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The Trials of Triskelion

"Approaching Gamma II, Captain."

"Thank you, Mr. Sulu, standard orbit."

"Aye, Sir."

Stretching out his back in the Captain's chair Kirk groaned. Spock looked over at him from his place at the sensors and raised an quizzical eyebrow. Kirk flashed him a smile and continued to work the kinks out of his muscles by cracking his neck.

"Are you alright, Captain?" Spock asked in mild concern.

"Fine, Spock, just a little bored. I hate these routine communications station checks."

"It is an integral part of our job as an exploration vessel."

"Yeah, I know that, Spock. It doesn't mean I have to like it."

"I suppose that is logical."

"I think I've got a touch bridge fever." Kirk sighed. "I know that Gamma II isn't exactly an exciting planet but I think I'll beam down and check out the station myself. Do you want to come along, Spock?"

"Do you require my presence?"

"Require? No. However, I think it will do you some good to get some real air."

"The air on the Enterprise is real, Captain."

"It's not the same. You're coming with us."


"Bones," Kirk called into the intercom "meet Spock and I in the transport room in five minutes."

"Why?" McCoy huffed.

"Because I'm Captain, and I said so."

"Jim, I've got charts to file..."

"An hour down on the planet won't kill you."

"You're not going to take 'no' for an answer, are you?" Bones sighed in defeat.

"That's the spirt! See you soon."

"Captain," Spock stepped up to Kirk "why are you so insistent that we visit this planet personally?"

"I don't know...just something to do. What's the worst that can happen?"

"A transporter malfunction could kill all three of us, effectively removing a large percentage of the Enterprise's Command Officers."

"Spock," Kirk rolled his eyes "when I ask 'what's the worst that can happen', I'm not actually looking for an answer."

"Then why did you ask?"

Sulu and Chekov looked at one another and chuckled at the Captain and his throughly Vulcan First Officer. Kirk just stared at Spock and shook his head sadly. Jumping to his feet Kirk slapped Spock on the shoulder and bounded off towards the turbo lift. Spock paused for a moment before sighing quietly and following the Captain to the turbo lift.

"Sulu," Kirk called from the turbo lift "you've got the Enterprise while we're away."

"Aye, Sir."

Down in the transport room McCoy was waiting with his arms crossed over his chest and a sour expression on his face. Kirk smiled brightly and walked over to him. Over the intercom Sulu announced that they had established orbit and Scotty began to program the coordinates into the transporter.

"Honestly, Jim," McCoy said "I don't see how the Captain of a Starship can't find enough to keep himself busy to the point where he feels the need to drag his First Officer and Chief Medical down to some dusty planet to look at an unmanned research station."

"Doctor, look at this more as a quick medical trip for the mental health of everyone involved."

"I assure you, Jim, the only danger to my sanity is you."

"Transporter is ready, Captain." Scotty announced.

"Captain, should we bring phasers?" Spock asked.

"Naw, there's no danger on Gamma II, it's uninhabited."

"We've been on plenty of 'uninhabited' planets that have turned out to by anything but." McCoy pointed out.


Kirk walked over to the armory closest and pulled out three phasers. He tossed two of the phasers to the others and also picked up a communicator and slipped it into his pocket. Kirk trotted over to where the other two were waiting on the transporter pad. There was a sudden sickening lurch and without warning he fell onto a hot hard surface.

Sitting up slowly Kirk shook his head to clear it. Looking around he saw that Spock and Bones had had a similar rough trip down to the planet's surface. Spock was first on his feet and offered Kirk his hand to help him up. Kirk looked around and furrowed his brow together in concern as he looked at the unusually colored sky.

"Don't mind me," McCoy grumbled "I'm fine."

"Allow me to help you, Doctor." Spock offered.

While Spock helped Bones back to his feet Kirk became more concerned about their new surroundings. The area they had landed in was certainly not a communications outpost. The hard floor had a large strange symbol etched into it that formed a giant triangle. They were surrounded by sheer walls made of natural stone with no apparent way out.

"What the devil?" McCoy said as he looked around. "This isn't at all what I expected."

"That is because this is not Gamma II, Doctor." Spock announced.

"What? How can you be so sure?"

"He's right, Bones, look at the sky...three suns. This isn't Gamma II."

"Then where the hell are we?" McCoy demanded.

"That is an excellent question, Doctor." Spock nodded. "The closest trinary systems to Gamma II are a dozen light years away."

"Scotty couldn't have beamed us that far."

"No...he couldn't." Kirk replied as he pulled out his communicator. "Enterprise, this is Kirk...Enterprise? Scotty?"

"We appear to be out of range." Spock said.

"That's not goo..."

"Jim!" Bones cried out in alarm.

Kirk turned just in time to see three large humanoid creatures emerge from doorways that had opened in the rock walls. All three creatures were of different species, none of which looked like they were suited for the desolate climate of this mysterious planet. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy drew closer to one another with their back to one another to form a defensive position. Kirk brought out his phaser and when the reptilian humanoid of the group continued to approach him he tried to fire.

"My phaser is out." Kirk said.

"Mine too." McCoy added.

"Our phasers seem to have been deactiva...

Spock was cut off as a neanderthal type man lurched towards him. The moment that Spock struck out to defend himself the other two descended on Kirk and McCoy. While Kirk and McCoy worked to fight off their attackers Spock managed to quickly bring down the man who had attacked him. Before he could turn to aid his friends two Orion women armed with scythe tipped spears appeared from the door ways and attacked him. One of the women slashed at Spock's stomach. Although he backed away the weapon sliced through his shirt and bit into his flesh with a spray of green.


Kirk went to help Spock but was grabbed from behind by the reptile. He whipped around with a powerful roundhouse kick and sent the lizard man to the hard ground. Hissing in anger the reptile sprung to his feet and charged at him again. With a self confident smile Kirk punched the advancing reptile in the face causing him to back away again. The lizard was not about to give up and had a good deal of speed. He and Kirk exchanged a few blows while the others continued their own fights.

Kirk managed to grab a hold of his attacker's wrist and twisted him around so that he could yank his hand up towards his shoulder blades. The reptile cried out in pain as Kirk came close to dislocating his shoulder. Spock had one of the women on the ground from a nerve pinch and was working to restrain the other. Out of the corner of his eye Kirk noticed that Bones wasn't doing as well against his large opponent. The blue haired human that was attacking him grabbed a fist full of McCoy's shirt and jerked him closer. Bones arched back to try and twist out of the man's powerful grip, however with a flash of silver McCoy had a knife at his throat.


"Halt!" A commanding voice barked.

Everyone froze. Kirk glanced over his shoulder and noticed an extremely tall bald man in a black gown had entered the ring. The large man holding McCoy pressed the blade harder against the five o'clock shadow on his throat causing a bright line of red blood to stain the shiny metal. McCoy swallowed convulsively and weld his eyes shut as he prepared to have his throat violently slit.

Kirk instantly put his hands up in surrender, releasing the reptile. Spock followed his Captain's lead and put his hands behind his back in submission. The Orion woman scrambled away from him and knelt down. The slash across Spock stomach oozed emerald green blood, but it didn't seem to bother him.

The reptilian creature that Kirk had been fighting turned around and took the opportunity to lashed out and strike him. Kirk stumbled back, blood dripping from his now split lip. The reptile wore a silver collar that had yellow blocks set on either side of it. The yellow shapes suddenly started to glow brightly. Clawing at his scaly neck the lizard creature screamed in agony. Kirk automatically stepped forward to help the alien as it fell to its knees and wailed again as it writhed in some mysterious pain. The collar he wore went dark again and the reptile was left curled up on the dirty ground gasping for breath.

The tall man in black who had ordered the fight to end glared at the man that was still holding McCoy captive. Nodding in submission he took the knife off McCoy's throat and shoved him away. Kirk rushed forward and grabbed a hold of McCoy's shoulders to steady him before the doctor had a chance to fall. Bones was panting heavily with blood pouring from his nose and one eye already closing from swelling. Kirk's own temple was throbbing painfully as blood dripped into his eye.

"You okay, Bones?"

"Not really. I'm a doctor, Jim...I don't kick ass the same way you and Spock do."

The man in black walked calmly up to Kirk and McCoy. Spock stepped up to put himself between his friends and this new threat. The man in black looked Spock over and nodded in obvious approval and admiration. He looked at Kirk and offered him a shallow bow.

"You fight well, Captain. As does your half-breed Vulcan friend, and to some extent the doctor. You have all already proven to be most entertaining."

"Entertaining?" Kirk repeated. "Who are you? Where are we?"

"I am Galt, Master Thrall. Welcome to Triskelion."