"You cannot defeat me Harry Potter, especially not with just a Mud-blood, two blood traitor, and a man who's soul is bound to me. Snape looked at Lord Voldemort, and a flash of anger passed over his hooked face.

"You never had my soul, especially not after you killed her!" Snape yelled. Voldemort looked aghast and sent ropes flying out of his wand at Snape.

"I'll deal with you later." Voldemort said, his attention setting once more on the Boy Who Lived.

"Avada Kedavra!" Harry had no time to react, Harry was so used to Voldemort playing with his food before he ate it, he never saw it coming.

Ron and Hermione both yelled, anguish and disbelief apparent in their young faces. Draco stayed hidden. Dissolving in anguish of his own.

. . .

Dumbledore and Harry were talking. Harry was not donning glasses neither was his old headmaster.

"So I was the last horcrux?" Harry asked his mentor of 6 years. Dumbledore nodded, and Harry stared with disbelief.

"'You might want to go back and kill the mortal Tom Riddle, Harry." Dumbledore added. Harry nodded once and dissolved into space, out of the dream that was not a dream, but a space between life and death.

Harry awoke to crying and laughing. The crying was low and pierced with laughter that reminded him of a church bell ringing. Harry dared not move. His wand was a few feet away from him, and his glasses were hanging off the edge of his nose.

Voldemort spoke. "Severus. Carry the boy to the Great Hall. Mudblood, Traitor, you come too." Harry waited silently to be picked up by Snape, and tried to think of a way to kill Voldemort before he could realize he had vanquished his killing curse for the second time.

. . .

The disbelief was tearing Hermione apart. She was sick with the pain of it. Her arms were bound with thick ropes, and her mouth was gagged. Her sobs were still clear though the thick fabric. She saw tears running down Ron's face.

"Where are my Death Eater, Severus?" Voldemort asked Snape, who was carrying Harry almost as if he were a baby who had merely fallen asleep. The tenderness of this gesture made Hermione lapse back into her fits of sobbing.

"Dungeons." Snape said, laying Harry down on the table. Hermione saw his chest move, but put it off as wind. Harry Potter would never talk to her again. She sobbed even harder.

"Voldemort calls to his followers. Come out and play, oh, and you too, Aurors." Hermione heard footsteps echoing below and above her.

And that's when it happened. Harry jumped up and sent a spell flying at Voldemort, who roared in rage. Hermione couldn't believe her eyes, she cried and laughed at the same time.

Then a flash of green. The killing curse Voldemort sent at Harry was dodged and it hit Hermione square in the chest. Just then Draco ran into the hall, flanked by McGonagall and Snape. He cried out.

"HERMIONE!" He rushed forward, his despair nearly tangible. Snape held him back. He was running forward, pushing Snape out his way, he kneeled next to his fallen love.

"Hermione." He whispered it, just as he had what seemed like an eternity before. He unbound her, and the world held her hand and the battle stopped around him.

Harry and Ron were screaming and Voldemort had fallen. But Draco did not care. He was beyond caring. He pulled out of the hall and ran out of the battle and into a deserted corridor.

. . .

He stumbled down the hall, blindly and recklessly, he forgot about the wand in his pocket and the pitch darkness of the corridor. He didn't know what time it was, nor did he care. All that mattered was that she had left him. Left him to fight in the battle his parents, and their colleges, fought so hard to make happen. He didn't realize yet, but his face was damp with the tears he swore he'd never shed for her.

"You left me," he whispered, unable to contain his emotions.

"YOU LEFT ME," he screamed again, "and you aren't coming back.." he trailed off.

Everything faded, then fell dark.