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August 10th



Harry didn't arrive till noon the next day. He'd summoned the winged parasite which he'd named an 'Angel Wing' the night before. He'd flown for hours, letting adrenaline course through his system. The night had been beautiful and slightly chilly but he'd been to full of thoughts and questions to sleep. Something about flying about at night was almost more peaceful then during the day. He hadn't gotten to bed till late and had been exhausted.

He'd slept in late, then had to send letter to Hermione and Ron who'd recently wrote. He'd also written a thank you note to Sirius and Remus. He'd also given the last two the address to his café. Then he'd had to talk Keiruim into taking the letters as Hedwig had been out hunting of such. It had taken a good half an hour.

He stepped into the café the magical way, having apparated, and yawned. He migrated to the kitchen and set down the armful of containers with pastries in them. Randal jumped to and grabbed them to set them out front and Harry slumped over Fujita's chair as the man was muttering over a recipe on the stove. Harry yawned sleepily and idly watched the man as he pulled out some wrapped meat from a new crate and wrinkled his nose at it. The half Japanese man poked at the meat. Harry could smell it from his chair and blinked as he realized it was familiar.

"Who sent that?" he asked curiously.

"A goblin by the name of Switchblade dropped it off. He said it was Glargog meat. I don't know how to cook it. And it smells horrid."

Harry laughed at the man's wrinkled expression.

"I would fry it or roast it over an open flame."

Fujita blinked but nodded slowly and then held up a lizard on a shish kabob stick.

"And this?"

"It looks like it's already cooked." Harry noted. "You probably just have to warm it up."

He snatched it from the man's hand and warmed it with a quick spell he'd seen Mrs. Weasely use before. Then he took a bite, taking the head off. Fujita watched with a green expression.

"Goblins like them." Harry smirked as he chewed. "Oh, and if any goblins do come, make sure you have mushrooms ready."

"What are you eating?" Leonard asked as he stepped into the kitchen, nose twitching.

"A lizard." Harry smirked, biting into it again.

Randal stared slack jawed and Leonard shook his head in exasperation, quickly gathering a set of tea and hurrying back out. Harry caught Dee watching from the doorway and his smirk turned into a shy smile.


Harry smiled at the lady who tittered and waved as she left. She'd been ordering a cake. Harry tucked the notebook with the order in his apron pocket and glanced at the people in his café. It was fairly full and it was nice to see such business. Harry saw the two regular ladies in the corner waving him over and he grabbed another pot of tea, weaving over to them.

"Such a dear you are." The first smiled. "You make the best pastries and you run this place well. How old are you?"

"I'm fourteen."

"Fourteen! Oh my." The second giggled. "They get more mature earlier every year."

"Here dear, try this on."

Harry found himself being held down by the old ladies as they stuffed in him a huge purple sweater. He heard a few snickers from the surrounding people but allowed the women to pull said sweater on him. He pulled his braid out and they smiled at him.

"Now shoo, you have more customers to help. And keep the sweater as a gift dear. It goes nicely with your hair."

Harry thanked them profusely only ever having gotten something homemade from Mrs. Weasely. They blushed and waved him off. Harry was making his way back to the till when he literarily ran into a familiar couple.

"I apologize." He said hastily as he picked a woman's purse up for her.

"Oh, it's fine." The woman smiled.

"Hmm. Your sound familiar." Her husband said thoughtfully, eying him. "Have we met before?"

Harry blinked as he realized these were the Grangers. He stiffened a moment in nervousness, but didn't see Hermione in view.

"Ah yes, we met in Knocturn a little while back." He said calmly with a smile.

They blinked.

"Oh! You're the young man who helped us out of there."


"Then that means you're a…" She trailed off.

Harry nodded and glanced about.

"Here, let me lead you to a table."

He led them to the front of the store and led them through the mirror. Unlike the three quarter filled muggle side, the magical side was a little less then half filled. The crowd was much more…varied on this side also. A majority of humans littered about but Harry spotted three werewolves (distinctive with honey gold eyes and shaggy hair and wild magic), a hag in a corner, and a Veela. The humans were giving them a wide berth. Harry waved Dee over and he quickly brought the Grangers menus.

"Do you live in the area?" Harry asked curiously as the couple took the menus.

"No, but we have an office down the street. We're dentists." Mr. Granger smiled politely.

Harry smiled widely and took their orders, pushing nervousness from his mind.

"Well feel free to come at any time. You can stay on either side also. Sometimes the muggle side is a bit crowded. This side a larger menu also, though I would make sure to read what species the food is recommended for."

"Thank you." Mrs. Granger smiled.

Harry left them to Dee and took a quick break, shedding the warm sweater and calming the jitteriness. Hermione's parents worked just down the street. The chances of running into his friend had just leapt at least forty percent. Not good. Hermione was his friend, but Harry didn't know if she was a good enough friend not to reveal where he was to anyone else. He glanced to a mirror and looked himself over. Perhaps some colored contacts. Yes, that would work. If she ever did show up he could slip them on. Other then that he'd changed enough he didn't think she would recognize him...

...And he was being an idiot. She'd recognize him immediately, probably wouldn't even have to look at him full on to know him. It would be best to avoid her if she came at all. Yes. He could just take a break if she showed up.


"Have you thought about it?" Dee asked as soon as Leonard stepped out the door leaving them alone in the café.

Harry idly cast a cleaning spell to tidy the room up and looked up to Dee.

"Yes. And I suppose I could try." He said shyly.

Dee didn't waste another second and dragged him up to the staff room for a passionate make out session that left Harry gasping for air and panting in pleasure.


Harry hummed as he watered the flower. It was slightly dark in the greenhouse as the sun had set, but some lanterns hanging about gave enough light to let him finish watering. He'd been at soccer fairly late and as such hadn't had time to water the plants in the greenhouse before it had gotten dark outside.

He blinked suddenly as he spotted a soft pink glow out of the corner of his eyes. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. When the glow didn't vanished he cautiously stepped closer. He found himself peering at a pink pedaled flower. Insides was what looked like a tiny naked woman curled up with see-through pink dragon fly wings. He stared in shock. Then he realized this was one of the flowers he'd planted a Faerie Egg on.

He got a giddy feeling as he realized some different colored glows were lighting up as more flowers opened completely. He kept his eyes on the pink woman with the long pink hair and slowly she woke. She yawned cutely and rubbed her eyes, peering up at him as curiously as he looked down at her. Slowly she flapped her wings and stumbled up. She flapped into the air and hovered right in front of his eyes Then she kissed his nose and gave a bird like chirp. The other faeries were also waking and flapping into the air.

Soon Harry was laughing as various colored faeries flew around him chirping and chattering like birds and insects as they prodded him or explored the green house. Harry soon learned they enjoyed the bowl of water off the side, swimming in it and drinking out of it. Harry found a few more empty pails and pots and quickly filled them. He also found that the look faeries liked bird seed when they found his bag of it and got into it.

Harry spent a good hour playing with them before he found himself curling up on the grassy floor and deciding to sleep there for the night amidst the glows and chirps


August 11th



Harry smiled delightedly at the small girl with aquamarine hair that floated in every direction. When he'd woken up the faeries had still been dancing around, now wearing crude clothes out of leaves and fallen petals, or nothing at all. Then he'd found that all the Sea babies, or most of them, had come to life.

The girl darted around like a fish and Harry sprinkled in some of the food he'd bought with her. She caught it in chubby fingers and ate it with a beaming smile. Lie made a cooing sound as he sat next to the tank, supposedly peering in. Harry giggled and then turned back to finish the cake he was decorating for a woman today.



Harry was bowled over as he turned to smile at the next customer. He hadn't expected to be hit by an over excited godfather. He went to the floor in a rattle of dropped menus and found Sirius had gotten a life-hold on his waist and buried his face in Harry's stomach. Harry blushed embarrassedly as everyone in the café looked at him either with a chuckle, a blink, or a stare.

"Sirius." He hissed. "You're making a scene."

Before Sirius could reply he was being forcibly dragged up by his collar. Sirius blinked and twisted to look up at Dee who was glaring angrily at him, looking to hold his collar tight enough to choke him. Remus burst in the door and paused at the scene of Harry on the ground with menus spread about and Dee holding Sirius with an expression of murder.

"How dare you touch him?" Dee hissed at Sirius.

Sirius 'eep'ed and tried to wiggle out of the younger man's grasp. Dee let him go grudgingly and lifted Harry back to his feet. Harry gave Dee a soothing smile.

"It's okay Dee. Sirius is my godfather."

Dee blinked once, anger dissipating.


Sirius gave Dee a wide grin.

"It's perfectly fine. You were just defending my cute little godson's honour!" He said cheerfully giving a thumbs up.

Remus gave a shuddering sigh and side stepped the man to warmly hug Harry.

"Nice to see you Harry."

"You too Remus."

"Let's eat some cake!" Sirius cried happily. "Ooh! I want to sit up on the balcony floor! Come one Remus! Let's get a seat!"

Harry watched with a smile as his godfather bounced up a set of twirling stairs to plop down in one of the high back chairs with an expression of childish glee. Harry hid a giggle and quickly moved to get a set of plain grey tea and loaded the rest of the tray with treats. He quickly took it up to the pair and found himself joining them as he listened to Sirius chatter about nothing in particular. Harry eyed them both as he did so.

Sirius's hair had been washed and combed and was soft and silky falling just past his shoulders in waves that were pulled back in a low ponytail. Bluish grey eyes sparkled happily and his face wasn't as gaunt. He was as pale as ever but he now had some fat and muscle. While he'd shaved off most of his beard he'd kept a slight goatee and moustache. He looked years younger.

Remus's hair seemed slightly less grey and wrinkles on his face had vanished. His eyes shone a beautiful amber, filled with kindness and warmth. They both wore beautiful robes and looked so happy.

Harry smiled softly, glad the two were doing well even when 'fugitives'. Now that he thought of it, if his godfather hadn't looked so insane in his wanted photo and so cheerful now, Harry might have had some panic. But as of yet no one seemed to realize Sirius was that Sirius Black.

Harry enjoyed the afternoon filled with idle chatter and flying sweets, and laughter, and sense of family.


"I'm sorry but we're closing soon." Harry said as he heard the shop bell.


Harry's head whipped and he dropped the tray in his hand. Harry stared, not minding of the glass that had just shattered on the floor. Hermione and Ron were staring right back.


Hermione launched herself at him and hugged him tightly. Harry hugged her back numbly. It was over. They knew he wasn't at his relatives. His friends would hate him for lying to them, and he'd be dragged back to his prison. He wouldn't get to go back to his house and Harold. No more reading or baking when he felt like it. No more yard and faeries and neighbours and soccer practice. He stood frozen as this hit him.

A sharp slap made him blink back into awareness. He looked back, expecting anger. Instead he saw Hermione's compassionate face. She reached up and gently cupped the cheek she'd just slapped.

"Oh Harry." She whispered. "We were so worried."

"Worried?" He asked blankly.

"We knew you weren't at your relative's house. Your letters lacked the feelings you associated with that house. We knew you were fine but we didn't know where you were." She whispered. "And then my mom and dad came home yesterday talking about the nice young man they had met with black hair and green eyes and glasses and I knew it was you."

"You could have told us mate." Ron said with a crooked grin. "We wouldn't have ratted you out."

"You won't?" Harry asked surprised as he fell back in a chair.

"Harry! We're your friends." Hermione said. "We'd follow you anywhere. We're on your side."

Harry felt tears.

"You're really on my side."

"Of course mate. Even if you want to go against Dumbledore." Ron joked.

"Yes Harry. We're on your side." Hermione said more softly, more seriously. "And we won't ever betray you. But you have to trust us sometimes."

Ron gave another crooked smile and a nod.

"I even snuck off to Hermione's under the alibi of 'visiting the muggle world for a day'. We went and bought muggle clothes and rode the bus and watched the TB."

"TV, Ron." Hermione corrected. "It took a while for us to work up the courage to see you."

"Why?" Harry asked confused.

"We didn't want to scare you off, and we were worried you were mad with us."

"Why?" He asked surprised.

"Because you didn't trust us."

"I…I trust you." He said softly. "But I was so worried you'd accidentally tell someone, like your parents and they'd drag me back to the Dursely's."

"We can keep your secrets secret Harry." Hermione smiled. "But first you have to trust us with those secrets."


Harry moaned under Dee's ministrations. A hand brushed the waist of his pants and he squeaked.

"Not so soon!" Harry squeaked.

Dee gave a cluck of his tongue and a tsk but backed off. Harry enjoyed one more sharp kiss, today's events pushed from his mind, before standing. Dee licked his lisp as if the taste was still there and smirked lazily at him.

"I heard you're going out tomorrow." He remarked.

"Yes. I'm going to The Bazaar with Sirius and Remus."

"Will you come to the café at all?"

"Yes. After I'm finished in the Bazaar."

"Good. I want to take you to dinner tomorrow."

Harry blinked in surprise but them smiled shyly.

"I'd like that."


END OF CHAPTER 20 – AUGUST 10th and 11th.

These chapters were a bit more like filler chapters, but Hermione and Ron did finally show up. I thought about making them mean and breaking their friendship, but I've recently gained a soft spot for the golden trio so I kept them together. And things are heating up with Dee and Harry, more will be done in later chapters (no lemons so far though people)