*Author's note: everything in this story that is italicized refers to a flash back.

Everything in this story refers to after Sari's change from organic to techno-organic but before Endgame. Also a need to know: 1,000 vorns would be like 1 year (in human terms). Also try to find the movies that were used as inspiration. (Do not own any of them).*

It's yet another quiet and peaceful day in the city of Detroit. The locals go about their ever day lives without the worries of the much larger battle being fought as they walked their daily commutes. Meanwhile at the Autobot base, it was a different story.

"Any sign of Decepticon activity Ratchet?" Prime walks into the recreational area of the base.

"No Prime I haven't seen anything on the news and Teletran 1 isn't showing anything either." Ratchet walks away from the screens to Prime. "But, we'll keep an optic on the screens just to be on the safe side."

"Come' on Prime. What's with you being so worked up all of a sudden?" (Bumblebee looking away from his videogames.) "You've been watching the monitors since you got up this morning."

"Yeah boss bot, what's got you so worked up?" Bulkhead looks up from his painting that he's been working on for the last few months.

"I don't know…." Prime walks to the window looking up to the now clear blue sky. "… I just got a feeling …ya' know?"

"What kind of feeling? What do you mean?" Bumblebee turns off his videogames and walks over to Prime.

Prime doesn't look away from the window, he doesn't even acknowledge that he's being talked to. Still looking up at the afternoon sky he sees a mocking bird flying away from the base into the afternoon sun.

Ratchet notices he's in a daze. "Prime! Are you listening?" Prime turns away from the window to notice his entire crew looking at him with looks of confusion. Ratchet looks at him again. "Did you even hear a word I said?"

Prime looks to the floor in embarrassment realizing his mistake. "I'm sorry Ratchet, I must have dozed off for a second, what were you saying?"

Ratchet looks at the young leader in udder annoyance with his behavior. "I asked you if you were listening to a word any one was saying?"

Prime looks away again with yet more embarrassment. "No, not really."

Just then the alarm on the computer screens in the back of the room activated indicating a message had been received. The systems of the base indicated that it was the Elite Guard trying to contact them. Optimus walked to the computer screens, typed in a code, pressed a series of buttons and soon enough Sentinel Prime's face was on the monitor screen.

"Optimus, I'm contacting you over a matter of shear importance." Sentinel looked at Optimus as if he was not the bot he wanted to be talking to but really had no choice.

"What do you mean Sentinel? What's so important that you're coming all this way to Earth?" Optimus looked at Sentinel as if he really didn't want to be talking to him either.

Sentinel looked at Optimus in the least sincere of looks. "Please, spare me the chit chat Optimus… I don't have time for it… we'll be there in less than 48 mega-cycles, Sentinel out." With that the image of Sentinel's face was gone from the screens.

"Well, I guess Sentinels' coming for a visit." Prime looks away from the screens to his crew.

"Oh Primus, why can't that son-of-a-glitch leave us alone and let us do our job?" Bumblebee said as he walked away from the others. "I mean, doesn't he have worries of his own?"

Prime looks past the others to Bumblebee. "Normally I would say: first of all, don't use that kind of language and second we're one of his worries, but I guess in a way you're right."

"Bumblebee… right? Well I guess there's always a chance for miracles." Prowl walks out from the corner he was meditating in.

"Oh, very funny… who asked you anyway?" Bumblebee looks at Prowl with anger then walks away.

Prime looks at the two laughing then looks back out the window. "Well, whatever it is he has to tell us, it must be important…"

Forty-eight hours later the flag ship of the Elite Guard landed just outside the base in a clearing just big enough for the ship's hull. Sentinel had brought his crew with him in case of possible Decepticon activity. Jazz, Jetfire and Jetstorm were more than happy to get out of that ship and to get away from Sentinel. Ever since Ultra Magnus' almost going off-line and Sentinel's taking over as supreme leader, he's been acting more stuck –up than ever. And let's face facts; he's starting to drive everyone crazy.

The main door of the ship revealing its contents of four bots. Three being in a good mood about being able to come back to Earth, and one, not so much.

"Hello Sentinel, pleasure seeing you again." Optimus (trying his absolute hardest to greet the crew in a pleasant disposition even though was annoyed by Sentinel's constant presence) greeted them as they came off the ship.

"Well hey there OP, How's it hanging?" Jazz was more than happy to talk. "So how have you-"

"Cut the chatter Jazz, we've got more important things to discus rather than "greetings" understand." Sentinel cutting in on Jazz's and Optimus' discussion.

Jazz didn't say anything, just shrugged and fallowed the others into the base, as did Optimus and Sentinel. Apparently the Prime's had a long discussion, a very, very, very long discussion; one that lasted over three hours. According to Cybertronian intelligence, there has been a leak in information somewhere in the system and there has been a record outbreak in killings among Cybertronian citizens. No one knows who is behind the murders but the council suspects a possibility of Decepticons being responsible.

"But I don't understand Sentinel, why are you telling me this? What do you want me to do about it?" Optimus looked at Sentinel puzzled.

Sentinel looking back at him with a smug grin in his face plate. "I want you to see if you can find Megatron and gather some intel to see if he's behind these recent killings."

"Easier said than done Sentinel." Optimus looked at Sentinel expecting a response which is exactly what he received.

Sentinel mocking Optimus. "What? You don't think you can handle the job Optimus?"

"No Sentinel, it's not that it's just…" Optimus looks back out the window he was looking out before.

Sentinel looks out the same window Optimus is looking out, and then looks at Optimus. "What?"

"It's just that it feels like…something…"Optimus continues to look out the window then looks at Sentinel. "…that something's coming…"