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Chapter 3


When I woke up it was 6:30, I had to be at school at 7:15, so I took a quick shower, got dressed (pic on profile) and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

On my way to the kitchen I looked in the living room and saw Charlie wasn't there, I sighed I bet he went early to drink. I shook my head and went into the kitchen I pulled out a bowl and made myself cereal.

I quickly finished, I put the bowl in the sink, and I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. I got in my car and drove to school. It took me at least two times trying to find a parking spot. When I finally found a spot, I got out and made my way to Alice who was across the parking lot.

Alice waved when she saw me; I gave her a forced smile and waved back. She walked toward me closing the distance between us. I smiled, "Hey".

"Hey Bella good morning" Alice smiled and we started walking to our classes, we both had all of our classes together. Alice practically forced them to put her in my classes.

"Good morning to you to" We got to our first class which was History. I sat down in my seat and Alice sat down in her seat, which was in the seat next to mine. "Soo Bella what'd you do last night" I sighed.

"Well I got home and went to my room, umm I did my homework then went to sleep" I didn't mention anything about Charlie, Alice already knew what he was like by going to my house a lot.

Alice nodded she opened her mouth to say something but was cut off by the bell ringing. The time went by so fast that it was lunch already. I walked into the cafeteria and got my food with Alice. We made our way to our table…..

I was sitting in my English class, staring at the board. "Okay Class I want you guys to turn in your letters now, please pass them to the front of the row" I sighed and gave Jessica who was sitting in front of me my letter.

I saw Jessica raise her hand, "Yes" Mr. Berty said.

"Well I was wondering do we have to turn in our letters when you ask for them or can we turn the in sooner, because if we have to hold on to them im sure I'll lose mine and I don't want that because I don't want to fail and –"Jessica was cut off by her constant talking.

"You can turn them in when ever you want as long as it's in by the end of the week" Jessica nodded, and returned to whatever she was doing. Mr. Berty started rubbing his temple.

The rest of the day went by fast and soon I was on my way home. I saw Charlie's cruiser in the driveway again and I felt my self stiffen. When I got inside I heard the TV on in the living room.

"Hey is that you Bells" Charlie muttered.

"Yeah Ch-Dad" I wasn't aloud to call him Charlie to his face.

I walked into the living room to see Charlie sitting on the couch; he turned when he heard me come in.

"How was school" I looked at him to see if there were any signs, of him drinking earlier that day… I didn't see any. "It was okay" he nodded and turned back to the game that was on. I headed upstairs….

The rest of the week went by fast, it was mostly Alice worrying about me and me telling her I was fine. Charlie was still on his mood which got me curious.

On Monday in English Class we got our letters from the soldiers. I opened the letter and began reading it.

Dear Bella,

I don't think it's a disappointment writing to you, I'm just happy I'm writing to someone. I'm sorry you lost someone very close to you, I miss my family, but there nothing I can do about it until I get out of this hellhole, witch is in a month.

Anyways I guess I have to go, where moving to a new place… another place where my family here dies.

Yours truly,

Edward Mason

I looked up trying to hold back tears, I saw Mr. Berty looking around the class. I sighed, how was this going to help me when all it does is make me fall apart even more?

I sighed and pulled my notebook out of my bag. I began writing my letter I was going to give Edward.

Dear Edward,

Well I'm glad it's not a disappointment of me writing to you, I thought it was going to be. Anyways im sorry to hear of you missing your family. Let me assure you there doing fine. Your sister Alice is my best friend, she's really good to have around. She's been helping me get over my lose…

I kind of think my mom dying was my fault. Before they took her away we had a fight, the last thing I said to her was that I hated her, when I heard she died I wanted to take those words back… I guess I cant now. A week went by when I received a letter from her saying she was going to come home, and that she loved me.

I didn't really believed it at first, but then I began to barely see what the letter meant… at first I wanted to die with her, but I saw what it would do to my dad, and I decided against it…

Anyways sorry this is a long letter you probably didn't want to hear about my life, even though that's not all of it. I guess I should stop writing.

Yours truly,

Bella Swan

I sighed and asked Mr. Berty for an envelope, when he gave it to me I wrote the address and stood up. I walked over to his desk and put the envelope on his desk. He looked up surprised.

"Your turning it in early?" I nodded.

"Okay I'll send it after school, I guess the reply will come in two day yours will be the only one though because you turned it in early" I nodded and went back to my desk.

I think this will be good for me after all… at least I hope.

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