Tears rolled down the cheek of the beautiful Domyouji Tsubaki. She was staring out of her bedroom window, treasuring the serenity of the moment, before she would have to prepare for the chaos of her high society wedding. Just hours earlier, she had said goodbye to the first and only love of her life: Takano Kei. Through blackmail, her evil mother Kaede had forced her to relinquish her soulmate. Now she would be stuck with a cold man, wealthy, yes, but Tsubaki had never met him before. She had never gotten a chance to love him.

I hate her, Tsubaki thought silently.


"Kei, I can't be with you anymore. I-I'm getting married tomorrow", Tsubaki whispered sadly with her head cast down. Kei gently lifted her face up and peered into her eyes. "Tsubaki, I know your mother forced to do this. It's all right. I understand. Take comfort in the fact that our time together was never wasted, not a minute of it. Every second I spent with you was wonderful, and I will always remember it."

He knelt down and grasped her hand tightly. "Domyouji Tsubaki, I will love you forever. I will never love another as much as I have loved you. I believe that you are my soulmate, and one day, we will find each other again and live together like we were meant to. I know you can't wait for me and by tomorrow, you'll belong to someone else. But trust me when I say, you're the only girl for me, Tsubaki."

Kei stood up and smiled at her. Tsubaki sobbed uncontrollably seeking comfort in Kei's arms. "Shhh. It's all right. I'll always be here for you".

Tsubaki sighed. They had parted friends, but in her heart she knew Takano Kei would be the one who controlled her heart. If only…life was fair, she thought. Sighing, she got up and prepared to wear her wedding gown. It was useless dwelling on the past. In a few minutes, she would become another man's wife. Wife to a stranger, while her soulmate was doomed to be alone all his life.