So I saw the midnight showing of Eclipse and loved it. But I hated how Victoria was just using Riley like Maria had used Jasper. A puppet. I wanted Riley to have someone that loved him back. Enjoy! :)

Victoria stood on a roof top of a building looking over Seattle. But she wasn't alone. Next to her stood Elizabeth, a girl she had changed a little over a year ago. Elizabeth had been swept away from her human life at the tender age of 16. After she had disappeared, her parents had searched for her all over Washington. They even left and looked in California. Elizabeth would some times go to L.A. for long weekend trips with her friends. But her parents didn't need to leave the state. She was still in Seattle. With Victoria.

She could still remember the day she had become a newborn. She could remember it like it had happened just yesterday. She was on her way home from the library. She was walking alone. She felt there was somebody following her. And there was. Elizabeth had taken a short cut through the alley way. The follower had stopped her.

"Who are you?" Elizabeth asked.

She grabbed Elizabeth and sank her teeth into Elizabeth's soft perfect neck. Within seconds, Elizabeth was on the ground, screaming. She could feel the venom flowing through her veins and changing her. After the pain ended her throat began to burn. The thirst was horrible. But it had gotten better to control.

Victoria was holding Elizabeth's hand. They were looking for someone. Someone to join them.

"Him." Victoria said.

She pointed to a blonde boy. He was tall, lean, and beautiful. Elizabeth focused hard to see him. She gasped. She knew this boy.

"No. Victoria, no. Not him." Elizabeth whined.

"And why not?"

"I know him."

"I know."

Elizabeth was quiet.

"I saw you both the night before I changed you. It was a hard decision to make. You both were smart. You seemed a little smarter. I chose you. Now it's time for him to join us." Victoria ordered.

"I can't." Elizabeth doubted.

"Either you do it or I will."

Elizabeth watched Riley. He was walking through the alley. Elizabeth didn't feel right about this. But she thought that it would be better to go through pain with a friend then with an enemy.

"I'll do it." Elizabeth gave in.

"That's my girl."

Victoria kissed Elizabeth's cheek. She jumped off the building and followed Riley. When he turned around to see who was following him, she quickly ran by him.

"Who's there?" he asked.

Elizabeth quickly ran by him again. And again. She got him running out to the docks. And of course at this late hour, it would be empty. She had counted on that. She then she stood a few feet from Riley. He had fallen over. He stood up when he saw her. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"Liz?" He asked.

She smiled weakly at him.


He ran up and through his arms around her. He was so happy to see her. Riley had met Elizabeth when they were young, like seven. They grew up together and had become great friends. Riley had seemed to always be happier when he was around Elizabeth. He loved being with her. He loved…her. Elizabeth had to fight the instinct to sink her teeth into his neck. Riley pulled back.

"Where have you been? Everyone's been crazy worried." Riley said.

"How long have I been gone?" Elizabeth asked.

She hadn't kept tract of time for a while. It didn't seem quite important anymore. Since she wouldn't be aging or dying anytime soon.

"About a year." Riley informed her.

"That long? It hasn't felt like a year." Elizabeth mumbled.

"Where did you go?"

"I didn't go anywhere. I've been in Seattle the whole time. Just…hiding."

"Why?" Riley seemed concerned.

"I have to."

"You have to hide? From what?"


"Even me?"

"Even you. It wasn't easy at first, but after a while I just forgot all about my human life."

"Your human life?" Riley had caught.

Elizabeth took a couple steps away from him.

"What is it?" He asked.

"It's me. I'm not…safe to be around." She told him.

"What do you mean?"

"I can't tell you."


"Cause if I did, we'd both be killed."

Riley began to walk away. He'd lost his best friend. They had never kept secrets before. He didn't like how keeping secrets felt. He always wanted to know what was on her mind. What she was thinking about. Who she was thinking about. If she was thinking about him.

"Riley, wait!"

"What? I've lost my best friend and you're hiding something from me."

Elizabeth had to do it now or risk Victoria doing it and then hurting her. She took a deep breath. She could smell Riley's warm, pure blood. It was so mouth watering. She stepped closer to him, and put her cheek neck to his. He was so warm, compared to her. She could hear his breathing in her ear and she could feel his heartbeat.

"Forgive me, Riley."

"For what?"

Elizabeth put her lips on his for a moment then to his neck. She took another deep breath and opened her mouth.

"Lizzie, what are you-" Riley's question was cut off.

Elizabeth had sunk her teeth into her neck. She tasted his blood on her tongue. She had to remind herself not to drink. She had to not kill him. She released herself from him. Riley fell to the ground and began screaming. Elizabeth became worried.

"Shut him up!" She heard a voice hiss at her.

It was Victoria.

"Shh, Riley…shh."

But he wouldn't be quiet. She could hear and feel Victoria become impatient.

"I need to feed. I'll be back. And he better be quiet." Victoria said, and then whipped away.

Elizabeth didn't know what to do to shut him up. Then something hit her. She looked down at Riley. His lips were so pale. He was still screaming. She would cover his mouth with her hand, but she didn't want to risk him biting her. So, she put his lips on his. She could feel his screams through her body. She began to cry. But after a few minutes, he stopped screaming and Elizabeth lifted his lips off of his.

He was clenching him throat. I knew that looked.


"I know. I'll take you to get something to drink."

She helped him up.

"I'm so sorry, Riley."

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