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******************** Lights, Camera, Action! Chapter Thirteen *******************

The premiere and after part are wonderful and lavish and gaudy and everything I've come to
expect from Hollywood. For the first time its odd to see myself on screen. Maybe
because its with Jareth. Maybe because its a story with a plot so very similar to
our own twisted past. There's so many threads and ties between me and the Goblin King. I
can't even remember a time when the Labyrinth wasn't a part of my life.

Pathetic huh?

Everyone adored the movie though. Critics applauded and the audience gushed. Mike, my
manager, was beaming like a new father and Mr. Gray humbly shook his head when people
complimented him.

But that stupid unfulfilled sensation just wouldn't leave me alone. I've never felt so
empty and numb to my success before and I know it Jareth's fault... And mine.

Because I finally found something that mattered more than me and my job. I found a Goblin

Anyone else disgusted by my predictability?

And before I know it we're back in the limo, staring quietly at each other, both flush from
the fine wines we've sampled and the approval of tinsel town. I swallow as Jareth stares
at me, intently, serious for once. I shiver as he reaches up and strokes my cheeks with
gloved hands. I can feel his warmth through the thin fabric, and his tenderness.

"You're so damn beautiful..." he whispers, half wonderingly, half surprised at his own
revelation. I close my eyes and sink into his embrace with a contented sigh and damn me,
damn him, and damn that metaphorical hole in my breast that's gone and replaced by...


I AM in love with the Goblin King.

"How can you worm your way into my heart Sarah? I've tried everything to deny you but..."

I open my eyes and smile up at him. "It's a thin line between love and hate right?"

His eyes flare with need and that familiar and delicious darkness. He leans forward, lips
near my ear. "Do you want to go home?"

My breath catches in my throat as I pull back in surprise and stare hugely at him. He stares
back, not intimidated by my surprise, unmoved. And yet, hopeful, waiting.

A small smile curls my lips as I study him for a long moment. As my eyes trace the regal
planes of his face and his proud, proud profile.

"Home?" I ask, voice trembling.

Jareth grins in response. "Home."

I stare for another long minute before laughing and half crying. Its like this invisible
weight has been lifted and suddenly I'm free. Free to live, to love, whoever I want.
Wherever I want.

Eyes shining I answer softly, firmly, "Yes."


The limo pulls into an alley, parks, and sits, as previously instructed by a certain Jared
King. The driver waits exactly five minutes before getting out, a suit case of five million
dollars in hand. He walks away without a second glance, content to ignore the eccentricies
of the rich and famous.

The car is discovered three days later when an intensive search is started for the two
missing movie stars. Authorities are confused to find an empty condo at Jared King's address.
There isn't a single fingerprint.

Sarah Elliott's apartment is missing nothing except for a toy poodle named Princess and a
much beloved frying pan.


The Labyrinth broke every record in the book opening weekend, its popularity fueled by the
mysterious disappearance of its two stars. Cliched Films is now a major player in Hollywood
that specializes in fantasy films.

Jasmine received a Barbie Princess Tea Party set and a Barbie Princess Tea Party Fairy Flutter
Gown with detachable wings for her birthday. Robert and Irene and their daughter lived
happily ever after on all the money Sarah had paid Robert, content with the certain if
unverified knowledge that their dear friend was happy, wherever she was.

Dr. Phil wrote three best selling books and biographies on Sarah Elliott's psyche. He lives
comfortably now.

Mike, Sarah Elliott's agent, received an anonymous home video tape of a certain Jasmine
singing at the top of her very talented lungs. She has starred in three movies by the age of
twelve and is shaping up to be a bigger star than Shirley Temple, minus the curls.

Lance's career took a nose dive after Sarah's disappearance. He now works in low budget porn

Tony Gray went on to direct dozens of other note worthy films. When asked about the mystery
of Sarah Elliott and Jared King he usually shrugs and smiles with a knowing, half apologetic
grin. He saw it coming months before THEY did.

So I guess in the end Jared King really did destroy Sarah Elliott. But Jareth, Goblin King,
fell in love with Sarah Williams. All's well that ends well I guess. So I went home. Went
to the Underground, the Labyrinth. Jareth and I have our Gothic castle and black picketed
fence and, well there's no pointy toothed brats yet but we're still young, and kinda immortal,
but that's a hole other can of worms.

Maybe someday.

Princess and my frying pan are both settling in comfortably in their new surroundings.

I was slowly going insane for months and well, I guess I'm officially crazy now. Only an
unbalanced woman would give up the glitter of Hollywood for ruling a bunch of unruly goblins
and a certain King's love.

Or a ridiculously romantic one.

Fate, chance, and destiny kinda knew what they were doing, in the end. Who would have
guessed it?

As for the answer to the oh so vital question of boxers, briefs or... Well, let's just say
that that's an answer every hot blooded female should find out for herself. Besides, I'd
hate to take all the fun out of guessing.

We can't have that! Yup, a final dose of sarcasm before I wrap this up. Get it, wrap,
movie term. Smack me. Bad pun. Okay, okay I'm done now.


************ Lights, camera, action, and happily ever after. The end. *************