Hiya! Okay so this is my first Footloose fanfict.

This is a little lost scene between Chuck and Ren. Set after the Tractor Race. Pretty much all AU. Chuck confronts Ren after his dip in the river.

Possibility that can be seen as slash or desired slash. I leave that interpretation up to you the reader, if you want to see it that way then do so. Otherwise can also just be seen as friendship.

Lifting the sacks Ren turned around only to come face to face with Chuck. The last time he's seen the farmer was at the tractor race where he ended up taking a dip.

Despite all their problem Ren did feel bad about that, afterall if his shoelace hadn't gotten stuck he would have been the first to bail. It was all dumb luck.

"Look man, if this is about your tractor I'm sorry about that, hard luck and all that."

The pissed off expression eased up but Chuck still looked majorly angered and all red faced.

"We need to talk. Come with me." With that he turned and marched off towards his truck and climbed behind the wheel, starting the engine before drumming the steering wheel as he impatiently waited.

Sighing Ren dropped the sacks, called to Ben that he was just stepping out for a few minutes, receiving a brief nod and warning to be careful in return.

Climbing into the truck he had barely sat down before Chuck gunned it and they were speeding off out of town. They sat in silence, a highly uncomfortable one at that.

Before long they were in the middle of nowhere and Chuck pulled over to the side of the road, shutting the engine off. The silence continued. By now Ren was fidgeting, it was getting so oppressive in here, but he wouldn't be the first one to speak. This was Chuck's idea afterall. He was the one who wanted to talk, so they would just sit here until he spoke.

"I don't like you – a pause to run a hand over his face – but I respect you, man that stunt you pulled, that was sumat else man."

Turning to look at him fully he continued. "Look how about we start over? Put it there man." With that he held out his hand for Ren to shake.

Staring at him dumbly, Ren would admit to being fully shocked by this. It was not something he was expecting, then again Chuck seeking him out to talk wasn't something he was expecting either.

Smirking he shook hands with Chuck, only to find himself pulled into a quick embrace with a rather strong slap on the back.

"Your all right Chigago."

With that the engine restarted and they were on their way back to town.

Sinking back comfortably in the seat, Ren couldn't help but think that this was one weird town and just kept getting weirder. Who knew what else it would decide to throw at him. Maybe the Reverend would become a sane guy? Or his Uncle would stop trying to run his life?

Laughing silently, closing his eyes, he thought that was highly doubtful, that would take far too much of a miracle.

He jerked slightly as he felt Chuck's arm behind his head, casually draped along the seat, before he settled himself further back and dozed on the smooth ride back to town.