I'm suffering from a rather bad case of writer's block for the epilogue of An Unfortunate Mix Up, but it will be up soon. In the meantime I've seen that discovery channel has made a new version of their "The World is Just Awesome" commercial. So… sequel time!

NOTE: If you don't know who Rael'Shepard is, read An Unfortunate Mix Up.

"De yadda, Boom de Yadda, Boom de Yadda…" Shepard and Tali half-hummed half sang. Shepard turned to his exosuit wearing companion.

"Man, I cannot get that song out of my head." The commander stated.

"Totally, I'm going again." Tali replied and they prepared for another round of galaxy-wide singing.

Shepard: I still love weapons

Tali: I love my combat drone

Wrex: I love to kill stuff

Hopeful Turian, while looking at the Oblivious Quarian: I hate the friend zone.

Shepard, Tali, Wrex and Hopeful Turian: I love the galaxy,

Engineer Donalley: and Scottish accents!

The nameless background crew of the Normandy: Boom de Yadda, Boom de Yadda

Rael'Shepard nar Normandy: Boom de Yadda, Boom de Yadda!

Joker: I love to fly ships

Dr. Chawkwas: I love to be on them

Niftu Cal: I love the GREAT WIND!

Corporal Jenkins: I love to charge right in!

Joker, Chawkwas, Niftu and Jenkins: I love the galaxy,

Thane: With all its good and bad.

The Citadel Council: Boom de Yadda, Boom de Yadda

Sovereign: Boom de Yadda, Boom de Yadda!

The galaxy-wide signing was interrupted as Jenkins charged forward screaming "Corpral !"

Turian Councilor: I love to dismiss claims

Khalisah Al-Jilani: I love to trash stars

Conrad Verner: I love the specters

Zaeed: I love my manly scars

Turian Councilor, Conrad, Khalisah and Zaeed: I love the galaxy

Kasumi: So many things to steal…

All: Boom de Yadda, Boom de Yadda, Boom de Yadda, Boom de Yadda, Boom de Yadda, BOOM!

"You know Tali, the galaxy is still just awesome."