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"Love is the same as like except you feel sexier."

-Judith Viorst

She did not belong here. Yes, she came from a respectable, pureblood family, but after the war, they were seen as traitors by the rest of the pureblood high-society clan. She had the battle scars to prove her "betrayal" to the pureblood cause. Her father had never supported the Dark Lord, and when Professor McGonagall had came to Hog's head, to ask if any of the Slytherins wanted to fight for Hogwarts, she and Tracey Davies were the first ones to volunteer.

Even now, in her ruby-red silk gown, she stood apart from all the other pureblood girls, wearing low-cut, green and black dresses.

"I don't fit in," she said, glancing down at her dress and her companion.

Draco placed his thumb under her chin, and titled her head up.

"Astoria, you look beautiful,"

His eyes darkened and her pulse-rate accelerated at a frightening speed. Through she knew she didn't look it, at that moment, she felt like a princess.

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