Picture Stories #3 Curious

By: 1000th Ghost

Write a short fic about ten random pictures. Put your iPod photos on shuffle, and write a story to whatever picture comes up. Sounds easy? It should. Except you also have to write the story in the span of 4 minutes.

"Then the man inserts like this, and that's how it's done!"

Helga shoved her finger at his chest for emphasis, and he felt sure that his cheeks were about to burst into flames.

How did she know all this? He had been curious – he had wanted to know exactly how…well, maybe not exactly how…it was complicated.

She wanted to have sex with him. Censorship aside and blatantness galore, she had made it abundantly clear on the roof of FTI that she wanted to have sex with him. And he had made nothing abundantly clear.

He was curious. Maybe he did want it, but then again, what did he even know about it? So he dragged her into the janitor's closet to ask her, a simple, scientific inquiry, nothing more.