Secret Seducer

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Bleach; Ichihime

Mature, non-con

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"And then," Orihime exclaimed with a blush staining her cheeks as she avoided the amused gaze of her friend and mentor/bad influence before timidly continuing, "after he blindfolded me, he kissed me."

Frowning at the small bottle of sake, Rangiku wondered just how strong this onsen's wine was. She was certain that she just heard Orihime say that Ichigo kissed her. That was major news indeed. Filling the redheaded healer's cup before topping off her own, she thought over what Orihime just said.


Cringing in agreement with her friend's doubtful tone, the young redhead looked guiltily at the door to her room, hoping that no one overheard them talking. "Well, you have to remember, this was only a dream."

"True. I can't imagine that he's got the balls to actually pull something like that off, even in someone's dreams." Lounging comfortably in a nest of cushions, the blonde soul reaper replied with a derisive laugh before glancing over at the redheaded healer as a wicked grin curled her lips. "Although, I'm betting that you really wish he would."

Dropping to her knees on a cushion beside her, Orihime gazed at Rangiku with a pained expression before pleading. "Am I that obvious?"

"Of course not," The blonde-haired woman reassured her young friend quickly, giving her an impromptu hug. Affectionately running her hand over Orihime's silky russet hair, Rangiku's smile faded before she honestly admitted. "Well, kind of."

"I'm so embarrassed."

"Don't sweat it, Hime. You know as well as I do that Ichigo doesn't realize a thing. He really should have been named, Nibui, considering how insensitive and dense he is."

"Oh no, I love his name just as it is."

"That's because you love everything about him."

"I know." Orihime cried plaintively as she buried her flushed face in her hands.

The innocent healer still couldn't believe that she was actually telling Rangiku about her dreams. They was so naughty and just wrong on so many levels that Orihime didn't know how she was able to get the words out.

But she just had to tell someone.

She was desperately in need of some advice. It was so bad that she couldn't even look Ichigo in the eye anymore. He got too close, and her heart started pounding and she grew faint. Orihime felt like she was constantly in danger of spontaneous combustion when he simply glanced her way with those piercing brown eyes or the sound of his gruff voice when he simply asked a question.

It was now made worse by the fact that they were presently staying at remote onsen, celebrating Rukia and Renji's wedding. Late nights of toasting their future happiness, relaxing together as they bathed in mixed groups, and sitting around the inn's common room to eat, talk, and just enjoy being together, made it extremely difficult for Orihime to just function normally around him.

"I've done everything I can think of to get him to notice me, but nothing's worked. Now I'm having these naughty dreams every night. I think I'm going to lose my mind."

"You're not losing your mind. You're just frustrated." Rangiku grinned devilishly at her young friend. Watching Orihime's brows furrow in confusion, the blonde soul reaper sighed before clarifying her answer by stating bluntly, "You're horny."


"Well, it's true. You turned 20, what, two weeks ago, and you're still pining for that dense, scowling punk, instead of getting you some well-deserved action." Rangiku wrung a pillow between her hands, imagining it was the substitute soul reaper's thick neck. The way he ignored this beautiful girl was nothing short of criminal. "I don't mean to be cruel, Orihime, but I know there are tons of guys that would gladly kill for the chance to be with you, ones that would actually pay some attention to you."

"But, I don't want anyone else. I've only ever wanted Kurosaki-kun." Orihime cried in dismay. She couldn't even think about giving up on her love to date someone else. Her heart just didn't work that way.

"Yeah, but honestly how many years has it been? Five years, right, and he still hasn't made a move." The blonde haired woman smiled sadly at her young friend as she tossed the pillow back on the pile behind her. "I'm beginning to think that Ichigo bats for the other team, if you know what I mean."

"I don't believe that, Rangiku. I've always thought that Kurosaki-kun is just respectful towards women and maybe a little bit shy."

"So says anther overly shy and respectful person. I think the two of you are just terribly repressed."

"T-that's not true."

"Of course it is. Why else do you think you're fantasizing about Ichigo taking you unawares and by force?"

Wrapping her arms protectively around her narrow waist, Orihime frowned unhappily before declaring with heartfelt conviction. "Because I'm a bad friend."

"Idiot, it's your subconscious' way of freeing your inhibitions. You have no control of the situation and you didn't ask for it to happen. It was merely foisted on you. That way, you can enjoy his lovemaking without any feelings of guilt."

"B-but …"

"You've always had this fear of confessing, but you should just do it, Orihime. If he accepts your feeling, then good, and if he doesn't, then you can at least move on."

"Being by his side as his friend is enough for me, Rangiku." Blushing at the doubtful look on the older woman's face, Orihime dropped her gaze to the floor, fighting back tears. "If I told Kurosaki-kun how I feel, it could become awkward between us and he might pull away completely."

"But, he might also have the same dreams as you. Did you ever think about that?" Rangiku countered in exasperation before flopping back on the cushions.

"No, Kurosaki-kun doesn't think of me like that. I mean, he's never once looked at me the way a man looks at a woman he wants."

"And how is that?"

"Well, for instance, the way Hisagi-san looks at you."

Sitting up amid the scattered cushions, Rangiku blinked bemusedly at her blushing friend. "How does he look at me exactly?"

"Like he wants to dip you in chocolate and eat you."

Her lips curled in wicked amusement as she thought about the tall, dark and silent lieutenant. His mysterious eyes. His confident grin. His intriguing tattoos. Downing her drink, Rangiku lifted glittering blue eyes to meet her friend's in quiet speculation. "Hmm, better tell me the rest of your dream, Orihime. I might need to borrow an idea or two from you."




Silently stepping away from the partition before he was caught eavesdropping, he glanced over his shoulder, wiping his sweaty hands on his jeans.

The question he'd been sent to ask the two women, completely forgotten.

Running her fingers over the rough rocks lining the edge of the deep pool, Orihime timidly peered through the tendrils of rising mist, wondering where Tatsuki disappeared. One moment she was there, and the next she wasn't. The swirling water where she once sat offered the only proof that her friend had even been there at her side.

She knew this was a bad idea from the start. The mixed bathing part was all right, they were all friends, after all, but whoever thought to start passing out celebratory cups of sake and take everyone's towels away was obviously not thinking too clearly. Orihime didn't like to make assumptions, but she could see the fine hand of her friend Rangiku in this.

Calling for Tatsuki, the gentle healer timidly waded through the waist high water while keeping an arm protectively over her bare breasts. The last thing she wanted was to accidentally run into one of her male friends without a stitch on, especially Kurosaki-kun. Although, Orihime glumly admitted to herself, he'd probably just turn his back on her like he did earlier.

One would think she had the plague with the way Ichigo had been avoiding her all afternoon. She'd walk into a room and his eyes would meet hers for an instant before his face would flush and he'd make up an excuse to leave. It was even worse when they entered the springs, Orihime had been waiting for Tatsuki to rinse off when Chad and the orange haired shinigami had walked out and stopped beside her.

Chad greeted her quietly, as always, respectfully keeping his eyes on hers and not straying down to the white towel wrapped around her damp body. Ichigo hadn't managed to do either. He glanced over to see whom Chad was talking to and his eyes automatically dropped, moving over her barely clad body before he'd turned without a word and left.

How terribly depressing.

Sighing over the upsetting incidence, Orihime tried not to let it get her down, again, as she remembered how Tatsuki had earlier dragged her off to the far back corner of the springs. Following the natural curves of the grotto until they were completely hidden from view, at the time, it had been perfect place for her best friend to interrogate her over her questionable mood, but now it was terribly inconvenient since she couldn't remember how to get back.

The cold evening air, reacting with the hot springs guaranteed that the gentle healer wouldn't be able to locate anyone by sight. Touch was the only option left to her as she slowly cut through the warm water, searching for her missing friend or –more hopefully- the exit. Orihime wasn't feeling nearly as confident with her nakedness now that she didn't have Tatsuki's self-assured presence at her side.

Wondering where everyone went, the healer listened carefully, hoping to use someone's voice to lead her out of the dense mist. "Umm," she gave an awkward giggle as she felt around for the reassuring rock edge, "where is everyone?"

Did someone just squeeze my bottom?

The healer gasped as she gently ran her hand over the tender curve. Cautiously keeping her chest covered, Orihime peered through the shifting steam, expecting to see the playful figure of Rangiku leap out at her.

Turning in a full circle, and hopelessly confused as to where the exit was, the healer furrowed her brows in apprehension. The sound of someone cutting through the water had her holding her breath as she hesitantly faced in that direction.

A featherlike brush of fingers trailing over her skin had her turning, once again, to look behind her. "Who's there?" Orihime stammered out with a shaky laugh as she shyly covered her breasts with both her hands. She darted her eyes from side to side, still waiting for one of her friends to try to surprise her.

A sharp gasp rushed passed her lips as a damp cloth settled over her eyes, sealing off her sight as it was knotted around her head. Reaching up automatically, Orihime's heart hammered in her chest as she tried to tug the fabric aside. This can't be happening to me, was the only thought she could process as large, wet hands captured her wrists, drawing her arms down and behind her back.

Trapped in a vulnerable position, the gentle healer tugged unsuccessfully against the hands holding her. They were calloused, strong, and unwilling to grant her her freedom. Swallowing thickly, she could feel heat radiating off the body before her.

Concentrate …Concentr-

Orihime's focus was shattered as soft, warm lips moved silently over hers. Gently and tenderly, as if they were learning the shape and feel of her mouth as they pressed one kiss after another to her quivering lips.

A small moan escaped and her heart hammered in surprise. You can't just steal a girl's first kiss. She wanted to cry. Orihime always dreamed that Ichigo would be the recipient of that first magical kiss. "N-no, please, you shouldn't."

The only reply was another deep kiss, searching, scorching, sizzling and Orihime swore her toes curled. Coming out of the fog his caress inspired, she shook her head, amazed at her responsiveness to this stranger before struggling to free her hands. The healer's squirming inadvertently brushed her bare breasts against the hard wall of muscle before her. Gasping in surprise, her seducer seized the opportunity to deepen the caress as his tongue plunged between her parted lips, over her teeth, plundering her softness, as he tasted her.

Using one hand to clasp both her wrists together in an iron grip, he leisurely kissed her, continually stalling her questions and demands. Mewling in frustration at his tactics, Orihime tried to identify him by other means. His scent. His taste. His voice. His reiatsu. Her focus was diverted as his free hand began stroking over her damp skin, up her arm, along her shoulder and a shivery tremor wracked her body at his gentle exploration.

His lips were softly insistent on hers, luring, tempting, and she opened her mouth on a sigh, allowing him to delve deeper. She shuddered involuntarily. All thoughts of his identity disappeared when long fingers brushed over a tightly pebbled nipple. Trembling from the brief electric contact, Orihime licked the corner of her mouth before pleading.

"Please, s-sto-"

His mouth slanting over hers cut off any further words of protest. Falling prey to his heated kiss, Orihime timidly met his tongue with her own, drawing a groan from her secret seducer. Lost in a drugging haze, the healer jerked in surprise, squeaking against his lips as his hand firmed and possessively molded her right breast. His fingers moved over her heaving breast with single-minded intensity. Exploring. Learning. Pleasuring. Gasping onto his mouth, he eagerly swallowed her cries as he pinched and rolled her sensitive nipple between his fingers and Orihime never knew such exquisite pleasure existed.

Switching the hand restraining her wrists, her seducer gave her opposite breast the same attention the other received. Her heart pounded wildly as his motions grew more confident and bold. Mewling incoherently, Orihime could only sway in his firm hold as he twisted and tugged on the pink pebbled tip, drawing breathless moans from her throat.

Biting her lip to hold back any more embarrassing sounds, Orihime heard the harsh sound of her seducer's breathing as it raggedly rushed over her cheek, and she dazedly wondered why it sounded so familiar. Any further thought was abandoned when his warm lips latched on to her throbbing nipple, drawing it deep within the moist heat of his mouth.

A calloused hand cupped over her mouth, muffling Orihime's shrieks of surprise as her eyes rolled in their sockets beneath the thick, cotton blindfold. Moving from breast to breast, he feasted on her quivering flesh. She was drowning in unfamiliar sensations as her seducers soothed her with tender suction before making her heartbeat trip and falter as he bit and tugged on her sensitive nipples with his teeth. Alternating between gentle and intense, Orihime had no chance of catching her breath or fighting this amazing pleasure as she unknowingly thrust her chest out, wordlessly pleading for more.

Feeling him smile against her breast, Orihime licked her dry lips as he removed his hand from her mouth before granting her unspoken request. With his mouth on one and his hand on the other, her seducer amped up the pleasure and proceeded to blow her mind. She felt incredible pleasure from his wicked attentions, and felt that pleasure settle between her legs. She was hot, so hot. Burning. Throbbing. Aching.

Mindlessly twisting in his hold, the healer dropped her head back as pleasured moans slipped from her lips. Her mind went into overdrive, frenzied and chaotic as he overwhelmed her entirely. This was too much. The pleasure too sharp. Everything was too new and unknown for her. Orihime's back arched and her breathing fractured at the feel of his hand slowly sliding up her thigh.

"W-wait …"

His hand quickly withdrew and she breathed a ragged sigh of relief. She couldn't even imagine what would happen if he touched her, there. Swallowing convulsively, Orihime tried to catch her breath and reassemble her scattered wits. Her reprieve was short lived though, as his hand, once again, traveled up her thigh before he cautiously cupped his hand between her legs.

Jerking back in rejection of the intimate caress, Orihime tried voice her objections, giving him the perfect opening to fill her mouth with the hot sweep of his tongue. Eating at her mouth, her seducer kissed her with desperation as his impassioned groans melded with hers before dissipating in the spring's thick mists.

The fiery kiss gradually gentled and he allowed her to focus instead on what was happening underwater. Holding herself still as his long fingers parted her soft folds, sliding back and forth over her slick center, Orihime's heart tripped at the feel of a lone finger slipping inside.

Capturing her startled cry in another deep kiss, her seducer feverishly moved his lips over hers as his finger carefully explored her tight channel. Advance and retreat, twisting and probing, the redheaded healer could do nothing but sob against his mouth as he gently stretched her innocent passage.

Her breathing grew labored as a second finger joined the first. Orihime was certain she couldn't take anymore of this decadent pleasure until his thumb brushed against the little bundle of nerves hidden within her feminine folds. Moaning, long and loud, the healer's poor abused heart was sure to burst when her seducer touched that spot, yet again, rubbing it in time with his thrusting fingers.

Blindly searching for his mouth, she whimpered in relief when his lips crashed down over hers. His mouth possessively devoured hers as he seemingly tired to imprint himself on her in some way. The healer involuntarily moaned as his tongue licked at the fullness of her lip before slipping between her teeth for another taste. Orihime dazedly murmured in disappointment when he pulled slowly away from her feverish lips to resume his assault on her tightly puckered nipples.

Irritated at the thick blindfold, the healer wanted to see him, wishing to know who was lavishing such indescribable pleasure on her body. The tightly knotted fabric not only denied her a glimpse of her seducer, it magnified every sensation, the harsh sound of their breathing, the taste of his kiss, the feel of strong, calloused fingers stroking her, the spicy, masculine scent of his skin.

Mindlessly undulating, her body unknowingly followed his rhythm, surging and flowing as the coil deep in her belly tightened in readiness, anticipating its release. Her blood was on fire and Orihime felt like she was fast losing her mind, short-circuiting, and coming apart at the seams. This was all too much for her. Too intense. Too powerful. She desperately needed someone to save her from this delicious torment.

"P-please …"

He answered her plea, biting down on her tender nipple, ravaging it between his teeth, the same moment his thumb ground firmly against her swollen feminine pearl.

Nante koto!

Her head snapped back as the broken cry rushed passed her lips. Trembling uncontrollably, scorching heat raced through her, radiating from between her legs as those insidious fingers unceasingly plunged into her wildly contracting channel.

Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, flooding her vision with a field of blinding white light. Wanting nothing more than to sink to her knees, the healer struggled to keep her rubbery legs beneath her as his fingers continued to wring the last dregs of pleasure from her spent body.

"No, p-please …please stop." Gasping, close to sobbing, Orihime rose unsteadily on her tiptoes, trying to pull away from the sharp bite of pleasure. "I can't take anymore."

His motions slowed and gradually stopped as the long, teasing fingers of her secret seducer slipped reluctantly from her body. Moaning quietly at the loss, she was taken by surprise as a soft, lingering kiss was pressed to her parted lips.

Trembling and breathless in the aftermath, her body throbbed and ached in a way that it never had before. It didn't even feel like it belonged to her anymore. Her breasts were swollen and tender, and the secret spot between her thighs continued to pulse with tiny aftershocks.

Still mired in a bubble of disbelief, it took Orihime a moment to realize that her wrists were no longer held tight. She reached up with shaky hands to pull the knotted cloth from her eyes, desperate to know the identity of her seducer.

There was no one there.

Whomever it was, he had disappeared as silently as he'd arrived, slipping unseen back into the spring's thick mist.

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