"OK, we're a little behind schedule so we need to get this show on the road," a man said as they got out of the car. Another man came up and handed them both shovels.

"OK, Jensen you walk ahead of Jared while consulting the map and looking for the grave, OK?" the first man asked.

"Yeah," Dean answered. OK, so "Sam's" name was Jared. Dean stood in front of him and glanced down at the map. He noticed it wasn't actually a map. Just a piece of paper with some writing on it.

"Action," the man yelled.

Dean started walking and said, "Man, this map was totally worth the 5 bucks. We should go find Johnny Ramone's grave next."

"You want to burn his bones, too?" Jared asked.

"Bite your tongue, heathen," Dean said.

"Cut," the man, who Dean realized now must be the director, yelled. "Do it again."

Dean wondered why but went back to the starting point and they did it again. "Bite your tongue, heathen," Dean said again.

"Cut," the director yelled. "Let's go again."

Dean figured Jensen wouldn't question the insanity of doing the same thing over and over again and so did it again without complaint. They did it eight times.

"OK," the director said. That's a print. Let's go over to the gravesite."

Jensen followed everybody else until they came to a grave.

"Let's take it from 'You know what I don't get..' " the director said.

Dean recognized that as Jared's line and waited for him to deliver it.

"Maybe they're mad they're making a scary ghost movie," Dean said.

"Is it really that scary?" Sam/Jared asked.

"Cut," the director yelled. "Let's do it again."

Dean inwardly groaned. It was going to take hours to film what seemed like a two minute scene. Between takes they waited for camera reloads. The cameras were repositioned. It was all very frustrating. Finally they finished that part of the scene. "OK, time for the grave digging scene."

Dean took his shovel and started digging.

"What are you doing?" Jared asked.

"Digging the grave," Dean answered.

"Dude, we don't actually dig the grave. What is with you tonight?" Jared asked.

"I don't know. Just tired and not thinking, I guess," Dean said, hoping that would cover whatever blunders he was making. He followed everyone over a few yards to where there was an identical grave, but with a hole already dug. He had to admit this would make life much simpler. They delivered the lines for this scene. Several times again, Dean noticed, and the director yelled cut. As they were headed back to the set in the jeep, the sun began to come up.

When they got back to set, Dean noticed that Jared was heading off set, probably to go to wherever he lived. Dean didn't know where this Jensen guy lived so he decided just to go back to sleep in the trailer.


"I got the dailies," Jensen announced proudly.

"Great," Sam said, "Let's go watch them.

After watching several hours of tape, Sam finally found the chant that he believed to be the correct one. "OK, now all you have to do is say it backwards and it should reverse the spell."

"Will it work if I say it backwards or do the actors who said it in the first place have to say it backwards?" he asked.

"It will work if either the original chanters or the object of the spell say it backwards. You're the object of the spell, so you can reverse it," Sam explained.

"But does Dean have to say it too?" Jensen asked. He didn't figure there was any chance of that happening.

"No, only one need say it," Sam said.

"Are you sure? I know you're geeky and smart and everything, but…," Jensen trailed off.

"Look, worst case scenario is it doesn't work, right?" Sam pointed out.

Jensen had to agree with that. Sam had written out the chant backwards and Jensen said it. When he finished he said, "Now what?"

"You were asleep when this happened, so you need to go to sleep to reverse it," Sam said.

"OK. This is going to be like trying to sleep when you're a kid and waiting for Santa Clause," Dean pointed out.

"I wouldn't know about that," Sam said.

"Yeah, I guess you wouldn't," Jensen said. Suddenly he felt very sorry for Sam and Dean. He never had before because they weren't real. But now, they kind of were, and they had very sucky lives.

They went back to his trailer and he went inside to sleep. It took several hours, but finally he fell asleep.


Sam decided to just hang out outside the trailer as inconspicuously as possible. Towards evening, someone emerged from the trailer. "Dean?" he asked, hopefully.

"Sam?" Dean queried back.

"Thank God," Sam said. "Where have you been?"

"Apparently the real world and we're TV characters," Dean answered.

"Yeah, so I gathered."

"Did you meet the actor that plays me?" Dean asked.

"Yeah. Did you meet the actor that plays me?" Sam asked.

"Yeah. It's too weird, though. I mean, we don't exist really, do we?" Dean asked.

"I guess not. That means we have no free will, no control over our destiny, nothing," Sam lamented.

"I wish we could pretend this was a dream, but we both wouldn't have dreamt it would we?" Dean asked.

"No, I don't think we would have," Sam said.

"Let's just try to forget about it and do our job," Dean said. He secretly figured they didn't have any choice.

"Yeah, it's in the script," Sam said quoting Jensen.


Jensen woke up and poked his head outside his trailer. It was the Supernatural set, not the Hell Hazers set. He breathed in a deep breath of relief and hoped Dean didn't do anything to crazy while he was here.

The End