Jacob's Daughters

a fan fiction by LeahAnne

Chapter 1 - Denali

A/N: Here's PART III! I'm so excited to get this story started... I can't wait! For those of you who have just clicked upon this story, please go back and read Jacob's Baby and Jacob's Promise, otherwise this story really won't make much sense. :) For those of you who have been with me through this whole journey, I know you're antsy to read, so I'll keep this short. Jacob's Daughters takes place fifteen years after the end of Jacob's Promise. I know that's quite a jump, but there's a reason for it... that and I really wanted to play with the characters I created in the last two installments. Anyway, I think that's all I really need to go into... the rest is sort of self-explanatory. :)

I often wondered what drove my parents to decide to move to Denali, Alaska before I was born. Mom said she often found the wilderness and cold peaceful and that she couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I simply thought she was crazy.

Seriously, of all the places to live in the entire country, she had to pick almost as far north as one could possibly travel, at the highest peak in North America. She said that the large Native American population of Denali was a draw when she and my dad decided to move here. She said the second reason she decided to move here was because of the huge amounts of daylight during the summer. It was just now July and I was pleased that the amount of daylight seemed to be increasing by the day. I loved it. It kept it warmer. I guess that was the only good thing about this place... the sun.

I guess the worst part about Denali was that it was always so lonely. There weren't many people around Mt. McKinley. I wasn't happy about that at all... I wanted, needed human companionship. And although I was nearly fifteen and often helped my mom at her part-time job at the local quilting and fabric store, I was almost always lonely.

"Mom," I said one day, sighing and putting a few scraps of fabric in a bin.

"What?" she asked, looking over at me from her sewing machine.

"I'm bored," I said simply, flopping down on a nearby chair.

"Don't slouch," she said, glaring at me. "And don't flop on that chair. You're getting much too tall." At five-nine, I was taller than most of the other girls in town, taller than most of the women, too. Already, I was only an inch shorter than my mom.

"Fine," I said, getting up and moving to the counter top and leaning against it. "You still didn't answer my question. I'm bored."

"That's not a question. It's a statement. And I don't know what to do about your boredom. What's the name of that boy you've been hanging out with? Jacob?"

"Jackson," I said irritably, folding my arms and glaring out the window. "And he's out with his girlfriend. Supposedly going to go see some great movie that's getting released tonight."

"I'm sorry," Mom said, sighing. "I know how it feels."

"You have no idea," I snapped, turning and looking out the window.

"I think I have a better idea than you think," she said quietly. She sighed and continued her work on the sewing machine.

I wasn't sure what to say. I stared down at the floor and picked at a stray string dangling from the hem at the bottom of my shirt.

A loud rap at the door made us both jump.

"Charley!" Jackson yelled, his big brown eyes open wide with excitement.

"Does he really need to scream at the top of his lungs?" Mom sighed. "Let him in, dear."

I opened the door and let him in.

"What on earth is your problem?" I asked him, in sheer mortification.

"Come outside, please," he begged.

I took one look at Mom and knew that it was pretty much futile to even ask.

"You know we had our bills due today and we're still short on money. I have to finish both of these quilts today - "

"Please, Mrs. Clearwater? We won't be gone long... and when we get back, I'll help the two of you finish up," Jackson begged.

"What on earth is so important?" I asked him.

"You'll see later," he whispered in my ear.

"Fine," Mom said. "As long as you come back and help us finish, you can take her off my hands for a couple of hours. I don't see why not..."

"Thank you, Mrs. Clearwater!" Jackson said excitedly. Before I could even stutter, he pulled my hand and yanked me out the door.

We were running quickly, up the dirt path behind the store and up the hills that followed. We were running almost too quickly, leaving everything behind.

And suddenly, I felt something go splat on the side of my face. I froze, but Jackson kept running. My hand slowly swept up to my cheek and I pulled it back to see dark, slimy mud dripping down my hand. Before I could even think, another one hit me in the back of my head. I started running, chasing Jackson, hoping he could get me out of this mess, or at least take up for me.

"Hey, Eskimo!" someone yelled, as I dodged another mud-ball.

"Squaw! Injun!" someone else yelled. Another mud-ball hit me in the back of the head, harder this time.





"Redskin!" Another one hit me, this time right in the middle of my face. I knelt down to the ground and started to cry.

"Tee-pee creeper!"

The taunts and ridiculous names continued on and on until finally, a surge of pent-up range and anger flared and all I saw was red. I got up and suddenly I felt myself flying through the air as the stupid racist mud-ball-throwers screamed in shock and scattered. I looked back down toward the ground and could only see white paws, flecked with mud. I felt huge. And I was scared. What was this? What was I? And what the hell was going on?

I ran, trying to shake back into my own body and out of this monstrous thing. What the hell was going on? Was I some sort of monster? Maybe my dad hadn't died at all... maybe he had been the same thing and had to run off in order to stay away from other people! But what if I was stuck like this forever? What if I never saw my mom ever again?

I ran back toward the quilt shop, scared to death. Perhaps my mom would be able to recognize me. Perhaps she knew how to get me back to myself... because honestly, I had no idea how the hell to get back.

I scratched on the door, shaking. I was a freaking DOG. What the hell?

Mom came up to the door, her hair pulled back into a long braid. She looked out, expecting to see me standing there. I whined softly and she looked down. I expected her to scream or shout or shoo me away or something, but she didn't. Instead, she simply sighed.

"Come on, Charlotte," she sighed. She led me back toward the front of the store and then ran to the door and locked it. "Stay here."

I nodded and laid down in the middle of the floor, my head on my paws. This was too unreal.

She headed back into the supply room and suddenly, I could hear her thoughts.

It's okay, Charlotte. I promise. I'm going to come back out now, but you can't freak out.

What is going on? I asked her, confused.

You've just experienced your first phase, she answered.

Phase? I asked, completely baffled.

We're shape-shifters, Char. Well, they used the term "werewolves" back at home. Charlotte, there's a lot of things that I haven't told you that I need to. I guess I just hoped that you wouldn't have inherited the gene. Now I know that was just wishful thinking.

She came back around the corner and I squealed in horror.

Mom wasn't the same tall, beautiful woman I had always known her as. Instead, she was a WOLF. A beautiful wolf, but nevertheless a wolf. A steel gray, magnificent creature, bigger than any wolf I had ever seen.

You do make quite a beautiful wolf, Char. And I guess this... revelation means that we need to go back home.

Home? I asked, confused. I thought we were home.

No, Mom answered. I knew that this was coming, what with you getting taller and all. She sighed. Home is in Washington, down in the lower forty-eight. We are La Push Quileutes, Charlotte. And it's time for you to meet your dad.

My dad? And here I was thinking he was dead... that he had died before I was born. What was going on? Who was I? And why was I a wolf?

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