Something and its consequences rather than the pain of not knowing or never doing.

Tenses can be iffy.

Alternating points of view between two people.

Writing this cost me a lot more than time, effort, or drain on the creative reservoir.

This came out a bit more violent than I had ever even intended in the first place.

Sexual tension? Perhaps.

Violent surprise? Some.

Calm before the storm (or violence before the fucking).

Motivations for writing this are more complex than the simple pleasure or love of the pairing or a sick twisted thrill on this kind of relationship=exploratory.

Plan for a one shot fic: reality= not happening :/

Precocious 13 (almost 14) yr old. ._.

Precocious children in general. I mean hey, come on, think about it. What kind of social expectations exist realistically in a society that "let's children battle demi gods". Lmao.

Format/structure of events= eehhh...uheuhe...uhhng..


Ch3: smells sweet but tastes bitter




He should have known better. He really should have. But he'd thrown that tiny voice of caution out the window like an unneeded poffin because someone you care about is the last reason you'd ever think of having to guard yourself against. He supposed that like in a battle, what one considers a pokemon's greatest attribute could very well prove to be the cause of its own undoing. That was hardly the point though because the situation Kurotsugu found himself in was the farthest thing from being called a pokemon battle and instead more closely resembled something that one might call domestic violence.

All thoughts of battle strategy and pokemon science aside, human relationships were what he could of easily admitted (to himself, not anyone else) as something that he possessed little to no aptitude in, especially where it involved his own son. Sure, he was charismatic and had years of experience in socializing, building rapport, and establishing a reputation among trainers in general, but where it really mattered, all those years amounted to a pile of nothing. A 13 year old was the only thing that made anything he'd ever gained look like dust.

Any semblance of skill, control, and sense of conviction in his life held no candle to the miniature blonde he had pinned to the bed at the moment. Kuro just never thought that the person he considered as a younger, slender, and obviously more feminine version of himself would ever be bold (and insane) enough to assault an adult more than twice their size who also happened to be their own father. But maybe the tycoon had been the one lacking enough sanity and forethought to still believe that his son would remain innocent and pure throughout his adventures. It had cost the skyscraper god a smarting bruise to his left cheek to additionally think the boy trapped under him was delicate and frail.

He had been very wrong and very mistaken at all to assume the young child he knew had stayed as just that: a child. It was a small wish he had harbored in an obscure corner of his heart for the longest time. It was a wish born out of the small amount of guilt he carried somewhere in the back of his mind for leaving futaba in the first place. Some part of him held onto the foolish notion that he could just simply come back at any point as he desired and seemingly pick up where he had left off. But as all things do with time, the small boy had changed. If anything, Jun had become more precocious, especially where sexuality was concerned and at first, Kurotsugu didn't understand why.

Their society was generally amiable, hospitable, and safe. But it wasn't perfect and although some part of him refused to look at the facts, something or some things, had happened in order to drastically change and/or influence Jun's salacious behavior alone. Other aspects of physical appearance, choices in wardrobe along with what gender Jun even identified with were less alarming things that were stored on a shelf of the tycoon's mental library, serving as perusable material for later.

On one hand, whatever had happened during the time he'd been separated from the honey haired youth was a world of possibilities in itself; it was something outside both of their control. Or maybe he liked to think that it was a topic he never had a say in, which was a blatant lie because Kurotsugu clearly could have stayed. He easily could have told Jun no and made him wait to start his journey, but perhaps it only would have been delaying the inevitable. One thing though that he clearly understood he could not change or ever had a chance of avoiding was particularly how he had felt back then and he'd made sure to keep those feelings buried.

On the remaining hand existed the heavier guilt induced possibility that he, as a father, had done something that served as the brick which laid the foundation for everything else up to this point in time. And if Kurotsugu's concentration were not laid elsewhere, he would have been able to push denial aside and acknowledge that inkling of doubt in his affections as a parent. He would have been able to acknowledge that the brick he had cemented down had possibly helped create a wall, an emotional wall so insurmountable that the thought of climbing or breaking through it conjured an unbearably dull ache within his chest that traipsed around and strangled his wind pipe whenever he so much as thought of Jun.

But it was better than unearthing what he feared and hoped remained in the past. The wall was a barrier and it served the purpose he'd given it. The psychological infrastructure on his side kept the truth from daylight. It stopped anyone from walking in and finding that one dark thing, a small morsel, sitting there in the corner threatening to unravel the existence of more than one person should he ever indulge it. The choice he had made did not come without long term consequence. When he'd made up his mind to even fly down in the first place, in essence he was making an effort to finally confront what he'd thought he could so easily put behind him. However, after he had looked into a brighter pair of eyes that mimicked the orange meringue of his own, Kuro had begun to think in hindsight that coming back had been an even larger mistake.

'The root of everything that unintentionally provokes all those unbidden tendencies within me to surface is literally within arm's length.'

As it were, the taller blonde had his teeth bared in cunning silence against the soft, honey wisp covered temple of the other. The subtle, curvaceous slope of a rounder cheek grazed the heated flesh of his own as he inhaled the scent of something faintly sweet. What little of the already dwindling focus he had was lost to the touch of slender wrists straining against his fingers and the steady thrum of radial pulses whispering into his skin, kissing his palms.

Low pitched and smoothly rolling off his own tongue was a question laced with the subtle promise of bodily harm if compliance wasn't met.

"If I let you go, will you stop whatever it is you're trying to accomplish by acting this way?"

The restrained adolescent merely turned his head slightly to the left with his lips drawn in a tight line, thoroughly content to continue admiring the crystal chandelier lights above them. A forceful exhale of air left the boy's nares in a non verbal scoff that still carried across the wordless message of his unrelenting defiance towards the older male above him. Jun's wrists were pinned into the sheets on each side of his head and every so often he would flex his hands to test the vice like grip they were clamped in. With much difficulty he tried to steady his breathing, tried to ignore the defined cheek pressed into his own and the proximity of the other man's lips to the outer lobe of his ear. A part of him felt ashamed for essentially backhanding his own dad but it was out of reflexive shock when the older male had advanced on him with what looked like anger in his eyes. He knew the man wouldn't take well to what he'd done earlier but he had to snatch his attention somehow. He just didn't think he'd end up with his cell phone strewn across the room sporting a fractured screen much less the fact that he had been forcefully shoved onto the bed and pinned there by a fully grown, nude man who he just happened to be related to.

Not mention that the bottom hem of his outfit had ridden up so horribly high that if the older male had bothered to even glance down, he'd not only see the twin obsidian garter straps encircling his girlish thighs but there would be no question as to what type of panties his cross dressing self was wearing because the truth was-

Jun wasn't wearing any.

Kurotsugu had made sure to minimize as much contact between them as possible and still maintain a position that prevented the younger blonde from lashing out or trying anything devious. His face was essentially nestled into the golden locks of the younger, and though his hands were full restraining the boy at the wrists, he was able to support his upper body by resting on his forearms. His torso hovered and arched over the smaller teen preventing any thoracic contact by six inches at most and he was kneeling in such a way that allowed the boy's legs to hug his bare hips. Simply put, if Kurotsugu had decided to fuck his son right then and there, they'd be rocking and rolling, missionary style.

He just wondered that by the end of whatever this was if he was the one that would need to be restrained. His concern, however, for the other's safety was the farthest thing from his mind at the moment. It was not that he didn't care about what he could do to hurt his own flesh and blood, but he was currently pondering the more pressing matter of how inappropriate it was to be hovering over your own child on a bed in a sexual position while completely nude. And how none of this would have happened if he, as a parent, hadn't kept shrugging things off, thinking they'd resolve themselves when it came to his son.

He should have figured the boy would be conniving, that Jun wouldn't have given up so easily after he'd left him in the dinning room with words that held a subtly wrapped warning. But no, Jun had to go and pull the ribbon off, open the wrapper and call him on his bluff. And one thing Kurotsugu never did was make empty or false threats. He meant every word of what he'd said and he'd follow through on every subtle implication of it if Jun provoked him. And the teen clearly had.

Because if there's one thing you don't do to your parent, it is remove their bath towel and all acceptable means of clothing while they shower and then proceed to take pictures of them in the nude as blackmail. And Jun had exactly done just that. To say the sky scraper god was pissed at the teen was an understatement. Reflecting back on the series of events of the past 15 minutes, the aggravated male tried to pin point when exactly shit hit the fan.


After leaving Jun to his own thoughts on the first level of the house, Kurotsugu had decided to clear his thoughts and wash away a creeping sense of long buried guilt by indulging in a shower. Twenty minutes had passed and by the time he had turned off the spray of water and stepped out, the faint sound of a snapshot reached his ears and the damage was already done. It was his fault for not locking the door to the bathroom in the first place much less the bedroom. Seeing his son standing there in the shower room with him, a ruby cased cell phone in his hand and a solemn expression on his face, had taken the tower tycoon by surprise. Reflexively his left hand dove down to cover his privates, not that Jun probably hadn't seen or known what male genitalia was, but Kuro didn't want his son to see what his family jewels looked like.

"God damn it, Jun, what are you trying to do?", was the furious shout that echoed around them as the man took to frantically looking around for material with which he could use to preserve his modesty.

While his dad was still caught off guard, Jun had taken the opportunity to take a few more snapshots before quickly backing out of the spacious bathroom. The flat expression the boy had worn on his face suddenly became tinged with uncertainty and apprehension once the man in front of him overcame his state of shock and lunged at him. The tycoon's brows had furrowed quickly in annoyance, irises taking on a darker shade while his lips curled back into a teeth bared snarl. For a moment, Jun's determination had faltered as a feeling of dread crept down his spine and made the hairs on the nape of his neck stand up. Never in all his years as a youth had his parents yelled or raised a hand at him but seeing his own father sport a look that bordered on some kind of obscure murderous rage made Jun not want to take any chances by standing within pummeling range. A low growl however seemed to effectively immobilize him to his current spot.

"Move another inch, Jun, and Arceus help me, I will tear you apart."

Paralyzed with fear of the man vigorously advancing on him, Jun would come to realize in hindsight that he could have made a dash out of the bedroom altogether and hid in some other part of the house. The thing about hindsight though is that one doesn't realize something until it's often too late. It was really only seconds before the other male stood before him in godly, unabashed, nudity. The difference in height became much more pronounced as Jun's face was only level with the other's bare chest. The boy had craned his head, locking his doe wide eyes with a pair that was narrowed back at him. In that moment the teen felt his throat clamp with dryness in noticing his father's lashes slip into a deeper shade still fresh with the slickness of water.

Jun didn't realize his own shoulders were quivering now that he could feel the warmth radiating from the other being along with the clear sound of exhaled breaths that filled his ears. Still, the man's lips remained split by a pearly white snarl, skin pulled back at the corners by invisible fingers. White-golden bangs slicked and curved themselves along the man's sun kissed brows and angular slope of his still soft cheeks. The pert and sharply cut tufts that would otherwise stick up when dry were now matted to the crown of his head with the occasional stray wisp darting in different directions. The feral gleam in his father's eyes made Jun liken the man to that of a very pissed off ninetails that had been blasted with hydro pump. The man's foxtail side burns were still sleek and sopping wet.

Jun didn't dare let his gaze leave the man's face. He was pretty sure if he had, his father's fingers would be clamped around his slender throat faster than he could blink. Seconds had only gone by in reality when Jun's left arm slid up the fabric of his dress to clutch the ruby colored cell phone closer to his own wildly beating heart. The scarlet color had caught the older man's gaze and Kurotsugu made a spontaneous movement to snatch the boy's arm. The suddenness of the action had caught Jun by horrible surprise and he immediately flinched away to avoid the possibility of being hit. When the man's right hand deftly latched onto his left wrist and gave a hard tug upward, Jun reflexively pulled back and slapped his right hand flat against the man's sternum as leverage to prevent him from coming any closer.

Seeing this, Kurotsugu immediately let go of the boy's wrist along with the prospect of obtaining the incriminating device but only so he could abruptly land a forceful blow to the adolescent's chest with his palm. It worked and Jun stumbled back letting out an involuntary gasp at the force of the jab. The sting of tears pricked at the corner of his eyes as the back of his legs finally came into contact with the bed behind him. He felt himself lose balance and arch backward but before he could even hit the sheets, a slick and heated arm had curled around his waist and pulled him flush against naked flesh.

Through a watery gaze, Jun's eyes had snapped back up to meet his father. The child's mouth hung open in silent exclamation at the now uncomfortably close proximity to the epitome of rage that was his dad. Kuro took advantage of the moment by viciously snatching the cell phone from his son's thin fingers and purposefully throwing it across the room to the side where it smacked into the wall. A resounding and sickening crack filled the air before the expensive and compact piece of technology fell to the floor in shattered pieces.

Kurotsugu decided he didn't care about preserving his modesty in front of his son anymore and used both arms to restrain the boy by bringing the teen closer to him. Jun was quickly overcome with the sensation of being trapped and upon seeing what had happened to his phone, began struggling in the taller male's embrace. When the grip around his midsection wouldn't give, Jun had boosted himself up using the man's shoulders and hooked his legs around his father's hips. The friction was jarring to the older male and in that moment Jun took the opportunity to lean backwards and backhand his own father clear across the face.

After his knuckles had collided with his father's defined cheekbone, the small honey blonde found himself unceremoniously dropped onto the bed's silk sheets. Jun could hear himself hyperventilating through his own blurry vision as he momentarily lay weak and boneless upon the mattress with his legs sprawled immodestly before him. If his father didn't want to kill him before, he sure as hell would now.

Kurotsugu's head had snapped to the side from the impact but throughout the whole ordeal, no sound had left his lips. His eyes were squeezed shut in pain, jaw firmly set with lips pursed in distaste. One hand remained at his side while he stood at the foot of the bed, clenching and unclenching his fingers every so often in an attempt to distract himself. His right hand had slowly come to smooth itself over his face, covering his lips at first before carefully cupping a throbbing cheek.

"…mmm…Jun.." was the almost quiet admonition that tumbled passed Kuro's pearly canines and yet in the boy's ears the words held so much bated fury. Hearing his own name shook him out of the trance he'd fallen into and once again he peered up at the man whose orange eyes had opened slightly, pupils averted to the side to stare at him with a half lidded gaze. Slowly the calloused hand that cupped a damaged cheek had resigned itself to hang limply at his tan waist. For a moment, no one moved.

Jun watched his dad sport a look of distaste while pointedly glaring from an advantageous height. A muscle twitched in the boy's own garter strapped thigh as his brain registered that now would be the perfect time to just get the hell out of the room. In a fluid movement Jun had pushed himself up using his forearms and only managed to throw his left closer to the edge of the mattress but his dad had obviously anticipated this. Using one arm, Kuro planted a palm on the boy's fabric clad chest and shoved him down into the sheets. He had settled onto the bed, craning his body over the petite frame of his son and lifted the boy's hips onto his thighs so that those long, thin legs curled around his hips. Jun had made a soft "ahhuh" sound as his back collided with the soft material beneath him, taken momentarily by surprise at how swift the man's movements were. Kuro had taken advantage of the boy's slight disorientation and pinned his wrists down into the blankets while situation his own face against the side of the younger's.


Presently, they had remained like that for 15 minutes. Jun's tears had dried though his eyes did not lose that glassy, near close to crying appearance. Kurotsugu's breaths had evened out and the other's still came in occasionally shallow bursts. While most of the water droplets on his body had evaporated, his hair still remained slightly damp and the foxtail side burn that was pinged between both their cheeks made their skin slightly itch.

Jun tried his hardest to ignore the man restraining him down, tried to ignore how easy it was for him to do so, and tried to ignore how helpless he'd always been when it came to his father. So when the man had asked him if he'd stop after letting him go, Jun couldn't answer and gave a scoff instead. It wasn't that he didn't want to say something, but rather he couldn't spit up words past that lump in the back of his throat, like fear was holding his sentences hostage in his mouth. Not to mention he was still reeling from the fact that things had gotten extremely physical between them for the first time.

Jun closed his eyes. Something about the way the man had said his name earlier didn't sight right with him, especially after the fact that he made a strike at his own parent. The draft between his legs made him even more aware of the soft material cushioning his lower back and he noticed for the first time how warm the other male was. They were barely touching and yet warmth radiated from the older male as if he were a furnace.

Carefully, Kuro shifted the boy's hands above his head on the mattress and positioned them so that both slender wrists could be nestled into his one palm alone. With the remaining free hand, he gently but firmly griped onto the boy's jaw line, thumb and forefinger digging into pliant flesh and turned Jun's head to face each other's line of sight. The boy wouldn't meet his eyes, instead they remained averted to the side, and the elder figured it was out of shame. Or possibly the fact that their lips were only an inch away from each other's.

Heaving a sigh, Kuro nestled his face into his son's cheek, the action making the body beneath him jerk involuntarily. The tip of his nose and the mounds of his lips nudged into the side of the boy's face before he closed his eyes in concentration and spoke once more.

" Jun, tell me. Why are you doing this?"

It was a calm and simple request but the moment it reached the teen's ears, a fresh layer of water formed in his eyes. He tried to shift his head away from his father's in the hopes that if tears spilled out of his eyes, his father wouldn't feel them. He wouldn't know how torn he felt inside like a piece of shredded artwork. But long and steady fingers held his jaw and chin in place as the word "why" kept echoing inside of him.



'..why are you doing this?'

Jun grit his teeth and shut his eyes, silently bemoaning the cascade of stray drops from his lashes. A hiccup bubbled its way past his throat but managed to be expelled as some kind of strangled whimper. Though difficult, he managed to swallow past a bitter knot and parted his lips to take in a large some of air before words formed.

" you want to know why, do you?"

Jun exhaled a shuddering breath before finally opening his eyes half way, vision still wet with salt liquid. He became acutely aware of father's face now hovering directly above his own. He couldn't make out the man's expression but could feel the soft gusts of air that fanned out over his own skin due to his still close proximity. The tear tracks on his cheeks soon turned cold as they slowly dried away. Vaguely, the small blonde noticed that the consistency of his saliva had become thick and copious such that he had to keep swallowing it down. All the blood rushing to his face didn't help the flushed sensation that had already come over him and he had to shut his eyes once more regain composure. Before the broken lakes of tears had time to slip all the way down the side of his face and drip onto the sheets, words were already spilling past his lips.

"I remember when I was younger, the way your hand would linger on my face every time you stroked my cheek in fondness, the way you would put your arms around me to console me when I cried or was sad, how easily you would lift me up and carry me with you whenever we went out for walks. And even though it was years ago and so much has happened since then, I remember how mom would scold me every time I wanted to stay up late with you, I remember the words of other kids who made fun of me for liking my dad "a little too much". I still remember the time I kissed you by surprise and on the occasions you would tell me that you loved me, it was different from the way mom, or anyone else did."

Jun finally opened his eyes and gazed up into the disconcerted features of his father whose lips were pulled into the beginning traces of a grimace and whose eyes were ridden with worry and guilt. With a softer and more nostalgic pace, the boy continued, never breaking eye contact with the man above him.

"But most of all, I remember the way your eyes would linger. No one else stared at me like the way you did, daddy."




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