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Chapter one


I walked into my English class with Alice, this was my favorite class of all time but today it didn't seem like it mattered much. I guess I should explain my self, my name is Isabella Marie Swan but just call me Bella.

My mom Renee was sent to war a few years back and my dad and I just received word two weeks ago that she died. I locked myself up in my room and didn't come out or speak to anybody. My dad Charlie didn't believe she was dead so he took to drinking and doing drugs, just to ease the pain.

"Are you okay" Alice asked me looking at me with concern. I nodded; I decide that I need to come to school so I wouldn't fall further behind than I already was. I sat down in my seat and started to doodle. I looked up when the teacher started talking.

"Okay class today were going to be starting an assignment" Mr. Berty said. The class erupted in moans coming from the other students. I sighed and shook my head.

"That's enough what we'll be doing is writing to solders from overseas—he paused to look at everyone—and you'll be sending them through me, I promise you I will not read your letters but I will be grading you on just turning them in"

I sighed and looked at my work I had got from my other teachers, I will have a lot to do today I thought. I looked up to see Mr. Berty passing out letters, Alice got hers and began reading it I saw tears forming in her eyes I wanted to go over there and comfort her, but I couldn't.

Mr. Berty finally made his way over to me I read the address then I opened it up and pulled out the letter:

Dear Someone,

I don't really know what do say, I also don't get why I have to write this knowing it'd probably end up in the trash, but I told my captain this and he yelled at me saying to just write it and maybe someone will.

To tell you the truth all that crap about joining the military is bull, all it is that the military want form you is to do your job and try not to die, I see all my friends dying everyday there like family, the only family I have.

Anyways my name is Edward Mason; I don't really have anything else to say.

Yours truly,

Edward Mason

I looked up with tears in my eyes; I wasn't the only one I could see Alice crying softly. I don't think I could write this letter it would bring back those painful memories I still havnt recovered from.

I looked and Mr. Berty to see him smiling to himself, he probably thought he did a good job at giving us this assignments. I got up and walked over to his desk.

"Umm can I have my homework from when I've been gone" I looked down.

"Sure one second" I heard the filing cabinet open, I looked up and saw him get some papers and hand them to me.

"Thanks" I said taking the papers I turned around and started walking back to my desk.

"Bella?" I looked at Mr. Berty

"I'm sorry about your mom" I nodded and sat down.

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