What if Dean and Jensen switched places?

Sam and Dean returned to the movie studio after talking to the actor who died who wasn't really dead.

"What are we doing back here?" Sam asked. "No dead person, no case."

"I know," Dean answered. But today when you were doing your geeky research thing, I was getting the lay of the land and found out that all these actors' trailers sit empty at night."

"So?" Sam asked.

"I thought it'd be cool to spend the night here. Besides it will save us money on a motel," Dean answered.

Sam rolled his eyes, but went along as Dean knocked and then entered a trailer after nobody answered.

"There's only one bed," Sam pointed out.

"Go find your own trailer," Dean said.

Sam rolled his eyes once again and headed to the trailer next door.

"That's it for now. We're going to shoot the grave digging scene in three hours," shouted Phil Sgriccia, the director for the current episode, Hollywood Babylon.

Jared and Jensen drifted away. "I don't know about you, but I'm going to catch a couple of hours sleep," Jared said, yawning.

"Me, too," Jensen said and they each headed off to their respective trailers.

Dean heard a banging on the door and woke up in time to see a young woman poking her head in. "We need you in make-up, Jensen," she said and exited.

"She must not have seen me and assumed I was whoever belonged in this trailer," Dean thought to himself and decided it would be best to leave. They didn't have a case here anyway. He emerged to find it was still night. "Must have gotten some wrong info," he muttered. He knocked on the trailer next to his, figuring that was where Sam would have ended up.

He heard a grumpy, "I'm coming." Sam emerged a minute later and headed off to the right.

"Where are you going?" Dean asked.


"You know we're not really in this movie, right?" Dean asked.

"What are you talking about?" Jared asked.

"Come on, Sam. We have to leave before we get caught," Dean said.

"Get caught doing what? And my name's not Sam," Jared said, getting annoyed. He was tired and he didn't know what Jensen was up to, but he wasn't in the mood.

"Sam, stop messing around. We have to leave," Dean said and he watched Sam roll his eyes, turn around and head off in the opposite direction. He decided to follow him.


Jensen woke up and realized it was morning. He got up and headed out of his trailer where he saw Jared emerging from him. "Did they cancel the shooting last night?" Jensen asked.

"What shooting?" Sam answered.

"The grave digging shoot," Jensen prompted.

"How would I know?" Sam asked.

"Alright. Well, let's go find out about our schedule for today," Jensen said.

"I thought we were leaving. There's no job here," Sam replied.

Jensen looked around and realized that it didn't look right. These weren't their trailers. They were the set trailers. It couldn't be, could it? He decided to see what happened, "Sam?"

"Yeah," Sam answered.

"Crap," Jensen said. Maybe this was all some elaborate practical joke.

"What's wrong, Dean?" Sam asked.

Jensen wondered what he should do. If it was all some sort of practical joke, he didn't want to look stupid falling for it. On the other hand, he really couldn't see how he could have been moved onto the set without waking up. If this was real he couldn't tell Sam he wasn't Dean. He'd probably try to exorcise him or kill him or something.

"Nothing," he said, answering Sam's question. "There is a job here, though. I bet you one of the producers got killed here last night."

"What are you talking about?" Sam asked.

"Did you hear what happened last night?" a girl came up to Jensen and asked. Probably some girl Dean had been flirting with, he decided.

"No, what?" Jensen said, already knowing the answer.

"One of the producers hanged himself from the rafters. Fell right into a scene," she said.

"That's terrible," Jensen said, and the girl walked off to spread the news to others who might not have heard yet.

"How did you know about that?" Sam asked.

"You won't believe me," Jensen replied.

"I can believe a lot," Sam said.

"Yeah, I'm sure you can. I'm just afraid to tell you, but I don't think I have a choice," Jensen said. He didn't want to go any further. He knew what the Winchesters were capable. He played one of them.

"What is it, Dean?" Sam asked.

"That's just it. I'm not Dean. But before you go ballistic, I'm not a demon or a shapeshifter either."

"Then what are you?" Sam asked. His first instinct was to take down this thing that wasn't Dean, but it didn't seem supernatural or evil. He decided to wait for the explanation.

"I'm an actor. I play Dean on TV. None of this is real," Jensen said.