do?" Naruto asked.

"I want to trick the culprit into revealing themselves. I need you to act as if something happened to cause you to fail. Then make a scene in the hall with the parents and go to the swing Tatsuki was in." Naruto could only stare at the Chunin. He wanted Naruto to act so unlike himself.

After a few moments of thought Naruto answered, "Fine." untying his headband belt. "But, when this is over you better explain to everyone that this was a mission."

Mizuki only smiled and nodded. Naruto walked out of the door with a frown. He slammed the door gaining the attention of most of the parents and students in the hallway.

"Isn't that Uzumaki?"

"I don't see his headband. Did he fail?"

"That's impossible. He was tied with Uchiha Sasuke for rookie of the year."

"I thought he was wearing a headband before."

Naruto ignored the comments and walked to the swing where he sat in solitude. He waited for a few minutes when he heard footsteps approaching.

"Did they recall your headband?" A familiar voice asked. Naruto looked up to see his third teacher, Chunin Croy.

"Croy sensei?" asked Naruto making sure to add a hint of confusion.

The man was dressed like any other Chunin. He had Black hair tied in a ponytail like Iruka but with a large strand that fell over his face.

"Do really want to pass?" Croy asked with a gentile smile.

Naruto inclined his head and stood up. He could easily feel Croy's malicious intent.

"I'll do anything," Naruto replied looking at the sensei. Croy smirked and ruffled Naruto's hair.

"Why they ever took your headband, I'll never know. I was actually going to talk to Tatsuki who failed but there's no comparison between you two. Alright here's what you do." Naruto could only listen to the man with the occasional nod.

"So you want me to steal the forbidden scroll and meet you near the village gates where we'll meet Iruka and Mizuki sensei?"

Croy nodded before leaving Naruto to think.

"Mission complete," Naruto thought a he left to find Mizuki sensei.

Later That Night:

"As a reward for capturing the traitor Croy, and keeping the scroll of forbidden Jutsu safe, I the third Hokage present Uzumaki Naruto and Tatsuki Arisawa with their Leaf village headbands."

The crowd of ninja roared in unison with praise and cheers as the third Hokage handed Naruto and Tatsuki there headbands. Naruto didn't see the big deal as he had already earned his headband. When the small crowd dispersed Naruto turned to Tatsuki.

"I guess now you can take care of yourself," he said. Tatsuki blushed.

"Thank you Naruto," she replied. "Maybe we'll be on the same team." Naruto shrugged and turned to walk away.

"You should thank Mizuki-sensei. By the way where's Anko?" He asked.

"She went on a mission and should be back in three days," Tatsuki answered with a frown.

"Is she gonna be a Sensei for the new genin?"

"I doubt it. She would have already told me."

"Well, you'll be fine."

Naruto began to walk away. He had training to do.

"I'll see you soon," Tatsuki waved as he walked away.

Naruto waved but continued to walk.

"I'll hold you to it."

It was a simple end to a normal day for Naruto Uzumaki.


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