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August 7th



Harry shrugged his shoulders as he heard his back pop. He smiled slightly and turned back to the counter he was wiping off. The magical side of his café opened tomorrow. He hummed happily and returned to the kitchen to wash his rag out. Fujita was lazily sitting in a chair and keeping an idle eye on the cooking pots of soup.

"You'll be busier when the magical side opens." Harry shrugged at him. "Then you'll have about three times as many dishes."

Fujita groaned. Harry laughed and tossed his rag in the sink before washing his hands and turning to the triple layered cake on the center counter. It had cooled and he could now put the icing on. In the week his café had been opened he's had three cake orders, sold a bunch of pastries, had a couple of regulars, and was quickly gaining more customers. Everything was going perfectly. And with the amount of help he had he only had to be in to make the ordered cakes and make the majority of the pastries.

"Hmm. We close early today, but I'm leaving after I finish my cake." Harry said aloud.

"Why?" Fujita grunted.

"I'm working on a project with my teacher." Harry grinned.

"Teacher?" Fujita asked curiously, pushing his chef hat up with one hand.

"Yeah. I got a teacher for the next month or so."


Harry grinned.


Harry looked at the odd snake like creature. It was pale white with a black line dividing it perfectly in half. Other then that it looked like a snake with no eyes. It curled up and let a forked tongue dart out of its mouth full of pointy teeth. Harold was sitting in a chair reading a magazine. As soon as he realized that Harry could fend off any of the violent creatures that came through (which was none so far) he'd decided he was bored of standing there with his wand raised.

Harry crouched down and held out a hand. The creature's tongue brushed against his finger and then curled around it. Harry blinked as he felt his magic get 'dipped' into. The thing was eating his magic. Not very much though. Not enough to even care.

"It eats magic." Harry said aloud.

The creature gave a croak like growl as Harold 'hmm'ed. And then faster then Harry could comprehend it had wrapped around his arm and slithered onto his back between his shoulder. He gave a cry as a sharp pain came to him as the creature bit down on his spine. Harold was up in an instant, wand out. Harry pulled his shirt off and tried to see the creature. He stiffened as he felt it wither against his skin, and then sink in. It didn't hurt so much as felt…odd. Like it was cutting into him while he was numb. Where there is no feel to it, but you know it's happening.

The creature burrowed beneath his skin, all except his head, which was still latched onto his spin near the base of his neck. Harry felt his magic slide into the creature like it was drinking it up. Harry wouldn't be exhausted for a long time even at the rate the creature was absorbing his magic. And then he gasped. The creature moved beneath his skin, dividing in half, each half connected with the head, but wrapping around his shoulder blades. And then the magic the creature had sucked from him swirled. He cried out in pain and shock as two huge appendages burst from his back (right on his shoulder blades), connected to the two halves of the creature. They were like giant bones protruding from his skin and forming a maze of lines even a film grew between them connecting them all.

When the pain ebbed to soft steady pulse he looked behind to find himself shocked into a stupor. Huge white feathered wings now protruded from his back. They were much longer then he was tall. Harry spread them out and realized he could instinctively use them like he would his arm. He beat them once and was lifted off the ground slightly. He gaped at them. The creature was still sipping at his magic, half going to the wings, and half being eaten.

He gently reached out and touched the wings. He gasped at the softness of the feathers. They were large and white, like a birds but even softer, like velvet and silk under his fingers.

"It's still sipping at my magic." Harry said blankly.

"I think…" Harold hesitated, coming over to prod the wings. "That it's a parasite type demon. It feeds off your magic. But it also gives you these wings. I guess technically it isn't quite a parasite, but close enough. Is the amount it's eating hurting you?"

"No. It's barely even noticeable. I could keep it on…in me for hours."

Harold prodded the creature's head and it gave a soft growl but didn't move.

"Shall we try these wings out then?"


Harry screamed delightedly as he dropped, wings straight behind him. He streaked down at the earth at a fast unbelievable pace. Ten meters from the ground he threw his wings out. They caught the air, almost stopping him dead, and jarring him slightly. He cut through the air, parallel to the ground before a strong beat of his wings sent him looping back into the sky. He grinned so widely he was afraid his face would break.

Flying as a raven was a wonderful freedom but it didn't evoke such adrenaline as it was natural in such a form. A broom also was great, but he wasn't in complete control. This though…having real wings gave him the control he needed and evoked his adrenaline and made his blood pump as it wasn't 'natural'.

He flew up so high the air got thin and then he dived, spinning as he did so and laughing so hard he felt like he couldn't breathe. Harold was but a speck on the ground, the man watching carefully should the beat creature unlatch from him and leave him wingless. Harry doubted it would. By the feeling of content it gave off it loved his magic.

A breeze almost threw him sideways but he was going to fast to be pushed from his path. His wings flared out again, higher this time, and he did a roll before launching in a new direction, Harry flying about wildly and eyes bursting with joy.

This…this was freedom!


Harry grabbed the creature by the head and cooed softly as he pulled his magic from it. It gave a whine like noise but stopped sipping his magic. Then Harry pulled. He grit his teeth at the weird feeling.

The wings shuddered and fell apart. Huge feathers fell off and gently floated to the floor. Left behind were large bone like frames which started to receded being sucked into the creature. Then the creature slid numbly from his back. Once it was out he panted softly. It wasn't large but there was a bleeding wound from where it had attacked to him. Luckily, sliding into him hadn't created a wound, just the latching on part.

He stroked the creature idly as Harold healed the wound with a wave of his wand.

"I have to send you back now." Harry sighed sadly.

It gave a croaking whine and Harry smiled softly at it, though he didn't know if it could see.

"I'll summon you again. Don't worry."

It made a soft keening noise but Harry was already cutting its link to this realm. As it vanished Harry stood and stretched, his back popping.

"I'll have to summon it again." He said dreamily.

Harold snorted and prodded his side.

"Go brush your rat's nest and put a shirt on. Then you have to add an entry for it in your Demon Beast notebook. And do something about these feathers."

Harry grumbled but agreed, trying to pull the tangles from his windswept hair with his hand.


August 8th



Harry smiled as he heard the bell above the door.

"Welcome to 'Through The Looking Glass Café'." He smiled cheerfully as he turned to greet his first magical customer.

It was a curious looking man in his twenties. He blinked at Harry's cheerful greeting and mumbled back. He found a seat on one of the high back cartoon-like chairs of a neon red color and Harry handed him a menu. He gave the man a few minutes to look over it before taking his order.

Soon the man was sitting and sipping his tea, gazing around with blatant curiosity. His eyes rested on the shelves that lined the walls full of books and plants.

"Are we….are we allowed to read the books?" he asked blinking.

"Of course." Harry smiled. "They have charms to keep them from being damaged by food or liquid or sticky hands. And a special charm will keep them from leaving this main room."

The man stood and walked to brose the shelves, tea in one hand. Harry rested behind the counter, idly doing some work on summons. He smiled at the delighted look on the customers face as he found a particular book and sat down to read.


Harry looked up as he heard his name. Fujita was leaning around the corner and waving at him. He glanced at the two customers and shrugged. Randal was in the kitchen idly leaning against a counter so Harry shoved him towards the magical side and glanced at Fujita questioningly.

"There's a man asking for you." He shrugged. "On the muggle side."

Harry swept from the kitchen through the second area and stepped into the much busier muggle side. He blinked in pleasant surprise as he found Dee from the alley a week ago leaning against the counter looking bored. A few people were casting him wary glances. His blonde spiked hair had a few streaks of neon green in it and he still had his bunch of piercings. His sharp blues focused on Harry and he offered a lazy smug smirk.

"You asked if I wanted a job a while back?" He quirked a brow.

"I did." Harry smiled. "Are you interested?"

"Yup." He said lazily. "Oh and I know about all your…"

He waved his hands in a fluttery manner and gestured to the mirror. Harry blinked.

"Well that makes things easier." He smiled. "How did you know?"

The teen followed him back into the kitchen and up the flight of stairs to the lounge above the muggle side.

"You learn a lot of stuff on the streets of London. You magic people are good at keeping secrets, but someone will always leak info."

Harry shrugged, unconcerned and gestured for him to sit on a couch.

"Were you looking for part-time or full-time?"

"Full." Dee grunted as he flopped down on the couch. "I was just fired."

"Why?" Harry asked curiously.

"Died my hair one to many times and got one too many piercings." He shrugged.

"Ah." Harry shrugged. "Do you think you can deal with us magic users?"

"Sure. If they try anything with me because I don't have magic, I'll just use my fists and tell them to go fuck themselves." He said with a cocky smirk.

Harry chuckled at the crude humour knowing it was mostly a joke.

"Well you're hired. You'll work magical side or muggle side, which ever is busiest. Eleanor is full time on the muggle side and Leonard is full time on the magical side, while Fujita rules the kitchen. Randal hops back and forth also but he's part time. I work here as much as I can but I have other things I'm tied to."

Dee shrugged.

"What's the pay?"

"You'll start at 8 pounds an hour. I'll have to order you a uniform and for now you can work in your own clothes."

"Fine. When can I start?"

"When do you want?"


"We can work that out." Harry said thoughtfully.

"Harry! Griphook here for you!" Fujita's voice called from the base of the stairs.

"Perfect. Let's inform Griphook of your new employment." Harry smiled.

"Who's Griphook?" the teen snorted. "Has a weird name."

"He's a goblin. They all have weird names." Harry smiled.

They stepped into the magical side to find Griphook sitting at one of the table with some papers and a shrunken crate. The only other two customers were a distance a way, one eyeing the goblin warily and the other to absorbed in his book to notice. Harry smiled brightly and strode up to the goblin.

"Griphook, how are you today my friend!"

"I was perfectly fine until I heard your sickeningly sweet voice." He sneered.

Dee raised a brow at Harry as if expecting him to be angry, Harry just laughed, tucking his hair behind his ear.

"You are still wearing the earrings I gave you." The goblin noted.

"Yes, even if the moment you gave them to me was fairly awkward."

Griphook smirked and took his hand, kissing it. Harry's face lit up like a tomato.

"I take it as personal amusement to get you flustered." He growled out huskily.

Harry giggled nervously.

"Well Griphook, this is Dee, he's my new full time employee."

"I shall make sure to write that down later." Griphook grunted. "And here is a couple pounds of the tea I said we goblins enjoy. Just crush the leaves and stuff them in the pot. One leaf per cup. It's strong so I wouldn't recommend it to any humans."

"Wonderful." Harry beamed looking in delight at the crate.

"Now, sit." Griphook snorted. "The reason I came is because I found a good deal that will help your business."

Harry sat while Dee wandered off idly to look around.

"I found a good deal on a door in The Bazaar to connect with your shop." Griphook said shuffling some papers forwards. "It is a reasonable price and is in a good position. It should double your customers also."

Harry blinked.

"The Bazaar? Sirius mentioned it. What is it?"

Griphook blinked in surprise then tsked.

"Poor ignorant human."

Harry rolled his eyes.

"The Bazaar is a large market. It's situated on a small island in the middle of the pacific. The whole island is like one large shopping district. People from every and any country and magical community can go there to buy or barter objects. And as it was laid down long before many of the current governments existed, it is free of any government control. Some aurors may be stationed around but they can't leally do much except sometimes help out their own citizens. You can buy or sell practically anything there. Any magical creature is allowed their also."

"How large is the island?" Harry blinked.

"Fairly large. Large enough that you couldn't walk across it in a day. There are stalls, streets, vendors, stores, and every manner of shop. There is four blocks though that are solely for Portal doors. Before you ask Portal doors are doors that lead to a specific location that could be continents away. This block is solid walls with doors. Each door gets a sign above it and a window on said door. If you purchase one it will lead directly to your shop. I have secured a purchase of one to connect to this store as it will give you many more customers."

Harry blinked. Then blinked again.

"Are there wards around this island?"

"Of course. Some of the strongest and oldest. They will stop people from apparating in, but there are apparation points around the island to help you shop more quickly. There is also a building in the middle of the place that is filled with fireplaces for floo'ing in. Then there are portkey drop offs and landing spaces for those who fly in magically. Wards keep the muggles from ever noticing it and stop anything intent on harming the Bazaar itself. Its wards won't stop such violence as duels or fights, but it will stop invasions, full out wars, and fights with groups larger then twenty. The wards are so powerful and old, they are almost sentient. Fights though, are not uncommon. Fights to the death are not uncommon. Death itself is not very uncommon. As the place has no real government, and only a crude law enforcement, it has many things that are not considered legal. That is one of the reasons most British wizards and witches either don't know about it or don't speak of it. The British magical government has labelled so many things dark that the island is practically a pit of evil in their eyes."

Griphook snort showed how he thought of the British opinion.

"Interesting." Harry blinked. "I'll have to go at some point."

"Not alone." Griphook warned. "It is dangerous. You should not go without a partner or such."

"How about a dog?"

Griphook raised a brow.

"A dog from hell, a hellhound to be specific." Harry smiled.

Griphook eyed him.

"That would certainly help a great deal." He nodded.

"Great. So I'll go sometime, but about this door."

"Sign these papers. I'll send in the workers to set it up and connect it tonight."

Harry signed the papers with a flourish and saw Griphook to the door, watching him apparate off with a wave. Then he turned back to help Dee find a apron and start working


"Hello Katrina, George." Harry smiled at the familiar faces as they stepped into the small café. It was filled as it was dinner time. Katrina gave him a soft smile.

"Are there any seats left? We decided we'd enjoy a dinner at your new place. An 'Alice in Wonderland' fan at all?" She teased

"I'll have you know that Alice in Wonderland is a great piece of literature." Harry smiled slyly. "And there's little room on this side, but we do have a magical side."

"Oh. Isn't that only for people with magic?" She asked hesitantly.

"No. It's for anyone who knows of magic." He shrugged.

"Okay then." She said bravely. "Let's try it."

He led them to the mirror and the notice-me-not charms took a hold as everyone else looked away. Harry led the couple through the mirror and stepped into the mostly empty room. Only four people were scattered about, enjoying their meals. Harry led the couple to a table and Dee stepped up with a set of menus and a bored expression. Katrina squeaked at his appearance, most likely more startled by his abrupt appearance then his looks, but he sent her a vicious smirk.

"Dee, don't tease." Harry scolded.

He gave a grunt and gave a polite 'what the hell do you want to eat'. Harry groaned and George barked a laugh.

"You need to train this one a bit better." He said cheekily.

Dee sent the block of a man a glare as Katrina giggled. Harry just sighed.


August 9th



Harry looked at the new door curiously. Well it wasn't exactly 'new'. It was the same door, but now, instead of a lock above the handle, there was a dial. There were two options. Purple and Red. Red led to the alley behind his shop. Purple opened up onto a cobble stoned street that was blocked in by two walls covered in various crazy doors.

Harry's own door was a blend of colors. Dee had gotten there early and learned the 'new door secrets' and painted a large grinning cat above the door along with a smirking man with a crazy top hat leaning against it. A rabbit stood opposite of the colourful hatter, peering around the other side of the door. A metal wrought sign hung above the door in black proclaiming his store name. The small window right next to the door showed into his shop. It was quite cool. And now he had a shortcut to The Bazaar should he ever wish to visit.

He had given his employees the same warning as Griphook had given him and then put a sign next to the door with the same warning on how the dial and door worked. It's automatic setting was 'red' and should anyone come in from the Bazaar, after they shut the door the dial would turn by itself back to red to lead into the alley behind his store. It was a safety precaution.

Griphook had been right though. He had four more customers then the day before, before lunch even, all curious people either from the Bazaar of the surrounding doors keen on seeing who owned the new café.

The bell above the door rang and Harry snapped out of his thoughtful daze, smile slipping onto his face. The newcomer was not human and was entering cautiously. She, for it was female, had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She gave off an air that pulled you in and ensnared you.

Harry blinked and shook his head, shaking the trance off. He offered a polite smile.

"Welcome to Through the Looking Glass, please take a seat."

She gave a blink then smiled happily and took a seat. Harry noticed the two men in the café already were drooling after her and the four women were shooting her odd looks. Harry turned to Dee and found the boy staring at the girl with lust. Harry frowned and slapped the boy lightly. Dee blinked then shook viciously.

"I think you should handle this one." He said warily.

Harry shrugged and took the woman her menu. Five minutes late she was enjoying some red tea and eating a small cake with delight.

"This is wonderful." She said in lush tones as she took a dainty bite. "I think I'll get three more to go. I have some family who would love these."

Harry smiled and wrapped three up in a to-go box. When the woman was finishing her tea he returned to her table and gestured to the seat across from with a raised brow and she smiled, nodding. He sat down and gave a slight smile.

"If it isn't rude, may I ask what manner of being you are?" He asked with a curious smile.

She gave a tittering laugh that sounded polite and perfectly amused.

"I'm half-Veela." She said softly. "We're beings of beauty and seduction. But beware when we get mad. I'm surprised though, that you shook off my allure so well. I've rarely seen a human male do such. Usually they turn into drooling messes around me."

Harry blushed slightly and she pat his cheek kindly. She paid him and stood, tucking the box to-go in the crook of her arm. Harry stood with her and she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

"You make wonderful treats. I think I shall return some time and try some more of your delicacies. I'm Apolline Declour."

"I'm Harry Black. Feel free to return at anytime."

She sashayed out the door after sending him a wink. Harry turned back to Dee to find the man glaring after the woman. He raised a brow at the teen but he only shook his head, eyes darting to Harry's cheek she had kissed. Harry got the funny feeling he didn't like how the woman had touched him. He shook of the silly thoughts and hummed as he picked up the dishes from the table and smiled at another customer.


Harry looked up as half a sandwich was waved under his nose. He looked up at Dee who was chomping into the second half.

"Eat. I've only seen you eat a bowl of soup all day."

Harry smiled at the gruff boy and took the sandwich, biting into it with relish. As he licked some mayo off his lips he noticed Dee was silent. He glanced up at the boy to see him watching him closely, staring at him. Harry blushed under the scrutiny and a moment later Dee grunted and turned back to sit in the couch. The others had left already. Harry had hung back to do some paper work and Dee had stayed just because he guessed.

He finished his sandwich and wrote the last figure on the sheet in front of him. Then he slipped the paper in a folder and stretched languidly.

"It was a long day." He smiled at Dee.

He'd had worse though. This was much better then working to the bone doing chores for the Durselys. He got a sense of satisfaction out of this and enjoyed it immensely. Besides that he could go home or quit when ever he wished. Freedom of choice. And it closed at six thirty so he had daylight when he returned home to water his plants and garden if he wanted to.

He was jolted from his thoughts as Dee stood abruptly. He went to ask what the matter was when Dee stepped over the coffee table and slammed a hand on either side of his head, leaning in to kiss him.

Harry froze in shock. He barely registered the fact that he was being kissed. Rather passionately at that. Slowly he blinked and came to awareness as a tongue slipped in his gaping mouth. He squirmed and tried to pull away but a knee on either side of his legs pinned him and he was left, his mouth being thoroughly ravished. Harry couldn't help the moan that escaped as Dee's tongue brushed against his own, sending shivers of pleasure up his spine. Curiously and cautiously he brushed his tongue back and was soon in a war for dominance. Dee won with his experience and determination, showing he was very much in charge of what was happening.

When the punk teen pulled back Harry was panting and realized he had at some point gripped the older teen's shirt in his hands. He blushed and let go. Dee grabbed his chin and forced him to look him in the eye.

"The reason I was even remotely interested in this job is because I wanted to pursue you." He remarked, licking his lips,

Harry blushed brilliantly.

"What?" He squeaked.

"I love your hair, and your eyes, and your glasses, and your face, and your body, and your voice. I love everything about you. You're beautiful." The boy murmured, kissing the corner of his mouth.

"B-but I'm a guy!" Harry blurted out.

Dee just smirked and kissed him again soundly. Harry found himself being pushed back on the couch as Dee rolled onto him and kissed him while his hands tugged at the hem of his shirt, slipping under it to brush his pale skin. Harry jolted at the touch. After a minute of wiggling beneath curious hands and a hot mouth he slid out from under the teen.

Then he made his escape. He didn't make it to the stairs before Dee's arms wrapped around him and pulled him back into the teen's solid chest.

"Calm down." He breathed, his breath ghosting across Harry's neck.

Harry trembled from adrenaline, shock, and so many other emotions.

"All I'm saying is I want to have you. I don't want to love you forever, or marry you. I just want to have sex with you." Dee said bluntly. "I guessed that you're still a virgin so I can take it fairly slow."

Harry felt the trembles die away as he tried to think. The teen was outright admitting he didn't want a long term relationship and Harry in all honesty wasn't ready to have one. Dee was offering a chance to explore, a chance to test. Harry bit his lip half distracted by the lips pressing against the bare skin of his neck.

"I…I think I could try." Harry whispered. "But give me time to think!'

"Of course." Dee soothed. "I'll see you tomorrow."

And with that the teen scooped up his bag and exited down the stairs. Harry stared after him for a long few minutes before releasing a long breath and palming his face. He'd never thought himself gay before. But then again he'd never really thought himself straight before either. He'd never focused on gender that he could remember.

"This…this is an opportunity." Harry said aloud softly. "An opportunity to learn and test."

He was surprised at how Slytherin he sounded, but when said like that he found it made sense. At least to him it did.


"Just make sure to use protection." Harold said idly as he flipped a page in his book.

Harry blinked and looked up at the man sitting on the lawn chair.

"You don't care?" he asked surprised.

"No." Harold said absently. "I've had my fair amount of flings. Never had a lover more then seven months actually. And this boy is older and obviously experienced. It's better then you and another virgin bumbling around your first time. And if he says he doesn't want a long term relationship, all the better. You're too young to think of relationships that last long stretches of time. You're at the age that its best to experiment and learn what there is out there. Don't get tied down to the first person you think you love. Test the waters. Explore."

Harry shook his head and pulled a weed from the garden.

"Don't you think I'm a bit young?" he asked curiously.

"Legally, by law of Magical Britain, the age of consent is twelve. They haven't changed their laws in ...well almost seven hundred years. They're a bit more…barbaric I guess in the eyes of the muggle system, but then again they're completely backwards in most areas of law. Muggle laws, it's illegal. Of course I don't think you or your parents are going to raise a complaint and most other people won't care to if you keep it private. Really, from my reckoning you're mature enough to decide. "

Harry blinked.

"Mentally, your much more mature then fourteen. I'm sure you can handle a fling like this without losing any sleep." Harold shrugged. "Old enough to die old enough to do anything else. And from your stories, your brushes with death qualify you to do whatever the hell you want with your life. If you get in trouble with the muggle law just confound them. You're technically not under muggle law so...yeah."

Harry didn't know if the maturity bit was a compliment or not. He found the man had many valid points and really, if wanted to do something, pesky laws weren't going to stop him. The fact that Dee was ignoring the laws to pursue him told him Dee felt much the same. He contemplated all this as he pulled another weed in the dying light of the day.


END OF CHAPTER 19 – August 7, 8, and 9