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Prologue: The Prophecy of the Two

An eccentric-looking man in long midnight-blue robes wound his way through muggle London, getting some very odd looks because of his waist-length, snow-white beard and hair, and also because of the odd close he was sporting.

The man finally stopped in front of a pub that no one else was paying attention to. According to the sign, this place was called the "Leaky Cauldron". The eccentric-looking man hesitated before opening the door to the pub.

"Good evening, Albus." Said Tom, the barkeeper once the man was inside. The eccentric man named Albus nodded to him.

"Good evening to you also, Tom. I happening to be looking for one Sibyll Trelawney. I'm afraid we have a rather important meeting." He told the barkeeper.

"Ah, yes, Sibyll. She's in room twenty-four." He told Albus.

"Thank you, Tom." Said Albus, turning away and striding down the long hallway. When Albus reached room twenty-four and had knocked, he was greeted by a rather strange woman. She had frizzy sandy-blonde hair, huge spectacles, crossed eyes, and a very strange smile.

"Come in, Albus. I have been expecting you." She sheparded him into her room. Albus turned to her.

"Is there anything about the future that you wish to confide ?" Her eyes rolled back into her head and she spoke in a strange, raspy voice.

"By the song of the Phoenix, two enemies must unite,

Two combined, the forces of evil to fight,

They will be as different as light is from dark,

One shall serve a dark lord, forever bearing the mark,

A hate turned to love that nothing can destroy,

The fate of the girl shall rest in the hands of the boy." Sybill's eyes returned back to normal and she stared at Albus, her eyes unfocused.

"Oh, silly me! I must have dozed off!" She said, shaking her head.

"Thank you for your time Sybill, but I really must get going." Said Albus quietly.

"Ah, ok." Said Sybill. Albus left the inn and disappeared back to Hogwarts.

He would have to keep an eye out for those two the prophecy spoke of.

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