August 20th



Harry groaned as he woke groggily. His head felt hollow and he had a faint aftertaste of vodka on his tongue. He pushed himself up on his elbows and quickly realized he was on a bed, a sheet and thin blanket draped over him. He felt movement next to him and cautiously looked over. He had a bed-partner. Said partner was as naked as he was.

He paused to gaze at the person he'd obviously had sex with. Long blonde hair, tanned skin, and fair sized breasts. The young woman, for it was most defiantly female, was quite attractive, looking only a few years older then himself.

Said woman rolled over and cuddle into his side muttering about socks.

Harry slipped form the bed and gathered his clothes, tugging them on. By the time he was dressed the woman had woken and was stretching on the bed, arms above her head and giving him a very nice view which he took advantage of for a moment, eyes roaming. She offered him a seductive smile as she saw him looking and leaned over the bed to root through the pockets of what was obviously her purse. She pulled out a pack of smokes a second later. She offered him one but he quickly refused.

"I have to go." He explained, pulling his fingers through his hair.

"Cough up half for the room." She said quickly.

"Hotel?" He questioned.

She nodded as she blew out a cloud of smoke.

"Your car is right outside the door. You were sober enough to drive."

He offered smile and she offered her name, Alison, along with her number in case he was interested in going clubbing with her another time. Harry offered a polite smile, gave her enough money for half the hotel room and split with a wave.



Harry's eyes flashed to the left and with one deft movement he stopped the ball speeding in his direction. A person lunged at him and with a quick movement he had kicked the ball around the person and spun around them. With a hard kick he sent the ball shooting at the net. A man tried to intercept it but only his fingers brushed said ball.

A loud cheer rose and Harry found arms wrapping around him to lift him off the ground and spin him in a wide circle.

"We won." Randal cheered.

Harry laughed and poked at the man to let him down. Randal did so and they were joined with the rest of the team for a round of cheery congratulations.


Harry smiled slightly as he put the last finishing touches on his cake. The small flowers looked perfect if he did say so himself. He gave the large cake one last look over before he heard clapping.

He turned to find Apolline behind him in the kitchen doorway.

"Lady Declour." He greeted politely.

"I must say that is a most beautiful cake." The woman smiled brightly.

Fujita was staring hard at the woman and looked to be visibly stopping his eyes wandering lower then her face. Harry smiled at the compliment.

Apolline aimed her wand at him and he cautiously waited for what she would do. A spell was shot at his clothes making his apron detangle and his clothes become spotless. As he was only at the café for the cake he had not changed into his uniform and now wore some smart black slacks and an emerald shirt tucked into his pants. His sleeves were pushed up to his elbow showing off the small blue tattoo band on his left wrist and the black-red thick metal band on his right. Black shoes and his hair pulled back and braided showing off his ruby studs, finished the look.

"Oh you look great." The woman smiled as she aimed a spell to levitate the cake. "Hurry along now."

Harry blinked.

"Excuse me?"

"You are coming to join the party."

Harry had time to grab his red satchel before he was being shooed out the door.

"The party?" He question surprised as the woman pulled him from the café into The Bazaar.

"My daughter's Party, Fleur, like on the cake. I want you to come." She smiled, eyes sparkling mischievously.

He went to question her but did not get a chance as two guards came up on either side of them. One held out a glove while the other grabbed Harry's wrist. They were off in a flash.

Harry landed on slightly bent legs as the portkey dropped them on a lush green lawn. He looked up and took a moment to gape. They were in front of a huge mansion. The front yard was a magnitude of gardens and fountains and the house was whites and golds and blues.

Harry was ushered toward the house where the door was opened by a servant as they reached it.

"I'm home." Apolline called out cheerfully.

A tall man with dark hair and a small smart goatee came out of a room a few feet away, dress robes swishing behind him.

"Apolline love, I could have sent a servant to retrieve this delicious cake you were excited about." The man said in rich tones.

"I know, but I also wanted to grab this young man."

A delicate hand of hers on his back made Harry take an extra step forwards. The man's eyes fell on him. Harry bowed just slightly, eyes staying on the man's.

"Lord Declour." He greeted softly.

Harold had taught him some pureblood traditions and such and at the moment it was helping him stay calm.

"My I ask you name?" the man asked calmly, eyeing Harry oddly.

"I'm Harry Black-Potter."

The man's face read shock. A quick glance out of the corner of his eyes showed Apolline was just as shocked.

"You said it was Harry Black." She chided after a moment.

"I was trying to be discreet at my café." He murmured.

For a moment there was silence.

"He is welcome to join the party." The man said. "I am Alexander Declour, welcome to Declour mansion."

"Thank you for having me Lord Declour.

"Please, call me Alexander."

"Then you must call me Harry." Harry smiled.

Something between them opened, for Alexander smiled widely and gave a chuckle.

"Join me Harry, Apolline is going to fuss with the cooks to make sure they're doing everything right." The man said as his wife walked off talking to a servant.

"If I may ask sir, this is more then a birthday isn't it." He asked.

Alexander blinked then chuckled and pat his shoulder.

"Yes, it is." He grinned. "We have invited a great deal of young men from good families to this party. We're hoping my daughter Fleur will choose one."

"An arranged marriage." Harry frowned.

"No." Alexander shook his head. "We're just trying to get one of them to capture her attention in the hopes she will agree to it."

"Ah." Harry said thoughtfully.

Then he spluttered.

"Is that why Lady Declour invited me?!"

Alexander gave a booming chuckled and clapped his shoulder again.

"Yes. We tried to invite men only from well off families, but Apolline insisted on dragging you. At the time we had not known you were from an old Clan. She had told me that you had thrown off the veela charm like it was nothing and you were humble but magically powerful and magically tolerant. Our daughter is quarter veela and has some of the charm. We do not wish to have her marry a fool only captured by that charm. She is a strong willed girl and would not do well with a man who did not respect women either. Apolline watched you closely at your café and even questioned some of your staff. They had only good to say of you." Alexander smiled. "Now come. The party is already happening out back.

Harry nodded idly and followed. Indeed the party was already started.

The back yard had tents spread round with tables beneath, some with snack foods, some with chairs to sit around, and a few covered in presents. An open area had people dancing with a band a few feet away playing some more classical music. The whole yard was filled with young women and young men.

"She is coming of age. Seventeen yesterday." Alexander said softly. "So the party is quite large."

Harry noted that there were very few people over thirty and few under fifteen. Harry looked to be the youngest, but then again he looked older then fourteen so others could be younger but not look it.

"May I take your bag sir?"

Harry blinked and found a well dressed house-elf shifting at his feet. Harry pulled a few things out of said bag and stuffed them in his pocket before handing the bag to the elf with a thank you. Harry turned to find Alexander gone. He sighed and decided he might as well join the party, even if he was hesitant.


Harry found himself under a beautiful tree a ways away from the music sipping at a glass of punch as he watched the twirling dancers. He was just out of their sight and shaded from the burning sun.

"What are you doing? Don't you want to dance with my sister?"

Harry blinked over at the small girl that had wandered into the shaded area from a small path from one of the gardens and was speaking French to him. Harry once again silently thanked Griphook for the earrings. The girl looked about nine or ten with blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. She looked like her sister. If her sister was who Harry thought.

"Miss Declour." He greeted.

She sulked.

"Don't call me that. My name is Gabrielle. What's yours?"

"I'm Harry Black." He smiled.

"Okay. Why aren't you dancing with my sister? All the guys want to dance with her. They want her to marry them."

Harry chuckled at her expression.

"I don't want to marry your sister. I'm young and I am most definitely not looking to get married any time soon."

"Oh." The girl blinked.

Then she plopped down on the bench against the tree's trunk and looked sullenly at the party.

"Why are you not down dancing?" He asked.

"No one wants to dance with me." She blinked. "I'm too young they said."

Harry offered a smile and she returned to glaring at the party.

"You are mad?" He questioned calmly.

"Yes." She nodded. "It's my birthday today and no one has said anything. But they've all said happy birthday to Fleur, and her birthday was yesterday."

Harry winced, knowing how that felt. He took a seat next to her on the bench and silently watched the party knowing that if he said happy birthday now she'd be just as upset thinking he said it more out of pity.

"Your hair is loose."

Harry blinked and found Gabrielle looking at the end of his braid. He grasped it and found his elastic was indeed gone.

"It was probably Lucas. He likes to tug girl's hair ribbons out."

"I'm a guy." Harry spluttered.

She giggled at his expression, trying to hide said laugh behind her hands as her eyes lit up. Harry untangled the rest of his braid and ran his fingers through his long hair. Hands grabbed his hair and he attempted to turn.

"Sit still." Gabrielle scolded.

Harry did so and quickly realized she was re-braiding his hair for him. A few minutes later she patted the ends and smiled at him.

"There, all braided and tied."

He pulled the end of his braid around and found a large deep blue ribbon holding it closed in a large bow. He offered an amused smile and watched as she pulled her second pigtail out, making it easy to see where the ribbon had come from. She handed him her second ribbon and turned her back to him. He quickly saw what she wanted and gently ran his fingers through her long golden hair before gathering it up and starting to braid.


Harry snuck off from Gabrielle as she was watching her sister being presented her gifts. Everyone was sitting around and as she opened their presents she would offer polite thanks for each gift she pretended was what she had always wanted. Harry made his way to the area behind a tree and grabbed a stick off the ground and started to draw in the dirt. Two minutes and two flashes of smoke later he had what he needed. He somehow found an elf and got his satchel back, delving into it's depths to pull out what he was looking for.

When he had what he needed he returned to the large circle, walking around the edges. Gabrielle caught his wave and discreetly hurried from her seat to the clear space behind the group. She looked up at Harry questioningly. Harry smiled at her.

"Happy Birthday." He smiled and held out one hand.

She gasped in awe as she hesitantly reached forwards to take the gift. He gently set it in her hand and she stared for a long moment. Harry just smiled.

"What is it?" She asked quietly in awe, as if she would scare it away if she was too loud.

"I call them Horse-Flys." He grinned.

The small creature was as big as his hand and was a soft purple with red mane and tail. It looked like a miniature horse except it had wings. Shimmering butterfly wings that was a mix of burgundy, violets, and blues. It stared up at Gabrielle and gave a neigh.

"They eat fruit, and need a little bit every morning. Make sure it always had water too. It won't run away from, you so you don't need a cage at home, but if you take it to school or anywhere, I would suggest one. It can key in on your magic so if it ever gets lost it will find you."

Harry had tied the bond tying the 'demon' to this realm to Gabrielle. She would never be able to sense the bond or manipulate it, or do anything with it really, as she didn't have Necromancy skills, but it would keep the demon in this realm. Harry could still take back control if needed as his magic was the magic holding said creature to this realm, but it would always be just out of his senses so he wouldn't have to always be aware of the bond.

"It likes plants a lot so if it ever disappears it will probably be in the garden eating flower petals. It will also eat bugs."

She made a face but was still in awe of the creature. Then she threw her arms around him, mindful of the curious looking horse in her one hand.

"Thank you." She muttered into his chest.

Then she was off running to Apolline, the horse-fly cradled to her chest. Harry moved back to the group to find Fleur almost finished her gift opening. When she was finished a polite clapping resounded as she gave a short speech of thanks. Then Apolline shooed everyone to the newly brought tables saying that lunch would be served. Apolline caught Harry's eye and waved him forwards. Harry found he was going to be sat right next to Fleur at the main table. Before that happened he met Fleur a little ways away from the crowd.

He bowed to the older girl who blinked curiously.

"I apologize that my gift is not wrapped." He smiled as he held out his hands a second time.

A gasp of awe rang out once more as Fleur reverently took the gift. The gift was a small kitten. Said kitten had impossible burgundy fur. It blinked up at Fleur showing off fire orange eyes and yawned showing sharp teeth. Harry had tied a gold bow around its neck.

"It is called a fire cat." Harry smiled at the girl who was reverently stroking the kitten's velvety fur. "They are very good guardians. When it is older it will be the size of a panther. It will also have fire at its command. It will guard you loyally for the rest of your life if you are good to it. I would also suggest keeping the ribbon on it. It has spells on it to keep the kitten's loose power of fire under control until it is older. You can take it off after the thing turns six months. It is three weeks old now."

"Thank you." Fleur said softly as she cuddled the thing that purred and licked her cheek.

And then they were shooed into seats to dine.


"Thank you for coming." Apolline smiled and kissed Harry on the cheek.

"And thank you for the gifts you gave my daughters." Alexander said. "Fire cats in themselves are extremely rare, and I've never heard of what you gave Gabrielle. Is it a spell?"

Harry awkwardly shuffled.

"They're demons." He said.

The two stared at him uncomprehendingly.

"I'm a Necromancer." Harry sad sheepishly. "And Fire Cats and Horse-flys are demon beasts from the Demon Realm."

"They won't hurt them will they?" Apolline asked, worriedly.

"No. Not all demons are 'evil'. Most magical creatures in fact came from the Demon Realms, or have demon ancestors." Harry said softly.

"So Fire Cats are demons?" Alexander asked surprised.

"Yes. Technically they're Demon Beasts not Magical Creatures."

"Interesting." Alexander muttered.


Harry caught Gabrielle as she threw herself at him, the purple horse flying around her making neighing noises.

"Thank you for the giftarry. You must come visit me sometime!"

. You must come visit me again!" She said as she hugged him tightly.

He pat her head softly and smiled.

"Thank you or the wonderful gift." Fleur smiled at him politely, the cat on her shoulder. "And the cake was beautiful."

Harry smiled politely at them and watched as they hurried back to the party still outside. Harry had to leave earlier and he had apologized for it. He smiled at Apolline who handed him a portkey to take him to The Bazaar right outside his café.


Harry took a deep breath and looked to Harold once more. The man gave a soft nod. Harry turned to the circle before him. He gathered up his magic slowly. It was already floating about the room and eagerly waiting to be released. Harry took a moment to think.

Then he turned forwards and threw his arms out, sending his magic flaring through the circle and the runes. Said runes flared a beautiful green that reminded him of the moss you found deep in the forest.

The light floated up and tunnelled, swirling like a vortex. Slowly particles gathered and turned hazy like smoke. With a soundless bang they flew away and a figure appeared. Harry blinked the light and hazy smoke away to gaze at the newly arrived demon.

Said demon was average height and looked to be a man of thirty. His hair tumbled over his shoulder and was a jumble of poker straight locks, looking silky smooth and beautiful. It was gathered into a loose ponytail at the name of his neck, bangs shading his forehead and two loose locks framing each side of his face. It was a striking silver that has wisps of violet strewn through it. His skin was a healthy cream color and looked soft. Long fingers had long tapered claws that looked more like long nails. He had a lean body that was accented by elegant light grey robes.

The demon blinked his eyes opened revealing eyes that were molten gold, with specks of black and hazel sprinkled through them. Harry noted he was wearing small wire framed oval glasses. All in all he gave of the air of a refined scholar.

His eyes locked on Harry and Harry blinked once, captured by the knowledge in his eyes. A foreign magic spread through the room that made the ready Harold stiffen and slump forwards unconscious. Harry felt the line of magic connecting him and the demon, and which would allow him to control the demon, hum, tightening around the demon for the magic use. The demon hissed softly and the magic in the air vanished. Harry quickly reined the bond into control and let it loosen again knowing that the magic had been spread out of curiosity, not hostility.

The demon shook his head making the waves of sliver flow back and forth.

"Who are you?" The demon asked slowly, calmly.

His voice held centuries of wisdom that made all Harry's own knowledge seem like babbling nonsense. The beautiful eyes locked with his but Harry didn't back down and stared right back.

"My name is Harry James Potter-Black. I'm a Necromancer in training. I summoned you."

"What is the reason for my summoning?"

Harry gave a slight sheepish smile.

"You are the first Demon Creature I have summoned. I was practising."

The demon's wise calm broke. His eyes widened slightly and he leaned back as if subtly shocked.

"Practice." The man tested with a frown. "You did not intend to summon…me?"

"No." Harry shook his head. "I just put in a good amount of magic and summoned. Harold said we would wait before testing how high I could summon."

The demon stared. And then he laughed. His voice was like the tinkling of glass and the sound of silver bells blurred together with a nightingale's song. Harry found he very much enjoyed said laugh.

"You did not even put in all your power and you summoned me?" He laughed gaily.

There was a touch of disbelief, amazement, and anticipation shadowed in his voice.

"Well little summoner I am Santinus."

He gave a slight bow of his head and Harry quickly returned it.

"Will you dismiss me now little summoner?" The demon asked with nothing but a calm curiosity, a slight smile turning his lips up.

"Do you want me to send you back?" Harry asked honestly.

The demon stared for a long moment.

"I would not be adverse top spending some time in this realm." He answered lightly. "My only pursuit in life is knowledge, and even you humans are rich with it."

"I can show you the public library." Harry offered. "It's muggle though."

The man let loose another soft laugh and held out a hand. Harry took it gently and shook it.

"I was also wondering what your magic did to Harold. I detect it did no damage."

"Ah, you are very magic sensitive." The man said with a touch of approval. "I am a master of illusions. My specialty lies in making illusions and wrapping people in them. I merely put the other human in an illusion of sleep because I sensed he was not my summoner and he was ready to attack."

Harry nodded and smiled up at the demon warily.

"You are welcome to stay as long as you wish, but I warn you Harold stays here along with a muggle woman Loraine and a vampire Valentine."

"Hmm. I have not spoken to a muggle before. Nor have I spoken with a vampire in many a years." The man said softly, a smile still decorating his red lips. "I swear I shall not harm them unless in defence."

Harry felt the demon's magic…sing was the best word to describe it.

"What was that?" He asked cautiously.

"Demons, no matter how 'cunning and 'evil' we are, are very honourable. We can not break our word if we give a promise of free will."

Harry blinked at this piece of information reminding himself to add it to his notebook.

"Could you tell me more of demons? Harold taught me a lot but he doesn't know the finer details. He leans more to the spirit side of necromancy."

"I have the feeling," The demon smiled, "That you will summon me and many others more then once, so I shall teach you. It would be best if you were ready for any situation. I do not wish you to perish at my brethren's claws. I find myself liking you."

He pat Harry's head and swept for the stairs.

Harry admired the way he walked like he was gliding, his hair barely shifting and his robes swirling silently with him. Then, with a quick glance at Harold to make sure he was fine, he followed the demon. He could tell the demon meant him no harm and had been truthful the entire conversation. He trusted Santinus.


'This is most interesting." Santinus hummed thoughtfully as he looked Lie over.

Lie gave an angry hiss and hid behind Harry's leg.

"The maker of this must have been quite inteligent. The magic is complex." Santinus said softly.

Then he sighed.

"Theory and knowledge are my area, but I am not the best with practical spell work. My brother is the best at that."

"Your brother?" Harry asked curiously.

"His name Dante. He is my twin." Santinus said with a scowl.

"Would he…would he be adverse to being summoned?" Harry asked curiously.

"Why do you ask?"

"Practice." Harry shrugged.

A small smirk graced the silver haired demon's lips.

"He would not mind. In fact I believe he would be overjoyed. Especially with the advances the non-magic humans have made."


"Ooh." The demon moaned in pleasure. "This is amazing."

He was practically molesting the whimpering Lie.

"And your non-magicals have come so far." He cooed poking a toaster with his opposite hand.

Harry watched from the table where he was enjoying some soup. The second demon was the exact same height as Santinus and looked similar. His body shape was the same and his skin tone was also the same. His eyes were the same beautiful molten gold flecked with black and hazel and the same small fangs showed when he spoke. His hair though, was what made him different from his brother. His hair was more wavy and was thicker. It was also a dark, dark grey with deep purple highlights.

He also had horns. Large silver horns that came out the sides of his head and as thick as Harry's hand. They curved down, around his ear and back up again to point upwards, tapered at the end. He also had no glasses.

"Why does he have horns?" Harry questioned softly.

"Family trait." Santinus said. "I also have them."

He pulled his glasses off and instantly horns materialized. They were exactly like Dante's, but dark grey in color.

"I have an illusion wound around my glasses." Santinus added as he pulled the glasses back on, horns vanishing again. "When I wear them I can control the illusion over myself to show what I wish. I can change my appearance at will with the use of my illusions."

"Can Dante do illusions?" Harry asked.

"No. he delved into other magiks. He is what you would call…" Santinus paused, looking for the word.

"I'm a Tinkerer." Dante offered cheerfully.

Another difference. Where Santinus was politely happy, he was also always calm. Dante was very cheerful and quite open about it.

"I invent things, tinker with spells, and live to create." Dante said with a crooked grin as she set Lie down.

The tree scuttled over to Harry and rubbed against him for reassurance while hissing at Dante.

"Ah." Harry said slowly.

"Oh please let me stay!" Dante wailed, throwing himself at Harry's feet.

Harry stared in surprise as the man lay across his floor, arms wrapped around his legs.

"I'll be good!" He pleaded with wide eyes. "Please let me stay."

Harry nodded hesitantly and found himself pulled from his seat and flung around in a tight hug.

"Oh thank you Harry." He grinned. "There is so much to invent and learn about now! Where can I stay?"

"I have run out of spare rooms." Harry added hesitantly, "But I can set the attic room up."

"No need!" The demon said cheerfully. "I shall make a room."

He ran off, bounding up the stairs. Harry watched for a moment.

"Can he really make a room?" He asked in concern.

"Yes. He knows how to mould his magic to enlarge a space and make new space appear. He will make a room."

Harry didn't quite understand the dynamics, but he guessed it didn't really matter.


"Can I keep this?"

Harry looked up and quickly pulled his laptop away from the curious demon.

"Get your own." He said grouchily.

"Can we go get one now?" The demon asked excitedly.

Harry rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Fine. But you need to hide your horns."

"Not my hair or eyes?" Dante asked curiously.

"No. A thing called 'contacts' were invented, which are like glasses that fit right over your eyes so well you can't see them. You can get ones to change eye color. And we have dye that changes hair color into any conceivable color."

"Interesting." Santinus frowned thoughtfully.

Then the silver haired demon flicked a finger at his brother. His horns fazed and then vanished.

"Can we go now?" Dante asked.

Harry sighed but nodded. He grabbed his satchel from the coat hook near the door and grabbed a jacket. He shot a spell at the demon transfiguring his dark purple robes into a pair of black pants and a purple button up shirt.


Harry turned and snatched the thrown item out of the air looking curiously at Santinus. He looked to the item to find himself holding a beautiful diamond.

"That's to pay for what ever he will end up picking out." Santinus said idly, eyes locking on the book in front of him. "Please get me some books also."

Harry tucked the jewel away into the safety of his satchel, reminding himself to take it to Griphook and to keep track of what the demons spent so he could pay back the extra. The diamond would be worth a lot.

He led the excited demon to the garage where he grabbed his helmet from his bike and pulled it on. He tossed a notice-me-not charm on Dante and slid onto his motor bike instructing Dante to get on and hold on. He hoped his charm held as they drove, because a helmet wouldn't fit over Dante's horns and he didn't want to be pulled over by the police. He started his bike ignoring the curious and excited noises of the demon behind him and shot forwards, pulling from the driveway and flying off down the road.


"Santinus look at this!" Dante blurted out "Bread goes in, you wait a minute, toast comes out! What happened to the bread?!"

Harry couldn't help the snort that escaped as his laughter choked on the apple in his mouth. Santinus rolled his eyes and Dante winked at Harry.

"I'm Home!"

Harry looked up as Loraine's voice rang out. She stepped into the door with a few letters under her arm and a bag. She paused her steps as she spotted the two newcomers. Her eyes fell on Dante's horn and for a full minute she didn't even appear to breathe.

"H-hello." She said shakily.

"Loraine, this is Dante and Santinus. Santinus and Dante are demons." Harry said easily. "Dante, Santinus, this is Loraine, one of my other house-mates."

Dante sent the woman a grin full of pointy teeth while Santinus tilted his head politely. Loraine skittered around them to the stairs and vanished up towards her room.

"Non-magical?" Santinus asked.

"Correct." Harry nodded. "I'd best go get ready and see if Loraine will be joining me."

"For what?" Dante asked.

"There's a neighbourhood barbeque. And we've been invited." Harry smiled. "You can come but you'll have to hide you demon appearances."

The two nodded and Harry headed for his room.


Harry stepped off the road and onto the grassy ground of the park with sure steps. He headed straight for the large group sitting around ten picnic tables shoved close together, three making a long buffet table. Lawn chairs were scattered about and children played on the small playground. The baseball diamond also had people running around kicking soccer balls and such.


Harry looked to where George and Katrina were waving and headed over, his house-mates behind him.

"Hello George, Katrina." Harry nodded.

"Who are your friends Harry?" Katrina asked politely.

"You've met Harold." Harry smiled as Harold nodded, "And these are Valentine, Loraine, Dante, and Santinus. House-mates, these are my neighbours George and Katrina."

They exchanged a round of pleasantries and Harry was introduced to few other of his neighbours who all had many questions about 'the person who moved into the old house with the pretty gardens'. Harry answered their questions as the others split off to join conversations, get food, or play games. Harry found his way to the buffet table and laid down the huge plate of pastries he'd brought. The other's had also set down the food he'd made them carry over including a salad, pasta, some potatoes, and a large cake decorated in green and blue flowers.

"Harry, darling, what a wonderful cake."

Harry turned and shot Dorothy a smile.

"And what handsome young men you brought with you. Is one of them your Beau?"

Harry blushed at her smirk and shook his head.

"Harold is my teacher and the rest are just staying at my place for a while."

She chuckled and pat his arm softly as she shuffled to get some food.


Harry kept his eyes focused on the item, not letting himself even blink. His hands gripped his weapon tightly as he shifted his feet. The item grew closer, and closer.


Harry dropped the bat and ran for all it was worth. He slid across the base and hearing the yells of his team to keep going hit second base, third base, and skid across home.


Harry grinned as he climbed to his feet and brushed the dust off his clothes. His team all pat him on the back and grinned widely at him.

"Next to bat!"

Harry watched as Loraine sashayed over, helmet on and bat in hand.

"I have never played muggle baseball before." Harold grinned. "But it is amusing."

A sharp crack and Loraine was running, skirts flying. Harold waved off the offered helmet held out to him and pulled his top hat on tighter, grabbing a metal bat and headed for the home base. Harry chuckled at the picture he made. He was still dressed in his eighteen century noblemen clothes. Everyone had just accepted that he was a bit off his rocker and didn't ask questions. Harry was more then amused by it.

Dante yelled from outside the diamond that Harold had to get Loraine home and win the game. The two demons had declined joining in the friendly game as they had been concerned they might show off their unnatural agility and strength without meaning to. Valentine had declined for the same reason and was lazily sitting at a table with Dorothy sipping from the tea set the old woman had brought and listening to her stories. Most of those who had not joined the baseball game were sitting in lawn chairs watching the game or at the picnic tables snacking and talking.

Harry himself flopped down on the grass under a tree after excusing himself from the game. A moment later Harold joined him, watching the dying sunlight. For a moment they shared silence. Harry breathed softly enjoying the peace.

"Did you know that you go to bed every night completely exhausted?" Harold asked softly.

Harry blinked and ran the question over in his mind. Now that he did think of it, he did fall into bed completely exhausted every day.

"It's a good kind of exhausted." Harry remarked. "My days are satisfying and I find joy in my life."

Harold snorted. Harry raised a hand and looked at the rings on his fingers idly.

"What was it I once heard?…'Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow'." He smiled.