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Alice POV

'Hey.' I grinned at the heartbreakingly beautiful blonde vampire in front of me and her dark haired partner.

'How are you adjusting to life as a vampire?' I asked Faye, who turned and grinned at me. She shrugged.

'It's okay. It beats being a human, they stink though. I mean, I never thought I'd say that my brother Mark actually smells tasty!' She giggled with me.

I smiled in spite of myself, Alec's arm was very firmly wrapped around Faye's body, shielding her protectively.

They had become even more loved up since the incident in Volterra.

Speaking of which, where was my own Prince Charming?

'Jazz?' I called softly. No answer.

'Jazz?' I called again, more worried.

I tried to use my vision to see where he was and if he was alright but as soon as I focused on Jazz, something hit me like a brick wall.

'AAAGH!' I cried, my hand flying to my head, a migraine the size of a regular school bus stampeding over my brain.

'Alice, are you okay?' Alec and Faye rushed up to me, cradling me in their arms.

'Jazz?' I cried for my beloved.

It was Christmas- he should be here.

'JAZZ?' I screamed, the pain was growing more intense, the more I tried to use my power.

Esme rushed in with Carlisle, her expression worried sick.

'Alice, honey- what ever's the matter?' She cooed over me like a mother hen.

Any other time- I would have laughed at her.

But I was in way too much pain.

Carlisle was fiddling around with medical equipment, but how do you treat an un-dead?

'Alice!' Jazz burst through the door, Bella and Edward quickly in tow.

Emmett and Rosalie came crashing through the window.

'We could hear you all the way from the forest, shortie.' Emmett complained, though I saw concern in his teasing eyes.

'Alice, just calm down- I...' Esme's mouth was still moving but I couldn't hear anything.

Pretty soon, the world turned white.

I heard a voice whispering in my ear, but I couldn't see anything.

I gave up trying and focused on the words that were being murmured reassuringly in my ear.

Except when I listened- they weren't so reassuring.

This is the mark of eight.

Eight times thou hast forewarned

Eight times thou hast prior thou doom

Eight times thou hast, for thrice in time of need, for thrice in time of sorrow, thrice in time of concern

Twice be down to thee

Yet thou must not yield o'er eight sparingly

For in the eve of nineth - thou must surely perish

Power be blocked, power be round,

Time rewritten, core be bound

The answer to all in blood, thou seekest

For only sacrafice may save thou's dearest

Choice be true, choice be thine

One must fall, one vanish in time

Only one thing registered in my mind.


You have eight more times to use your power. If you use it for the ninth time you will die. You must have a sacrafice- the choice is your own.

But something or someone will be lost and its down to you to decide.

So, someone/thing was blocking my power and giving my death threats.

Now, who would do such an evil thing on Christmas?