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'Alice?' Jazz's honey tones floated through the air and whispered in my ear. I smiled wryly, he made me feel as young and unexperienced as he did all those years ago in thaat forgotten Diner. I would obviously never tell him just how much, even his voice made me want to rush up and never let him go.

'What is it, Honey?' I fiddled with my top, fashion seemed to be changing so quickly these days- it was tiring to keep up with it.

'Bella, Edward and Nessie will be here in about an hour.' My husband waltzed in, his stance casual for once. I grinned as he walked up to me and wrapped his strong, reassuring arms around my waist.

'My little Ali.' He chuckled into my short, hair. His own, honeycomb locks dangled dreamily into his eyes, making him even more the hunk. Then it registered what he'd said. Bella? Oh, that Kill-joy. She may be my little sister but boy- she doesn't really know how to crack a joke! Or even get jokes in general. Not that I don't love her immeasurably, because I do. She's almost as fun as Edward to wind up. Speaking of the brother, I sincerely hoped he wouldn't be all stiff and aloof at tonight's party.

Tonight, was Nessie's 7th Birthday Party although technically she looked about twenty. Older than me in fact- which is scary. I am her Auntie after all. Oh, kids! I smiled wistfully, still trying to cling to the memory of the gorgeous baby girl I had held in my hands only 7 years ago. Then thinking to the present time, the rebellious, if not perfect model who incidentally (thanks to her favorite Aunt-Me-'s help) has the finest fashion sense in the entire peninsula. Nessie made a fine half-vampire.

'Well that's no good!' I complained loudly. Jazz looked concerned.

'What? What's wrong Alice?' He asked, his hands immediately going to my sides.

'What are we going to do for a whole hour?' I murmmured, then before waiting for his response, I pulled him closer and let my heart assume control.

One hour later...

'Sorry we're late.' Bella's apologetic reply was predictable, if she were human-her cheeks would be tainted scarlet by now. Edward gave a stiff nod and- yup! He was in one of 'those' moods-again.

'What's wrong Edward?' I didn't need to hide my sigh, he could read my thoughts anyway.

Edward looked frustrated, well more than usual. I could tell that something was eating away at him and was slightly irritated by the fact that he hesitated to trust me.

'Edward! It's me-Alice! Slightly annoying at times but still your no.1 sister!' I cried, gently pushing him in a desperate plea for information.

'Alice!' His strangled growl came. Too late, I realised that as I pushed him- his back hit the wall behind. He hesitantly lifted himself off the wall and peered down. A larg, gaping hole stared back at us, Esme's astonished face was the only thing I could spy of the Kitchen.

'My bad.' I winced at my adopted Mom's furious expression. Jazz laughed heartedly and suddenley this warm feeling of peace and harmony surrounded us. I knew instantly what he was up to.

'Thanks, Honey.' I patted his chest gently. At least he wasn't a grumpy grouch!

'I heard that.' Edward's disapproving tone filled my ear. Screw that! I thought purposefully back at him. His amber eyes lit with what I took to be amusement. Good, I'm glad something cheered him up for his daughter's birthday party.

'Where is Nessie?' The thought came to mind. I glanced around the room, nope- no sign of my favorite and only niece. Well, the only Niece I'm in contact with. Cynthia's daughter who is roughly about 50 with kids of her own and has no idea that her Mom's long, lost sister whose body was never found: is in reality an immortal vampire with an insatiable talent with clothes and unleashed immortality. I didn't think that now was really the best time to tell her. Or any time at all really.

'She's at Jake's.' Bella's sour reply implied that she wasn't pleased about the increasing attention the were-wolf lavished on her daughter. As far as my opinions go I think that Nessie and Jake should be allowed to do what the hell they like. I mean, it's easy to think of people as kids when really they aren't. Take Bella, she's an infant compared to the rest of us and yet she has no trouble voicing her opinions.

'Let them be!' I shrugged merrily. Now was the time for partying- not moping!

'WE HAVE A PARTY TO ORGANISE!' I reminded them gleefully.

I yanked some decorations out of the plastic coverings and carelessly strew them along the furniture, up the banisters of the stairs and just about every visible spot. Then it was time for the confetti. A multitude of colors, turquoise, sienne, ochre, azure, pine- green and fuschia to name but a few were littered across the floors. I painted the house with joy and happiness, not a spot was left dull or gloomy. The whole course of this took me all of five seconds so afterwards, I began to put some music on. The Black-eyed Peas' catchy beat began to get my foot tapping.

I twirled and spiralled along the corridor. Everything was going to be perfect.

After I'd made the final preparations, I darted upstairs to choose my outfit. Choices-Choices! I couldn't pick! The assortment of french-looking garments lay across my king-size bed.

'A skirt or not a skirt? That is the question.' I mumbled to myself, too engrossed in my decision to notice the honeycombed hair of the monster creeping behind me.

'Ha! Gotcha!' Jazz's delighted laugh rang out in synchronization with my shrill squeal. I reprimanded him gently.

'Jazz! Oh- you're so evil!' I complained, though he paid no attention to my whinging. Instead he caught me lightly and flung me on the bed. His strong arms caught me in a secure hold and trailed tenderly down my body. I shivered with delight, he could be quite the torturer at times.

'Jazz- not now!' I snatched his hands away, as much as I desired him- I had my niece's birthday party to run and I wasn't going to let her down. Not even for all the pleasure Jazz would've given me. Will give me. I reminded myself forcefully that I wasn't going to let him hold out on me. He owed me one and I would ask for his payment pretty damn soon.

'So what were you musing about before I mercilessly attacked you?' Jazz smirked as he rested on the edge of the bed. In the light, his hair shined like a mop of sunshine: bright and golden-twin to his eyes. He looked like a greek god of beauty, perfect and immortal. I thought for a moment about what life would have been like without him, pretty dull for sure- but also meaningless. There would be no motive, nothing to keep me enduring every single, monotonous day. Nothing for me to live for. I closed my gaping mouth, not wanting to look a fool until I realized I had not given him an answer.

'Oh! To..er...I was erm- deciding what to wear. Fashion is so important and I simply can't come to a decisive conclusion. I'm thinking the mauve or the turquoise- what do you think?' I stammered slightly, he was so gorgeous and handsome- it took all my effort not to just chuck my clothes and kiss him for the rest of the night.

'Well, you look perfect in anything, Darlin'. You really do, I don't care as long as you're my Ali.' His voice was as soft as velvet satin and as quiet as chimes blowing gently in the breeze. It made my heart melt even more.

'We better get downstairs.' I heard myself mumble weakly. He had this effect on me. Jasper Whitlock. Major Jasper Whitlock- the soldier who'd captured my heart.

No one seemed to notice our absence. After about two seconds of pondering, I finally settled for midnight black- I was a vampire, the night suited me. Bella and Edward were discussing *Yawn* Politics and also human rights. Jeesh- where does the romance come in? I mean, sure they have forever but this is a party for crying out loud! You're supposed to have fun I mean-


I can't see anything. It's dark here. Wherever here is. I'm cold and alone. desperately alone. Where is everyone? Why do I feel like I need saving? I need a hero. Yet, I have Jasper- don't I?


Please Help.

There is a faint shape in front of me. A boy, muddling his way through the darkness. His eyes are the darkest crimson and the irises border on black. He is hungry. He is a vampire. He is scared.

I want to console this boy, to extend a hand. I want to stop this pain that's been inflicted on him and I want to heal his wounds. Until I recognise that familiar, sweeping hair. Dark as coal and as black as his heart. Alec. Alec from the Volturi. One of the evil Twins. My pet name for him was Tweedledim. Yet he is anything but dim. His intelligent eyes narrow at something in the distance, scrutinising closer- I realize we are in a forest. A familiar one at that. Wait a second-

He is coming closer to a very familiar clump of trees. Now up a pathway, to a house. A modern, amazing house with bright lights and music blaring out of it. Black Eyed Peas chanting carelessly through the open windows. There is a girl in the window anxiously inspecting the outside world. Oh my god- that's me!

He advances closer, hand reaching for the door and the ghost of a smile present on his strained face.

That's our house. That's tonight- I see the confetti and Nessie beside her cake, Jake grinning cockily and Edward and Bella playing with the camera Bella got for her 18th. That's tonight. And Alec is coming. Crap.

*End of Vision

Oh flip! Flip, Flip Flip! This is bad. Real bad.

The scene plays out just like my vision and I wait anxiously at the door. The minute the smart rap of his knuckles make contact with the door- I am there in a flash. Waiting, anticipating to see what he wants.

'Hello.' He grins at me.