Fandom: Pokemon


Kurotsugu= Palmer/Tower Tycoon


This is an incestuous fatherXson pairing.

Kuro looks like...whatever how old he is idk, like mid thirties?

Jun is 12, or near 13. (but he looks a little older than that to me though.)

Just because you try to satisfy some kind of (what I believe to be) a sadistic urge to read anyway even though ANY OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED isn't your cup of tea, don't...flame me for it. I warnedddd youuuu~

This was supposed to be written/posted on father's dayy ROFLL HEE HEE HE, but I'm slow..and I was busy.. But this is still dedicated to it. I wanted to post this bc i'm crazy and sick and twisted. Forgive me for spelling if there are some..I reread it plenty of times, but I wish I had perfect eyes.

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Chapter 1: In the name of all that is heavenly and good...

Velvety black.

'Like lace…'

That was the color of the stratosphere. The moon was barely a visible sliver of pale white and a man's orange eyes would often drift out into the distance, to the ground, then into an unfocused gaze that seeped into his mind.

But then just as quickly, he would snap out of the trance as subtly as he had gone into it, wondering where all the stars had gone in the space above him.

The pungent but familiar scent of cigarette smoke hung lightly in the air. Ashes would burn bright before his eyes and turn into a shade of grey. He watched them dance off into the night with every balanced movement he made with the cigar between his lips. The aroma was calming to his nerves and it mixed well with the tinge of spice that rested on his tongue.

His hands, though, were still shaking. His fingers were trembling even as he shoved them into his coat pockets.

One deep breath, one long drag and the tremors seemed nothing more than imaginary vibrations that resonated faintly within the darkness of his soul. They would bounce and careen off unknown thoughts and emotions until they gently broke, disintegrating into ripples. But the lasting echoes were just like whispers in his ears and he could swear that the gentle breezes that would flutter by in the night were speaking to him. According to his imagination, it was an actual person; a child.

But it wasn't just any child; it was his own…

The idea was playfully amusing and soothing all at the same time but then the man would come to hold his face in his hands as his mind was drowned in those explicit images of this certain boy. Every time this child graced his dark mind with their innocence, he would be steeped further in utter perversion. His electrical impulses working against him to conjure up images, situations, scenarios, each becoming more sweeter than the last.

At one instant, just the honey glimmer of those young eyes and freshness of that supple skin fueled his own insatiable..and indestructible lust. A knot would form in his stomach and then another instant involved the appeal of such a lean and lithe frame…exposed, naked..then willing. From there it was just plain torture and just plain…wrong. But he couldn't stop himself from thinking about what it would be like to feel the warmth of those slender thighs around his waist.

His shoulders tensed and he actually thought he would rip his own hair out. The pensive, blonde man was sitting on a quaint wooden bench a few feet outside of his house. A house whose front door opened into their garden as it creaked softly on golden hinges, the domestic sound going by unnoticed.

Running a hand through his hair, Kurotsugu sighed as he clasped his hands together under the light of a nearby lamp that cast a soft, golden glow upon the flowers near his feet.

'How could this have happened…" he thought on the breadth of anxiousness. He had come down from the frontier to spend some time at home where he was most missed and he had in turn longed to see one person in particular, but what he had come home to was nothing he had been prepared for and was much to his greatest horror. Simply put..

Kurotsugu did not expect to come home and find his son wearing high heels and clad in an all too revealing dress that was really just a thin sheet of rich fabric.

'…he looked adorable in it though..'

The blonde man suddenly groaned again to himself in frustration. The..thing Jun had been wearing..it was a variation of his normal shirt but without sleeves or straps. The striped combination of colors was a darker orange and a creamy, vanilla white. It was short, the bottom hem of the dress only stopping not even mid thigh and the thing that killed Kurotsugu the most was that the normal green scarf that Jun usually wore was tied around the boy's neck delicately as an emerald bow. And…oh Arceus yes, the frills, the frills! How could he forget the soft layer of frills that peaked out from underneath the skin tight garment and so casually brushed against the boy's thighs? Kurotsugu suddenly shivered at the imagery that was still so fresh in his mind but was snapped out of his musings as he heard a voice call to him.

"papah.. Stop smoking and come inside already!"

Plucking the cigarette from his lips, Kurotsugu gently nipped the bud into the dirt before standing up and facing his son who stood in the doorway. The man deadpanned.

'well fuck this; I can't believe he's still wearing them...' Kurotsugu mentally cringed.

"…well are you going to come inside or not?" Jun softly inquired but suddenly looked away , realizing that his father must have still taken notice of him again. Kurotsugu didn't say anything, he just stood there stupefied.

"…I made some cake and milk tea.." the boy added a bit quietly.

Coming back to the present, Kurotsugu had gathered his thoughts and lightly hissed at the boy, startling him in the process.

"Jun! Get back inside the house! I don't want people seeing you like this!" the older blonde demanded.

In a slight moment of fear at the other's harsh tone, Jun had latched onto the door frame at first but then stood his ground, balling his fists while yelling back.

"That is no way to talk to your wife!"

Kurotsugu choked on his own gasp.

"JUN! You are not my wife!"

A moment of silence and then…

"s-s-s-ss…so…you don't…love me anymore?" Jun feigned heartbreak and brought a hand to clasp over his mouth as tears began to form in his eyes.

"J-junn….." Kurotsugu sighed almost pleadingly before resigning.

Deciding that it was late out and the issue would be better dealt with if he complied, the man somberly approached the front steps of the house. Only the sound of his shoes gently clicking on the tile floor was heard as he brushed past the boy. Jun watched his father enter the dinning room as he locked the front door and innocently followed suit.

The boy found his father present at a lavish dinning table. His elbows were pressing into the polished surface as he hunched forward in a tired manner, fingers interlaced and resting his chin upon them. The green cloak that normally adorned him now hung comfortably on the back of the chair. His eyes were closed in exhaustion from the long travel to Futaba and the shock of today's earlier events.

Jun gazed at his father before taking a seat next to him. The man didn't even make any kind of sound or movement in acknowledgement of the other's presence. The 12 year old could see how physically taxed his father was but usually the man had a lot of energy. Jun figured the real reason was the obvious one but he honestly hadn't expected his father to…ignore him in such a way. The more warranted reaction would have been to yell at or punish Jun, but Kurotsugu hadn't really done either. He had simply stared at his son with what appeared to be a mixture of astonishment and slight disappointment. Maybe even disgust. In actuality, it had unnerved Jun greatly and made his heart sink a little. But the younger blonde pushed it away and continued on fervently, even if not as determined as he had been.

Carefully, the boy poured tea for the both of them and neatly sliced triangular pieces of vanilla cake. A warm, white and delicate china cup sat complacently in front of the silent man as he watched his son place fluffy pieces of dessert on small plates. The faint sound of china and silverware clinking did little to ease the man's discomfort and as he stared at the steaming surface of the cloudy tea, he curled a finger around the loop of the handle before finally opening his mouth to speak again. Jun had been poking at a strawberry that rolled off onto the plate with a fork in an absentminded state.

"Does your mother know about this?"

Jun slightly flinched at the other's voice but slowly relaxed although still a bit tense.

"no….you're the only one" the boy slowly answered, gripping his fork a bit too firmly as he stared through his slice of cake. Kurotsugu swallowed and merely gazed at the golden designs of leaves and petals that curled around the china cup in his hands; the warm liquid residing in it still had yet to reach his lips.

"Where did you find those clothes…?" the blonde man had spoken with feigned indifference but the boy could hear slight amusement in his father's voice. At least…that's what Jun thought it sounded like.

"..that's a secret.." the 12 year old answered as he began to lightly swing is legs under the table back and forth.

Kurotsugu finally took a sip of his tea.

"Well, Jun…what other secrets are you keeping from me? Hm?"

"..they wouldn't really be secrets if I told you.." the boy replied as he took his fork and placed a delightful portion of his cake into his own mouth.

"Don't you think a father deserves to know why his only son is behaving in such a different way?" Kurotsugu asked and finally turned to look at the younger one beside him. It was such a mistake. Jun had breathed out a long "mmm" as he slowly pulled the silverware out of his mouth, making sure to purse his lips to clean the utensil of any frosting. Proceeding to stick his fork into the cake again, Jun replied without looking at the man beside him.

"…maybe if you're good, I will tell you."

Kurotsugu had barely acknowledged his son's sentence. The tycoon's eyes had taken a chance as his gaze fell a little lower to the sight of the boy's legs still playfully being swung under the table. When one leg would extend slightly outward, the boy's thigh would look so slim and when it was drawn back, the soft flesh would be hard pressed against the seat. But it wasn't just this that the man had taken notice of; it was the fact that Jun had deliberately forgotten to smooth his dress before sitting so the fabric in actuality was now riding dangerously up the boy's thighs. It was practically at the waist and barely covering any kind of panty Jun was wearing.

Because obviously,…one wears panties when they wear a dress. He wouldn't wear boxers..

'cotton, satin, or lace…?' Kurotsugu tapped his finger lightly on the table as he looked away in his own musings. The thin, white sweater he was wearing suddenly felt a little tight around his neck as he suddenly became irritable.

"Jun, if you're going to act and dress like a girl, then you should behave like one."

The blonde child set down his fork and faced his father with a slightly confused expression. Kurotsugu merely stared at the boy.

A few seconds passed by in silence as Kurotsugu felt a lump forming in his throat. He swallowed and parted his lips. In a level but quiet voice, he spoke.

"Jun…please close your legs..."

The child's face soon held a lovely pink blush as he averted his gaze away from his father. Shyly, the boy had complied, pressing his thighs together and smoothing his hands down his waist and over his bottom.

Kurotsugu then acknowledged that the whole situation had been such a turn on without a doubt. But he also realized that every time he tried to intervene or inquire about the boy, it made the situation even worse. Perhaps his mind was just too far in the gutter to even hope that his own actions wouldn't have some kind of further negative consequence.

But Kurotsugu's hope was in vain as Jun decided to give him back some of the embarrassment that he felt at the moment. The boy smiled at his father with a still freshly pink face and innocently asked the man something in a not so innocent tone.

"…what were you thinking about when you were starring in between my legs for such a long time?"

Kurotsugu narrowed his eyes at his son as his fingers curled into a fist on the table, the other still gripping the tea cup.

"Don't even go there." the skyscraper god flatly warned.

"Why not? It looked like you wanted to."

Kurotsugu gave his son an "I can't believe you just said that" look. And he remained like that until Jun, without breaking eye contact, plucked a strawberry off his untouched piece of cake and began licking the frosting off its tip. That man's lips formed a flat and thin line as he stared incredulously at the boy.

"Jun, stop that."

The pre teen ignored what the man had said and continued running his tongue along his own fingers at the white frosting that had coated them as well.

"Jun, just use a napkin…" Kurotsugu trailed off as he watched his son dip the promiscuous fruit inside his mouth, between such soft lips.

"Why? Does it -lick- bother you -mmm- that much?"

The tycoon felt himself become frustrated at the boy's disobedience. He rarely found himself in a position where he would even be remotely angry with his son but the way things had played out was just so unexpected. And Kurotsugu didn't know how to deal with this.

Chewing the rest of the strawberry, Jun proceeded to lick the remainder of the frosting off his fingers but had flinched when his father suddenly gripped him by the wrist. The blonde boy looked his father in the eyes and noted how sharp and dark his pupils seemed. Jun swallowed and merely lowered his own to the floor as his father came dangerously close to his face. A harsh whisper reached his ears.

"Jun, I don't know where you picked this behavior up from, and I don't know why you're doing it-" he paused and noted the faint scent of roses emanating from the boy's soft hair; something inside him was on the verge of snapping.

"-but whatever this is, it's a sick and twisted game."

The older male lingered for a few more seconds and Jun wasn't aware he was holding his own breath, much less how straight and tense his back had become. Kurotsugu knew he startled the boy, he could see how rigid his body was, but Jun would always be his son, and above all the tycoon just didn't have the heart to scare the other so much. As a lasting statement though, he left the boy with words to think long and hard about.

"Jun…I'm your father…and what you might be asking for is something I don't think you really want, let alone know much about."

Slowly, Kurotsugu released the boy and Jun solemnly gazed at his father. Standing up out of his chair, the tycoon lightly ruffled the boy's blonde hair, trying not to notice how silky the strands were or how soft Jun's cheek felt as his fingers accidentally grazed the younger's skin.

"I'm going upstairs for a while to shower and dress for the evening, I'll be down again in a little while."

And with that, Kurotsugu left Jun at the table, the boy's heart a torrent of pulsating emotions. But what he didn't know was that his father's was just the same.

But it wasn't over yet. Jun wanted something and only his father could give it to him.

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