Prince and Princess Mason.

Jasper's Pov:

It has been exactly 200 years from today that I had to leave my twin brother. His name was Edward, Ed for short and I miss him terribly. I don't know if he died or how. We were really close; we would tell each other everything and do lots of stuff together. I have a southern accent and Ed loved it when I used it. Our parents died just after we turned 19 years old. Four months after our parents died that one night ruined my life. I was walking back home from the shops when I ran into a beautiful girl named Maria, we talked for about 10 minutes then suddenly she bit me. I don't know how long I was asleep or what happened to me but when I woke up she was still standing there above me. She told me that she wanted to start an army to fight off other vampires. I told her that I wouldn't join her army and ran into the forest. I hunted off of animals, I have never tasted human blood because just I don't want to be any more of a monster then I already am. After I hunted for the first time I ran back home for the last time. When I got there Ed was sleeping so that was good, I wrote Ed a letter saying that I was sorry, changed clothes and then left forever. I have never found my mate so I have travelled all by myself. Every day I wish that I stayed back home with Ed and told him but there is nothing that I can do about it now. I have a gift I can feel and change people's emotions, it is fun to play around with sometimes. When I get bored I would make to people suddenly love each other or hate each other and they start a fight.

I just recently moved to Forks because it is the least sunniest place in the US and that way I can go outside and be somewhat human again. I enrolled into Forks High School and I start school in half an hour so I walked out to my garage, got onto my red motorbike and drove to Forks High school. I parked my bike next to a big Jeep, got off of my bike, walked into the front office and up to the front desk. The lady behind the desk is wearing a name tag which says Karen.


Karen-Hello, how may i help you?

Me-I am new here. My name is Jasper Mason.

Karen-Oh right you called up last week.


Karen-Well here is your schedule and map of the school just incase you get last.

Me-Ok thanks ma'am.

I took my schedule and map of the school and walked into the hallway, everyone started looking at me. I went to my first class.

Bella's Pov:

My mother and father, my brothers Edward and Emmett, my sisters Alice and Rosalie and myself are sitting down in the loungeroom, we just got back home from hunting. Us kids aren't really related, Carlisle and Esme our parents adopted us so to say. They all have mates but myself. Rosalie and Emmett are together, Alice and Edward are together and of course mum and dad are together. I wish that i could have someone to care for and love. I sighed.

Carlisle-What's wrong sweetie?

Me-Nothing much just thinking about some stuff.


Ed-I don't know she is shielding herself.

A shield is one of my many gifts. I am what as some people call a sponge. A sponge is someone who can absorb another persons or vampires gift. I have already absorbed all of my family's gifts, The Volturi's gift and others. So I am a very powerful vampire.

Me-I will be right back; I am just going to have a shower.


I stood up, ran upstairs and into my bedroom. I walked into my cupboard to find some clothes when i had a vision of the boy that I saw 200 odd years ago when he was still human but he is a vampire now and also hunts animals. The boy walked into the front office and up to Karen the front office lady, they talked and then he told her his name. His name is Jasper Mason. I came out of my vision thinking Mason, where have I heard that before? Mason, Mason, Oh My God Edward Anthony Mason Cullen. Ed's last name was Mason before he moved in with us.

Me-Whispered to myself-Mason.

I quickly got dressed and Ed ran into my room.

Ed-Why did you say Mason?

Me-Because I was thinking about something and Mason came up.

Ed-Like what?

Me-A vision I had.

Ed and I ran downstairs and into the loungeroom where everyone still is sitting down in their same spot.

Ali-What vision?

Me-The vision I just had.

Rose-What was it about?

Me-Look I have to go I promise you that I will explain everything to you all when I get home.

Ali-But we aren't going to school today.

Me-I know, I will be back home in no longer then one hour.

Esme-Ok be careful.

Me-I will.

I faced Ed.

Me-And it will explain why I said Mason.


I ran out of the house, got into Em's jeep and drove to school. I parked my car and went to first class. I sat down in my chair at my desk. No one sits next to me so that is a bonus.