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Welcome to Berk. It's twelve days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It's located solidly on the meridian of misery. The village? In a word, sturdy. It's been here for seven generations but every single building is new. There's fishing, hunting, and a charming view of the sunsets. The only problems are the pests.

You see most places only get mice, or mosquitoes, but no…

We have.



Hofferson House…

Stoick had arrived at the Hofferson household and was quickly ushered inside. He politely the offered food but did take a mug of beer.

Stoick took a seated to the left of the stone hearth. I would like to thank you for seeing me. He said to Astrid Hofferson, her older brother Sven, and her mother Ingrid.

"My son will be arriving soon, I received a messenger pigeon today." He said to the Hofferson family. Ingrid gave Stoick a surprised look and then silently nodded. "As you know he has been traveling with Gobber for the last six years to prepare himself for becoming the next chief." He then focused on Ingrid and said, "would you like to tell her?"

Her mother turned to Astrid and said. "I made a vow with Stoick's wife Valhallarama before you were born. We were always shield maidens (1) together, so we vowed to engage our children."

Astrid grew pale and replied. "Mom. Please tell me you are jesting?

Ingrid took her daughters hand; "it is only an engagement. Either you or Hiccup can cancel the engagement after one year.

"Better you than me," Sven interjected with humor in his voice. "Of course he's going to have to fight like Odin himself just to bed you.

"Shut up before I kill you," she replied angrily tightening her grip on her chair's arm.

"Sven, leave your sister alone. Another word and you'll be helping to clean fish for a month." Ingrid interrupted in a tone brooking no argument. She put a hand on her daughter's shoulder and continued. "Just give the boy a chance. That's all I ask daughter."

"Fine," Astrid said quietly as she clenched her fist. "There's small choice in rotten apples," she thought to herself (2).

"I know this is a lot for someone your age," Stoick said. "I thought it might help if this was kept between our two families. I am sure would rather not be the center of the town gossip every time you are seen together." Astrid ignored the rest of the conversation as she considered what having a fiancée would mean. Stoick spoke to her mother and brother for a few more minutes before leaving.

The next day…

A confused and angry Astrid grabbed Ruffnut for some training in the woods outside town. She quickly confided in a surprised Ruffnut during practice.

Astrid slammed her shield into Ruffnut's shield before following up with a sidearm slash with the training club. "I can't believe she did this to me!"

Ruffnut took a step backwards and replied. "It has been six years. Maybe Gobber was able to make a Viking out of him."

"A Viking out of Hiccup", Astrid yelled angrily before charging! "Only Odin could make a Viking out of him."

Ruffnut laughed and took the blow on her shield before aiming a strike at Astrid's legs. "It is only a year at worst. Then you can call it off. Besides he might be cute."

"Cute? I doubt it."

Ruffnut signaled that they take a break and both young ladies put down their weapon and shields. "Listen it is only a year. If he is the same clumsy stick as before, just ignore him for a year. If he turns out to be some pervert, just break a couple of fingers and that will fix that issue." She gently punched Astrid in the shoulder and continued. "If you are lucky and you decide to keep him. I'm sure you'll be able to train him."

Astrid looked at her friend. "Where did you pull that from?"

Ruffnut replied, "I have been talking to my mom. We do live in the middle of nowhere. I may have half a dozen choices in the village. According to my mom dad wasn't much of a prize when she first got him. She says it took a good ten years to make a decent husband out of him."

Astrid turned to Ruffnut and replied. "Maybe your right, but it doesn't mean I have to be happy with the situation."

"Just do us all a favor and don't neuter the poor boy if he talks to you. If he ends up being cute I might want to try him at some point." Ruffnut said in jest to her friend.

Nearby Tuffnut had overheard the conversation and decided to share the news with Snotlout.

That evening at the Chieftain's House…

The Hofferson family had been invited to the Chief's house. A tall thin stranger standing at least six feet tall opened the door. He studied the three people before him with silted green eyes. "Good evening, I am Hiccup." She noticed he had a mild accent to his speech. "Please come in my Father is expecting you." He stood aside and gestured for the to enter. Astrid and the stranger took a few second longer than normal to study each other.

The family entered the house and was found Stoick sitting across the table from another man with a metal hook. Both stood and called for the three new comers to join them. Astrid joined her family at the table and turned to study Hiccup as he sat across the table from them.

Stoick gestured to the man across from him and introduced Gobber to the family. He then turned to Hiccup and said in a resigned voice. "Go ahead and take off the gloves. They have a right to know."

Hiccup signed stood and started unbinding the leather strips securing his gloves. His thin build green and his black hair immediately struck Astrid. She vaguely remembered Hiccup having Brown Hair. He then removed a pair of battered leather gloves revealing a set of short black claws on his fingertips. He then sat down and stared at Astrid to gage her reaction. She stared at Hiccup with a mixture of surprise and possibly disgust.

"Well now. I guess, I should explain." Gobber said rising to his feet. "As you know I have been training Hiccup for the past six years. We traveled and trained across dozens of distant lands. One night crossing a empty moor a we were camping for the night. Hiccup was collecting branches for a fire when a Night Fury attacked him. The creature fled before I arrived. I found Hiccup missing his right arm with deep bite marks along both his arms and legs.

Astrid quickly glanced at Hiccup to confirm he now had two arms.

Gobber continued. "I bandaged his wounds, but I didn't expect him to make it. I left the moor dragging him on a crude litter. Two days later he was still alive when I reached a village. The bites seemed to slowly heal but he remained unconscious. On the night of the full moon he awoke screaming. That night he turned into Night Fury and fled the village. It took me the entire next day to find him. I eventually found him human the next morning with an ancient druid."

"I also had my arm restored," Hiccup said raising his right arm.

"Anyway," Gobber continued. "The druid said Hiccup had shared blood with the Night Fury and they were bound. He said Hiccup was now cursed to turn into a Night Fury on the full moon. On the brighter side Hiccup is faster and stronger than he use to be."

"I am engaged to a dragon," Astrid mumbled to herself in shock.

Sven studied the younger man across the table and asked, "do you become a beserker or anything when you become a dragon?"

Hiccup sighed and responded. "No. I remain myself, that's why I fled the village. I really didn't feel like being slain by the local mob."

"Have you considered what to tell the village," Ingrid asked Stoick?

"I discussed it briefly with Gobber. We believe it might be best to give everyone a couple of week to get use to Hiccup before telling the village." He replied stroking his red beard. "Unfortunately there is a full moon in about a week. I will take Hiccup on a short hunting trip to ensure there is no problem.

"Now, that is out of the way. We should probably eat," Stoick said. Hiccup moved to serve the people around the table. This was traditionally the lady of the house role as host but since his mother had passed away it had fallen to him to serve whenever they had company. Astrid watched her fiancée without trying to stare. He still seemed to lack the ingrained grace of a fighter but he was less clumsy than she remembered. When he served her she could not help but stare at his claws.

Once he had finished serving everyone, he took his place opposite Astrid. Hiccup asked Sven and his sister about what had happened in the village during the last six years. He in returned answered several questions about other villages and his training under Gobber. "So what he mean faster and stronger," Sven asked Hiccup after a few minutes.

"I am merely faster and stronger than I used to be. It's kind of hard to explain."

"He's got more strength than anyone that thin should," Gobber interjected. "But he hasn't got the strength of a bear or anything. And he is faster swinging a hammer in training."

The meal ended shortly thereafter with the Hofferson family returning home. Hiccup wasn't the clumsy boy from before, which was a plus. But he wasn't entirely human, which was a minus. It sometime seemed the gods were having too much fun with her life.

The next Day at Dragon training…

The teenagers deemed ready for Dragon training were gathering in the arena. "So I heard, he arrived yesterday. What do you think?" Ruffnut inquired pulling Astrid to the side.

Astrid looked around to make sure no one was listening and whispered into her ear. "He seems 'nice' enough. But he's really weird."

"What do you mean," Ruffnut asked?

"It means… He's probably too weird even for you." Astrid finally and nodded her head. There he is.

Ruffnut turned and studied the figure entering via the ramp to the arena. He wore a grey cloak about himself and was armed with a warhammer. Tuffnut, Snotlout, and Fishlegs also turned to study the new arrival.

"I might have to take up your challenge," Ruffnut said as she studied the new boy. She was interrupted when Gobber hobbled forward.

"Welcome to Dragon training, today you will learn to fight dragons" Gobber said to the assembled teenagers. "Today is about survival. Now let's get started" he stated walking to a winch holding a door closed.

"Aren't you going to train us first," Fishlegs asked as Gobber opens the dragon cage.

"I believe experience is the best teacher," Gobber replied as an angry Gronckle flew into the arena. "Quick what do you need!"

Hiccup already familiar with Gobber's style of training had grabbed a shield and was slowly flanking the Gronckle on its left side. He ignored the mad scramble for shield and move steadily around the Gronckle's flank. He watched as the twins were disqualified he was behind the dragon when it took out Fishlegs. Hiccup ran forward as his remaining classmates distracted the Gronckle and delivered a sharp blow to the right wing. The sound of breaking bone and cartlidge was heard before it hit the ground.

"Hiccup no grandstanding. Today is about speed and dodging." Gobber yelled as the dragon regained its feet an turned to face Hiccup. The dragon stared at him and Hiccup readied himself to dodge to the side. The Gronckle hissed at him and then turned and walked back into its enclosure.

"Well that was weird," Gobber said as he entered the arena. The dragon was still siting in its cage staring only at Hiccup. He shrugged his shoulders and slammed the door shut.

"What the hell was that," Gobber asked turning to Hiccup?

"Sorry," Hiccup responded.

"I said today was about survival. I said nothing about attacking it." Gobber replied testily.

"Sorry, You spent the last six years telling me to go for a dragon's wing and tail fins. So I did."

Gobber muttered to himself before turning to the other students. "Ruffnut and Tuffnut. Ignore your sibling and focus on the dragon. Otherwise it could be fatal." He turned to Fishlegs, "you too. When fighting a dragon always keep your focus on a dragon. If you ever find yourself between two dragons keep moving until you only have to watch one direction." He then turned to Snotlout. "Stop flirting during training. If Hiccup hadn't gotten it you would have been next." He then said to Astrid, "you did well. You kept your focus on the dragon and always kept moving. Hiccup, you did well flanking the dragon and disabling it. But did you plan what you would do after you got the wing. Always try to plan your next attack before you are caught flatfooted."

He then turned to all of the and said. "Go get cleaned up and meet in the meade hall."

Hiccup moved to leave the arena, when he was stopped by Snotlout. "Yes," Hiccup asked in a bored tone of voice?

"Astrid deserves better than you, so I'm challenging you to a fight." Snotlout declared loud enough for the other trainees to hear.

"Really. I figured this was the standard 'give the new guy a hard time'," Hiccup replied. "We can't fight about Astrid though."

"Why," Snotlout asked in confusion?

"If the challenge is about the engagement. You are insult both our families and if you did manage to destroy the engagement there could be a blood feud. But if this is not about the engagement we can fight without involving family honor."

"Yeah. That's what I meant."

"Fine. Bare hands and let's keep it short. I'm hungry.

Later in the mead hall…

Hiccup was sitting at a table with the other trainees. He had trouble seeing out his left eye and his jaw was sore. He ended up sitting next to Snotlout at the table, who had his own set of bruises. He wasn't sure if either one of them could claim victory.

He noticed Astrid was completely ignoring them. He took a sip of his beer and spoke in a low tone to Snotlout. "I don't think fighting for her impressed her much." Snotlout only grunted in response to the comment. "You know she a great fighter right." He received another grunt. "She's acting like we just said she can't take care of herself."

Snotlout actually looked in surprise at him. "You think so."

"Yeah. Listen, I know you care for her. But beating on each other isn't going to help. Tell you what if you'll agree for a truce until the engagements over, I happen to know where an unguarded keg of mead is."

Snotlout glanced at Astrid, who was still ignoring them. "Let's invite Tuffnut and Fishlegs and you have a deal."


At the other end of the table another conversation was being held. Ruffnut leaned in an quietly said, "give him a break. If he hadn't fought you would have lost respect for him."

"I don't need anyone to fight for me. And I'm certainly not a prize to be one," Astrid replied bitterly.

"Everyone in the village knows that. He even made a point to remove you from the fight, " Ruffnut stated simply.

"We all know what the fight was about."

"Would you seriously prefer a guy not willing to fight when challenged?"

"If he dose not treat me like a prize, I might." Astrid responded between bites of fish.

"You are really stubborn," Ruffnut said with a smile. She tilted her head slightly and here grin grew wider. She leaned a little closer and said. "I just heard the boys organizing a drinking party without us later. You feel like watching them make fools of themselves."

"I think we already did that."

"I think it will be fun. If you change your mind head towards McFey's shed near the warf after dark."

Several hours later…

The four boys sat in a rough circle on piles of nets in the mostly abandoned shed. The were already a couple of tankards into the keg and missed the two stealthy figure arriving outside.

"So this is an agreement between your mothers," Tuffnut asked?

"Yeah. It the family honor thing. So we're all stuck with it. Just be glad this is Berk or we would already be married. Most villages we stopped at everyone is married by sixteen. " Hiccup replied in learned tone of voice.

"Fishlegs also has a fiancée," Tuffnut replied. "It's Aetta." Fishlegs looked unhappy with the idea and took another large gulp of mead. "He's scheduled to get married next spring."

"She's already got one kid from a previous marriage. She lost her husband to dragons earlier this year." Snotlout added staring into the darkness. "She's about three years older than us."

"Oh, Odin." Fishlegs groaned in misery to himself.

"So what was training with Gobber like," Tuffnut asked changing the subject?

"A lot of moving about. We did basic weapons training, navigation, sailing, and blacksmithing. We visited everywhere from Oseberg to Borg (3)." He took a sip of the mead and continued. "We really didn't do any dragon training. But get a couple of beers into him and he will ramble for hours about dragons."

"Let's talk of something more pleasant," Snotlout added. "How about Astrid?"

"She certainly seems like the perfect Viking warrior," Hiccup said after a moment. "And she's probably the prettiest unmarried girl in the village. But she can't stand me."

"Once Aretta got married two years ago, Snotlout decided Astrid was his true love." Tuffnut added with a laugh.

"Hey. It took me some time to notice her qualities," he replied defensively.

"And it did hurt when she starting getting some curves," Tuffnut snorted. The slightly drunken boys took a second to visualize the curves before the conversation continued.

"So besides Snotlout is anyone else chasing Astrid," Hiccup inquired?

"Not really. Supposedly Ottar the trader from Skare was interested. He is a wealthy man with two ships, who approached Astrid's mother last year." Outside the shed one figure shivered briefly. "I guess your engagement to Astrid is part of the reason her mother did not accept."

"So you ever ask Ruff out," Hiccup asked Snotlout. He received a blank look in response.

"Are you mad," Tuffnut interjected in shock! "She's got the face of a goat and smells like one."

"She's actually fairly cute," Fishlegs added quietly.

"She's not Astrid, but she is pretty," Hiccup said in agreement.

"But she's madder than a Hideous Zippleback," Snotlout spit out.

"Get her away from her brother." Hiccup replied with a shrug. "I'm sure she is normal when she's not fighting with her brother."

"So anyone got any good stories," Fishlegs asked?

"It's all lies. But it is funny as Hel. Get Gobber drunk and he will start telling this story about a pair of barmaids." Outside two figures quietly left the boys to their conversation.


(0) I know this is not a traditional Viking engagement.

I believe this term was from the WOTC

Taming of the Shrew Quote.

A real Viking trading center in Norway.