Bella's Pov:

Today is the day that I get married. YAY. I am soo excited and nervous at the same time.

Mum, Char, Alice, Rose, Carmen, Tanya, Kate and Irina are getting ready with me at Jaz and my house. All of the guys are getting ready at mum and dad's house. Char, mum and myself are in my and Jaz's room while the other girls are in the spare rooms. Char and mum are already dressed and ready to go. Char just finished my hair and make-up.

"Alright time to put your dress on sis" Char said.

"Ok" I replied.

Mum and Char helped me into my dress and then mum zipped up the zipper. I put on my high heels and accessories and then stood infront of the mirror to see how I look.

"How do I look?" I asked facing them.

"Beautiful" Mum said.

"The most beautiful bride out" Char said.

I giggled at the same time someone knocked on the bedroom door. It is Alice and Rose.

"Come in" I called.

Alice and Rosalie walked in closing the door behind them; they turned and faced me.

"WOW sis" They both said.

"Thanks" I replied.

"The Denali girls have left and dad is waiting downstairs in the limo" Alice said.

"Ok thanks. Let's go girls" I replied.

We picked up our flower bouquets and walked out of the house and over to the limo. Dad is leaning against the limo door. He looked up when he saw us and smiled.

"You all looked beautiful" He said and then hugged me.

"Thanks" All of us replied.

"You my baby girl are growing up so fast" He said.

"I will always be your baby girl daddy whether I am living with you or not" I replied.

Dad smiled and opened the limo door for us. Alice and Rose got in then mum got in, Char and I got in then dad got in. Dad closed the door and the limo driver started driving.

"Jaz is so nervous sweetie that he was projecting it at one point. Peter is talking with him by himself to try and calm him down" Dad said.

Char and I smiled at each other.

"Is everyone there?" I asked.

"Yes, the guests were starting to arrive when I left" Dad answered.

The limo driver parked the limo and opened our door. I got out after dad and looked at the castle. My hand flew up to my mouth.

"Oh My God" I said.

"It's beautiful" Char replied next to me.

"I know" I said.

"How?" I asked.

"Lots and lots of hard works" Dad answered smirking and lead us inside.

"It is exactly the same as my dream, every little detail is the same" I said.

"I wish I had a wedding like this, it is amazing" Char replied.

"It is time" Char said as the music played.

Mum wished me luck and then walked inside. Char, Alice and Rose went next. I looped my arm through dads.

"Are you ready Bella?" Dad asked.

"Yes" I answered.

Dad and I walked inside. OMG it looked amazing, it is even better than my dream wedding. Really weddings always are but OMG is this the best wedding EVER.

I looked at Jaz he is wearing a black suit, he looks AMAZING. He looks like my prince. I smiled and he smiled back.

'You look beautiful love' Jaz thought. 'You look alright yourself sexy' I thought back.

Dad put my hand in his and then went to sit down next to mum. After the wedding Jaz and I said bye to everyone and left for our honeymoon. We are going to the Whitlock's Island. Peter and Char will be joining us in a month's time. We are going to be living with them but visit my family every now and then.

"Thank you hun; that was the best wedding ever" I said to him.

"Only the best for you my love" He answered.

"I love you"

"I love you too"