August 17th



Harry hummed softly as he looked out the window at the morning sun.

"It's actually a nice day today." Loraine said softly from the table.

She had been hesitant to even accept dinner from him, worried about the cost but Harry had quickly informed her she was welcome to root through his kitchen at any time and he wouldn't charge her obscene amounts of rent (not that he really cared about rent anyways).

"It is nice." Harry said idly.

She muttered something as she shovelled a spoon of cereal in her mouth. Harry finished off his toast and brushed his hands on a wash cloth before turning.

"I'm going to be coming to the café a bit later today, you can take my car if you want."

She blinked in surprise but hesitantly nodded. Harry swept off to his room where he grabbed his regular satchel. He absently glanced at the parchment pinned to the wall by his desk. It was the one connected to the identification wards. It only had Harry's name and Loraine's. Harold had left before Harry had even woken today.

Harry shrugged and headed for the spell practice room/attic. When he reached the ward-free square he closed his eyes and thought of nothing but the coordinates he'd gotten earlier. With a crack he was gone.

He reappeared on a grassy hill, stumbling only slightly. As he looked over what was his newly bought property, which he'd rented out to an animal rights group, he was quite amazed. At the base of the hill, right in front of a large patch of wood, was what looked like a huge gathering. People rushed about, the odd tents set up here and there. There were some large crates and cages off to one side, and many groups of people using magic to finish setting up a large array of shelters.

Harry migrated down the hill and slipped into the crowd who were to busy to really notice him. It took him ten minutes to find what he wanted, but in the end he did find it.

:How are you?: Harry hissed as he leaned against the glass that made up the snake cage.

The large miles miltis inside gave a bit of a snort as it unwound enough to see him.

:Fine. But itsss a bit cold.:

Harry cast a warming charm on the glass and the snakes inside hissed in pleasure.

:Do you need anything elssse?: Harry inquired.

:No. But there is a non-animal over there.:

Harry blinked and looked up for what the snake was talking about. A few cages over sat a grumpy looking red creature with sharp claws and tiny wings. Harry made his way over with a quick goodbye to the snakes and peered at it.

"Oh!" He said suddenly. "You're a Familiar."

The Red thing looked up and cocked it's giving a hiss.

"Shrink." Harry commanded.

He grabbed a hold of the loose bond holding the Familiar to this world and tied it to him. The Familiar nodded and shrunk down to house cat size, only its wings staying as large before. Harry unlocked the cage and allowed the thing to scramble onto his shoulder. The only thing a familiar could not change size of was its wings; they always stayed the size of a large bat's.

"Hey! What are you doing?!"

Harry turned to find a surprised looking man.

"I'm taking the Familiar home."

"You can't do that." The man spluttered.

"I'm a necromancer. And I own this place. Try to stop me." Harry said blandly as he strode off.

He only had to find the person in charge now. Apparently he had a few requests Harry had to look over before construction for more permanent buildings could begin.


"What is that?" Randal asked deadpanned as Harry stepped into the kitchen.

"Oh, it's just a Familiar." Harry shrugged.

The creature on his shoulder gave a hissing laugh and flapped its way over to the fridge where it curled up like a cat and went to sleep. Harry chuckled and pulled on his apron already in the rest of his uniform. He gracefully strode into the muggle side of the café and gave a greeting to the two women knitting in their regular spot as he snatched up a tray of cups and set off to help another customer.


The bell above the door rang and Harry looked up, a smile already on his lips. He blinked only once at the unusual guests. The two dwarves were both short, neither toping four feet with long beards. While one was bald with a neatly trimmed grey beard, the other had lots of rugged brown hair, the ends of his beard all braided together. They both wore leather for clothes and both had weapons in their belts.

Harry strode forwards and handed them each a menu, sending spells at a table and set of chairs to make them a more manageable size for his guests.

"Hello, I'm your waiter for the day, what can I get you?"

They flipped through the menu before gruffly ordering the tea Griphook had gotten for him. He himself had tried it and it was strong. It had a bitter taste that had made him cough and made him aware of his stomach for a good hour after that. He would not be drinking it again.

Harry fetched them their drinks, crushing the four leaves in the small pot easily and sweeping back to the table, pouring them each a mug full before leaving the pottery pot with them. The grey bearded one gave a grunt while the brown bearded one muttered something before they drank and got into their own hushed conversation. Harry swept back to the kitchen, humming. His first impression of dwarves, were they looked exactly like Tolkien had said.

Harry had only recently learned of the existence of Dwarves. They'd never been mentioned in Hogwarts and certainly never in his texts. He'd learned that they were thought of as more humanlike versions of goblins, making the two races somehow half-brothers to each other. Dwarves are also occasionally looked upon with same prejudice people give to werewolves; as something humanlike but distinctively less human than wizards.

Dwarves were a warrior like race that had an affinity with earth, much like goblins. But where goblins liked owning things like precious jewels and metals, Dwarves liked to make things. They didn't mine for precious stones themselves, they mined to get material to build. Dwarves also tended to stay away from most humans and other species. They were a very solitary race. They lived usually in mountain ranges or underground where they weren't disturbed. The few that actually contacted humans or showed their selves to the world were all very sought after for their building skills. It was rumoured they had even been hired by the founders to make Hogwarts.

Dwarves were also one of the few races who had a society, but no one leader. They believed in counsels and clans. They were also very individual creatures too and could live perfectly happy all alone. They fought as one more often then not though. While they did not take part in wars of humans, they did fight like no other creature if their young were endangered. Dwarf children were rare due to the race's longevity. Their women were just as protected and it was said a dwarf women had not been seen in over a thousand years.

They were surly race, like goblins, but not as…mean. They were just a grumpy race. They were very loyal though. If you could win a dwarf's loyalty, you would have it forever. Same for the goblins. Dwarves were also very intelligent and artistic. Some of the most beautiful, though long since lost and forgotten works of art, were the handwork of dwarves.

Harry just smiled at them as politely as he did anyone and gave them the sandwiches they had ordered after tea.


"What a…quaint café."

Harry froze at the familiar voice. Then he forced himself to relax as he stepped from the display case to take up a place behind the counter. Dee was escorting a familiar blonde to a table. Lucius Malfoy hadn't changed since Harry had last seen him. But this time Harry took a good look at him, taking in every detail. Lucius Malfoy was about the same height as Snape making him neither towering nor short. His long blonde hair, which was a pale blonde not golden, fell to his lower back in poker straight locks. His eyes were a light silvery blue that had a sharp frozen quality to them. His face was angular and attractive and matched his lean form perfectly.

He set his snake headed cane on the table top, next to his arm. He pulled off his gloves in a graceful manner and set them along side the cane. More then a few customers were watching this man warily, including the two dwarves still off to the side. Lucius Malfoy was not known for his acceptance of magical creatures and beings. Harry knew he would not cause a scene here was far to cunning to do anything outright.

The blonde looked amused with Dee's rough attitude and outlandish appearance. Dee seemed to get annoyed with his smirk and snapped at him.

"What the fuck do you want?!"

"Dee." Harry said sharply drawing eyes to him.

"Sorry." Dee muttered shooting a glare at Lucius and allowing Harry to take over.

Dee went off to accept the money from the Dwarves as they stood to leave, leaving Harry with Lucius Malfoy.

The blonde stared at him for a long moment, face unreadable.

"What may I get you today sir?" Harry asked smoothly.

"Green tea."

Harry nodded once and did so, feeling eyes on him as he did so.


"We're closing in five minutes." Harry said clearly, speaking to the last customer in the place.

Lucius Malfoy shrugged and absently watched him as he busied around. The others had already left and the muggle side closed down. Fujita was just finishing up with the kitchen and Loraine wiping down some tables.

"Take the car." Harry said to the pretty girl as she passed.

She gave a nod making her curls bounce and ducked away to change. Fujita eyed Lucius suspiciously and hesitated at the door, but Harry gave him a look and shooed him away with a wave. Fujita still hesitated until Harry glared before he finally sulked away, a sharp crack saying he had apparated. Lucius finally stood and Harry cast a spell at his dishes, banishing them to the kitchen sink. He was already in his regular clothes and followed Lucius out the door, locking the café behind him. He turned, ready to step into the apparation area and almost had a heart attack as he realized Lucius hadn't moved like he had thought, but was facing him and half a foot away.

He went to move around the man when a gloved hand clamped around his wrist. He hissed at the man.

"Let go."

"Or what?" Lucius asked amused. "You'll summon a Cerberus and have it attack me?"

"Tempting." Harry sneered.

"Yes, I can see the headlines now. Boy-Who-Lived; A Necromancer, Assaults Lord Malfoy."

Harry froze.

Lucius's cane slid up his cheek and brushed his long bangs away to trace his scar. He murmured something before smirking and shaking his head. Then he dropped his cane to his side and turned his attention to the wrist in his hand. Harry glared at him as he traced the rings on his finger.

"Potter-Black." Lucius said, obviously amused.

"Lord Potter-Black to you." Harry hissed.

Lucius laughed. Harry was momentarily startled.

"I always found you temper delightful." Lucius smirked leaning closer.

Harry realized that the man, though not tall, was taller then Harry and a great deal more physically strong. Gloved fingers slid down his cheek to rest on his chin and hold his face steady as Lucius examined it. Harry made a bold note to get some form of security out the back door. This was the second time he had been cornered and while he could get away, there was no point risking more of these encounters.

"Your temper is not the only thing that makes you delightful though." Lucius finally smirked

Harry bared his teeth at the man in a Grim-like way. The Familiar, which he had completely forgotten about, had somehow made its way into his satchel. It had now slowly started to creep out, and when it felt Harry's jumble of emotions it struck at the blonde. Lucius gave a shout of surprise as the Familiar went for his face. The blonde stumbled back and Harry snatched the Familiar out of the air and let it vanish back to the demon realm.

He shot a glare at Lucius, who was straightening himself, and vanished with a crack.

Harry reappeared, albeit a bit dizzily, in his own attic, Shaking himself free of any doubt before making his way downstairs. Loraine was lazing in a chair listening to some sort of musical item and Harold was reading a book on the couch. Harry spotted some white papers on the counter and headed for them.

"Who is this from?" Harry asked as he scooped the letter up from the counter.

Harold glanced at it as Loraine didn't hear him because of her music.

"The man across the street. He said there was a neighbourhood barbeque going on. It's at the park on the corner. You know the one with the picnic tables, the trees, and the small baseball diamond. It's a bit of a meet and greet and get together. We're all invited."

Harry read the details in the invitation and finally shrugged, pinning it to the fridge with a magnet and mentally marking Saturday night on his calendar.

"Are you feeling fine?" Harold enquired after a moment.

"Yes. Why?"

"You were shaking when you walked in."

Harry frowned. He didn't remember shaking. He looked down at his hands and realized they were still trembling just slightly.

"Must be my nerves." Harry said as he headed for the back door.

He didn't give Harold time to ask 'about what' before he was out the door and ready to start his weeding.


August 18th



Harry gasped as he landed in a square room on slightly bent knees. When he regained balance he found himself facing a counter next to a large fireplace and a few doors.

"Welcome to Japan. Passport please." The man behind the desk said bluntly.

Harry blinked in surprise but dug his passport out and handed it to the man.

"How come when I came last time I went straight to my hotel?" Harry asked curiously.

"If the portkey is made more then three days ahead of time and has set restrictions on it passenger, identity-wise, you can skip customs." The man intoned.

That explained it. He'd got this portkey from Griphook only half an hour before, the request only minutes before that. He'd just wanted a quick vacation for the day. The time would screw him up but it was only a nine hour difference.

Harry nodded to the man as he accepted his passport back and moved to the floo, stepping into the fire and calling out the name of the magical district and a small pub. As it was seven in Britain it was Four o'clock in the afternoon here. Harry stepped out into the small pub and threw a sickle on the counter for the use of the floo before hurrying out into the muggle streets. He was immediately pressed into a crowd but he didn't mind that much and went with the flow, not caring in the slightest where he went.

He found himself in a whirlwind of shopping and browsing and enjoying the evening in the lit up Tokyo. The stores were all interesting and the food was even more so. Even though he'd stayed three days for a cooking contest and duelling contest he hadn't spent much time actually shopping or browsing. Lucky for him he had brought his magical satchel, which Griphook had even reinforced the spells on. He also learned a new fact about the small ruby studs in his ears; they had charms on them. Mostly translation charms. Griphook had informed him that he now would understand and be able to reply in Japanese, French, German, Russian, Mandarin, Afrikaans, and Spanish should he ever have the need. Though he wouldn't be able to read said languages. There wasn't a translation charm for that.

Harry tugged his fedora back farther as he gazed at the milling people around him. He moved to one of the vending machines and popped some coins in and randomly picked a drink. He'd already stuffed more then a few in his bag to try later. This time he got some fruity juice. He sipped at it idly as two teenage boys still in school uniforms also grabbed drinks, both talking about a football game happening in a stadium a ways off.

Harry decided that as it was growing late and he had shopped enough to drop he'd check the football out. He soon found himself sliding past people in a set of bleachers to get an empty seat. The stands weren't full per say, just full enough to be slightly crowded. Harry finally plopped down on the bench and realized he was in the first row right behind one of the team's benches. He was beside an odd blonde guy who had a rifle against his leg and a laptop on his knees. Everyone was giving him a wide berth. A taller man sat next to him looking completely indifferent about the whole thing. The man looked quite old even with the 'fashionable Mohawk'.

Harry watched the game absently, enjoying the cunning plays and the strengths of every member. He soon found himself cheering with the rest of the bleachers, into the game even though he didn't know the rules fully. The old coach was watching his team like a hawk and Harry had to admit he respected the man for the amount of dedication to the learning and teaching of his students, even if it was a game.

"Touchdown! And with that final score the Shinryuji Naga are the winners!" The announcer called making Harry's side of the bleacher burst into cheers.

Harry watched with a slight smile as he noticed that even if the team didn't hug one another and dance around wildly, their was a subtle pride and joy in their moves as they congratulated on another.

Harry was slightly surprised when one of the helmeted players glanced up at the stands right where he was. The blonde beside him gave the helmeted man a shrug and helmet seemed to snort. Then he caught sight of Harry and he seemed to pause. Then he was coming towards them. He grabbed the railing in front of Harry and swung himself up. Harry was shocked at the strength such a move had taken considering the man had to reach as high as possible to grab the railing. He did it with one arm.

The second arm was already pulling the helmet off under the gazes of the blonde, Mohawk, and some of his team. Harry let out a startled squeak as brown eyes met his own and dread locks fell free.

"Hello Pretty." He purred in a predatorily manner as he leaned over Harry, one arm on each side or his head.

"Agon." Harry recalled. "I did not know you were Japanese."

Agon gave a sharp smirk before someone was tugging him back. The two glanced at the mostly bald teen tugging on his pant leg from the ground. Harry noted he looked exacetly like Agon and drew the conclusion they could only be twins

"Agon." The teen said blankly. "Don't harass strangers."

"I know him." Agon said flippantly sending Harry a suggestive leer.

Harry lightly slapped his chest and shot a glare.

"Feisty." Agon purred, leaning in closer. "Are you so lively in bed I wonder."

The last was a breathless whisper in his ear that had Harry blushing.

"Unsui! We're going for dinner. Drag Agon along." Another teen grinned.

"Agon?" The shaved man, Unsui, said oddly.

"Sure. I'll come." Agon shrugged idly. "See ya Himura."

The blonde gave a nod and stood, heading off with Mr. Mohawk. Harry stood as he saw most of the stands were emptying. Before he could move though, an arm wrapped around his waist and he was roughly thrown over a shoulder.

"Let go!" He squirmed, English breaking through.

"Calm down spitfire." Agon grinned. "You're joining us for dinner.

Harry hesitated.

"Fine. Now put me down."

"I prefer having you in my arms." Agon said flirtatiously.

Harry soon found himself sitting between a grinning Agon and an indifferent looking Unsui at a low table laden with foods of all sorts. The rest of the team was spread around and everyone was having a good time. Harry decided to enjoy himself and tentatively started a conversation with a man across from him about football.


Harry moaned as his legs were hiked up on either side and his back pushed firmly into the wall. Agon lapped at his neck and Harry tangled his fingers in the older teen's dreadlocks. He let out a gasp as the taller man rubbed against him making him quite aware of his own body's reactions.

"Agon." Harry gasped as his shirt was undone.

"Relax." Agon muttered freeing his braid and running his fingers through Harry's hair.

Harry found his shirt and pants discarded in a pile minutes later. He was pulled onto the double bed with the man, back pressing against the mattress as Agon kissed him languidly. Agon was soon missing his own shirt and pants, boxers the only thing separating them.


August 19th



Harry woke slowly. For a moment he didn't understand where he was. Then he remembered the night before and realized he was being held flush against someone. He wiggled out of Agon's arms and snuck into the bathroom, hoping the other teen wouldn't mind. When he was finished his shower he pulled on his clothes from the other day and grabbed his satchel. Agon still hadn't woken.

He was about to leave when a voice called him from another.

"Join us for breakfast."

Harry paused and hesitantly entered the room. It was a small kitchen/dinning room. Unsui sat at the table. Harry flushed as he realized that it was painfully obvious what he and Agon had been up to the night before. Unsui cast him a glance and waved to a seat. Harry took it and accepted the bowl of rice with a soft thank you.

"Agon should be up in another half an hour." Unsui mentioned.

Unsui idly glanced at him as Harry sighed but sat.

"Where are you from?"

"London England." Harry responded.

"Here for vacation?"


"You must have met my brother in London then."

"Yes. I met him through another."


They shared a longer silence as they ate breakfast. Agon interrupted that silence by walking into the room yawning.

"Morning." He said bluntly, plopping down and accepting a prepared bowl from his brother.

Agon glanced at him and waved a chopstick towards him.

"One of your earrings is loose. I think that may have been my fault."

Harry felt at the ruby studs and one was loose. The back had vanished and he knew that only the spells on them had kept the one from falling out completely. He conjured a back discreetly and pretended it had been in his pocket as he pushed it back on.

"Are those real rubies?" Agon asked after a moment.

Harry blushed and nodded. The conversation was mostly small talk after that. When Harry stood and politely excused himself Agon walked him to the door. Before he could leave Agon swept him into a passionate kiss and told him to come by the next he was in Japan. Harry just blushed.


Harry landed with a soft thump in the darkness of the Gringotts waiting room. It was only one in the morning in London.

He glanced around and saw a few goblins mulling about, a vampire at one of the tellers. Harry tried to think of what to do. A pepper-up potion would allow him to stay awake until at least ten pm. A reasonable time and which would help him fall back into a regular sleeping pattern. Until then? He had no idea. Nothing would be open in the muggle world till seven or so and he had no idea about the magical side.

He brushed himself off and headed for the doors, deciding it wouldn't hurt to look around.


Harry stepped into the soft glow of the bar and felt himself hit by a wave of spicy smells and warm air. The door swung shut behind him on its own and Harry glanced about curiously. He'd learned quite quickly that even at one in then morning there were places open in Knocturn. Harry had in the end, decided to enjoy a meal at one of the pubs. The one he'd entered was easy to miss hidden down a dead end alley with no windows.

The inside of the bar was…nice. The walls and floor were all hardwood, stained a golden brown color. Booths and round tables took up most of the area with a long counter straight across from the entrance. A set of stairs next to the counter suggested rooms on a second floor. Most of the tables were at least partly full, but there were no humans. Harry saw some hags muttering over a bleeding package while two vampires were playing what looked to be a dice game in the far corner. A group of werewolves were singing drunken ballads with a tall black creature with white hair and pointed ears snorted at them from the booth to their right.

A dwarf sat with a goblin muttering over some parchment and a Banshee watched them blankly from a ways away. Another group of werewolves was playing a card game and a group of four vampires were talking with smiles a ways away. There were a bunch of other tables of beings also.

Harry was more interested in the group of goblins in the center playing what looked like a card and dice game. Harry grinned as he headed straight for the group. A few saw him but quickly ignored him. Harry snuck up behind one of them and leaned over his shoulder.

"Hey Switchblade."

The goblin jumped from his seat, cursing as he swiped a dagger at Harry blindly. Harry laughed giddily as he dodged the swipe easily. Switchblade saw who he was and relaxed, grumbling as he tucked the knife away.

"Grim." He greeted sullenly.

Harry grinned showing off his teeth at the nickname.

"Can I join you?"

"I do not care." Switchblade grumbled.

Harry was acutely aware of the eyes of more then a few people in the bar as he was the only human, but he ignored said eyes and snatched a chair form a nearby table. He took a seat right next to the surly goblin and another who merely sneered at him. The game resumed and Harry was steadfast ignored by the other goblins. He watched closely as the game continued before he finally realized the rules. Partly at least. Half the time he had no idea what was going on. But when the dealer started a new game Harry leapt into the fray and joined. He ignored the raised brows and sneers and mutters.

Half an hour later he was standing on his chair fuming at the goblin that was uttering curses at him and trying to kill him with a knife. Harry and the goblin went down in a tangle of limbs as Harry snatched a dagger from Switchblade's belt. For a few seconds Harry fought wildly against the goblin. He dodged a swipe that would have taken his throat and lashed back just as viciously. He hissed in pain as a clawed hand slashed his cheek, barely missing his eyes. He returned the attack and heard a shout of pain. He rolled out from under the goblin and to his feet to find the goblin cursing as he pressed his hand to the wound across his throat. It wasn't deep, but deep enough to draw blood.

Switchblade clapped him on the back and took his dagger back.

"And Grim wins this round."

Harry looked at him a moment in blank surprise. Then he gaped.

"You mean that fight was supposed to happen?"

"Yes. The two with the highest score fight it out."

Harry snorted but grinned at the muttering loser as he raked in his winnings; a couple galleons, a rather nice knife, and some trinkets. He immediately tucked the knife at his waist and shoved the galleons and trinkets in his satchel.

He played two more rounds, getting a score high enough to fight in the second. He lost and came out with a long thin wound across his neck for it. He just grinned with the goblins. The third round was somewhat interrupted when two of the goblins went at each other's throats before the final round. Two tried to drag them apart and were instead dragged into the fight. Soon the group of ten goblins and Harry were in an all out brawl.

Harry came tumbling out five minutes later with more then a few scratches and bruises but a wild grin on his face. The only reason he'd been dragged from the fight was because a non-hostile magic had grabbed him by the back of his collar and dragged him out. From his position, lying on the floor on his back, he looked up at Griphook with a wild smile.

Griphook gave him a stern look and slapped a small stack of bandages in his hand.

"I would suggest you clean yourself up. The brawl should die down in a moment."

Harry grinned but thanked him for the bandages and took his suggestion. He sat down at a different chair and applied the bandages. They were like muggle bandages but looked more resilient to wear and some were larger and better fitting.

The brawl died down a few minutes later and the table and game was set back up. Griphook, after making sure Harry was fine, joined in the game. Harry decided not to and instead wandered to the bar counter and asked for something to eat. He soon found himself munching lamb and potatoes. He was also sipping at a drink that was a mixture of cranberry juice and carbonated water.

When he was full and feeling a bit more rested he stood and smoothed out his clothes. He also re-did his now very loose braid and tucked his scuffed up fedora in his satchel which had escape unharmed except for a few drops of blood.

He made his way back towards the goblin game when the group of four vampires grabbed him and dragged him into a game of dice. After a few minutes of hesitation and caution he warmed up and was soon sniggering at them as they lamented his good luck. They weren't betting anything beyond a few sickles each but Harry still cackled when he won. One muttered he had to be cheating and another had pointed out it wasn't cheating if no one caught it.

Harry then found himself with the drunken werewolves who cajoled him into singing a song. He gave in after a while and sang. More then a few tables turned to listen. When he was finished he got a round of applause and was soon off across the bar with some other patrons.

He hopped tables, even sitting with the banshee who just stared at him silently as he chattered. The oddest had been with the black skinned creature. Upon closer inspection the 'creature's' skin was actually a deep coal brown with a slight scale like pattern in even darker ink, and his hair was more silvery then white. His eyes were a soft gold color with slit pupils and his teeth were all sharp and pointy. Other then that he looked human. Harry found that he was a 'Dark Elf'. Harry had no idea what a dark elf was and didn't ask as he was dragged into a conversation on muggles. The dark elf, Zahavi, was quite fascinated with the 'mundane creatures' as he called them. And Harry himself was fascinated with the elf.

By the time Harry even contemplated leaving the bar is was already sunrise.


"You're back."

Harry looked up at Valentine's voice. The red head was leaning against the house wall watching the sun rise beyond the neighbour's fence. Harry shrugged at him as he stretched. It was a little after seven.

"You smell of alcohol." The vampire remarked looking almost confused. "And Dark Elf, Goblin, Werewolf, and Vampire. There is a lingering smell of Banshee also."

Harry grinned.

"I hadn't known that most of the bars in Knocturn were nocturnal." Harry grinned. "Found out quick enough though."

"You're bleeding."

Harry shrugged and tightened a bandage around his arm.

"I didn't think stocky little goblins were so quick."

Valentine raised a brow but Harry didn't say anything else and instead took a swallow of a pepper-up potion before heading inside for breakfast.


Harry set the tea and pastry tray on the small coffee table. Ron launched at the cake while Hermione more politely took some tea Harry pored.

"You parent's don't suspect anything, do they?" Harry asked curiously.

Hermione shook her head.

"I usually accompany them to work on work days and then either sit in a café and read or go to the library, pool, or other activities. Ron's parents think it's just wonderful that he's enjoying the muggle culture. We set up a floo network at my parent's house so he comes by when he wants. They don't care."

Harry smiled.

"Now where did you get those wounds Harry James Potter?" Hermione asked sternly as she sipped her tea.

"I was in Knocturn earlier." He admitted.

"What?" She asked, aghast.

"It's not that bad." Ron answered surprisingly. "It's just a bit darker. Mum only keeps us away because we can't use magic if we need to and she won't accompany us. I've gone in with dad a couple of time. The twins sneak in there to get their prank ingredients most of the time too."

"I like it." Harry chirped. "It's nice and there is this one store that I think you would fall in love with. The owner is a bit off his rocker but he makes everything in the store. He made a genuine mood-ring and these Faeries that start in seed form and bloom with plants. He also made a sentient tree and a message-butterfly. He even made these plants that live off of magic."

Hermione got a glazed look as she contemplated this idea.

"But where did you get the wounds." She asked shaking the thoughts away.

"I went to a pub called 'Creatures of the Night'."

Ron started to choke on his cookie and Hermione pounded him on the back.

"You actually went in there?" Ron spluttered. "I heard only magical creatures go in there like vampires."

Harry raised a brow.

"Have you seen my café on the magical side?"

They shook their heads.

"Only that once when we came in just as you were closing, and we came in the muggle side this time." Hermione blushed.

"Well I'll have you know that at least half of my customers are magical creatures including vampires, hags, veela, werewolves, goblins, and dwarves."

Ron and Hermione stared a moment.

"You still didn't tell us how you got your wounds." Hermione said sternly after a pause.

"I played a game where you duel with knives for the last part. Then there was a brawl." Harry grinned. "Goblins are wicked with knives."

Hermione glowered at him and demanded a more in depth explanation. Soon The Bazaar came up but surprisingly Ron knew more about it then Harry. The three chatted for a good hour before Hermione decided they had to all go to the new cinema.


Harry hummed to himself as he rolled the dough into a small ball and placed it on the sheet.

"Harry, a customer is asking for you."

Harry blinked up at Leonard but sighed and quickly washed his hands. He stepped into the café to find Lucius Bloody Malfoy. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes he found Lucius smirking at him.

"What do you want?" Harry asked between clenched teeth.

"Green tea." Lucius smirked. "And a slice of that marvellous looking cheesecake."

Harry calmly got his order.

"And for you to join me." Lucius smirked.

Harry counted to ten in his mind but calmly joined the man. For a few moments there was silence as Lucius added some sugar and milk to his tea. He sipped at it before picking up his fork delicately and taking a bite of the cake.

"Splendid." He hummed. "Do you do any of the cooking here?"

"I make all the desserts." Harry allowed reluctantly.

He had no reason to answer, but then again he had no reason not to answer.

"Then you are an absolutely wonderful cook." Lucius said smoothly. "I had a bit of the cake Narcissa bought for her ladies tea party and it tasted very good also."

Harry tilted his head at the compliment but said nothing. When Lucius finally set his fork down and returned to his tea, blue-silver eye scanned him.

"What are you doing Harry Potter?"

"It's Harry Black at the moment. You can call me Black."

"And you can call me Lucius."

"Of course Mr. Malfoy." Harry sneered. "And that question is very broad. At this moment I'm sitting here."

Lucius chuckled.

"I meant, what are you doing running a café Harry?"

"Black. And I'm running a café because I want to."

Lucius snorted. Harry decided he had better things to do and stood.

"Mr. Malfoy." He tilted his head.

Then he stored back to the kitchen and muttered angrily as he started once again on his cookies.


"You look tired."

"Hmm?" Harry lifted his head sleepily.

Loraine was hanging a couple of clothe items on the line she'd set up as a clothes line.

"I am." He said after a moment, yawning. "Pepper-up potions are what have kept me going all day."

He basked in the soft light of the evening, reclining back in the soft lawn chair.

"I have no idea what a pepper-up potion is but it sounds like Doctor Pepper mixed with 7-Up."

Harry snorted softly. Then he was grabbed from behind and hauled to his feet. He shot a glare at Dee who smirked.

"Take another of your mixed soda's and change cause we're going out to a club!"


END OF CHAPTER 23 – AUGUST 17, 18, and 19