This story is set in the early 1st season. Just a bit of brotherly banter and typical Dean!


Sam Winchester never liked storms. It wasn't the wind that bothered him, or the rain, or even the lightning. It was the thunder that Sam really hated.

He wasn't sure where his phobia had come from.

It could have been when Dean locked him in the cupboard under the stairs at Pastor Jim's when he was 6, and had then preceded to run and stomp repeatedly up and down said stairs, with Sam sitting below him, in the pitch blackness, screaming his lungs out, fingers in his ears to block the noise out.

Then again, it could have stemmed back from the time in high school when he got locked one of the bigger lockers in his first week. Bruce, a big bruiser of a boy had then recruited everyone in the year to bang on the locker door, until the door was dented beyond repair. The noise had been so bad that Sam had to stay off school for a week with deafness due to the noise.

Whatever the cause of Sam's phobia, it still terrified him.

It scared him to the extent that in the motel room that he and dean were staying, with the rain pounding on the window and lighting illuminating the room at intervals, Sam was buried under his blancket and pillow, hiding from the thunder.

Dean watched his brother with a mixture of pity and hilarity coursing through his veins; he wasn't quite sure whether to comfort his brother- or laugh in his face.

'Sammy? You alright?' he asked, raising his voice slightly so Sam could hear him through the bed linen.

'What? Yeah I'm it over yet?' came his muffled reply.

Dean listened for a while, and the weather answered for him. An almighty clap of thunder punctuated the silent room, and even dean jumped slightly at the sudden noise.

Sam understandably had a bigger reaction. He yelled in fear and actually dived under the bed, pillow and blanket in hand.

Dean was now in hysterics, leaning over his bed to get more air in.

'Sammy! Sammy you can come out! It won't hurt you!' he managed to gasp out.

Thankfully the storm had now past, and when Sam had checked that the coast was clear for the third time, he tentatively made his way from under his bed, and sat on top of if, feeling a bit foolish.

Dean was still chuckling to himself, and he had a thought that made him nearly burst his lungs in his attempt to stop the laughs.

'What now?' asked Sam, still shaken, but a bit annoyed at Dean laughing at him.

' know something?' Dean managed to choke out before he dissolved into fits again.

'No Dean, what?' replied Sam, getting in his bed, wanting some sleep.

'Sammy...You've been...'

'THUNDERSTRUCK!' he yelled.

Sam stared at him for a long while, wondering whether his big brother had actually, for real- gone insane.

He finally shook his head, and settled down in his bed.

Dean was still chuckling to himself when he turned off the motel room lights, and just as he had settled down in his bed, there was another clap of thunder.

He looked across at Sam to make sure he was fine, and when he was satisfied that his little brother was ok, he settled back down to go to sleep, until the next morning's hunt.

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