Buizel was a bit stubborn in training but still, he listened to Soul and did what she asked her to do. Evee and Buizel did not like each other, they would end up using attacks on each other if not restrained. The Egg, so far, was wriggling as could be, it was about to hatch!

The Egg was a white color with Red and Blue triangles on it. Many people in violet city congratulate her and some even eyed the egg with envy.

"Bui! Bui!" Buizel stole a berry from Evee.

Evee's fur bristled, "EEEVEEEE!"

Evee used Sand-attack on Buizel. Buizel used Water gun on Evee.

"Stop it!" Soul shouted.

The two immediately stopped.

"Sne~zeal!" Sneasel shook her head in discontent.

The egg was wriggling more now.

"Can we please get to Azalea town in one piece?" Soul begged them.

"B-Buizel…" Buizel nodded.

"E-Evee." Evee nodded.

They started off after their quick snack and a cleaning and drying, they set off to Azalea town. There was supposed to have the Largest slowpoke population and even had a well named after the Pokémon. Even Kurt, a person who made Pokeballs lived there, he makes them by hand!

Soul smirked and walked with the egg in her arms, wondering what the pokemon would be… Rare? Legendary? If it wasn't she would still love it anyways.

Evee spotted something out of the corner of her eye, something blue! She must eat it, it was blue, she never tasted anything Blue before!

Evee ran up the tree and grabbed the object, but it was hard and not a berry.

"Satisfied?" Soul asked nonchalantly, putting a hand on her hip.

"Eeeee…" Evee said in a creaky voice, her teeth hurt.

Buizel fell to the ground laughing at Evee. Evee fumed with rage and jumped down and chased Buizel around in a circle.

"Your Evee bit into a Apricorn!" A little girl walked up. She was moderate age eight size with a side ponytail and a pretty blue dress.

"I can see that, she's pretty Glutinous about food." Soul commented.

"My Grandpa makes Apricorns into Pokeballs, I could get him to make one for you!" The girl smiled. A teddyursa walked up beside her.

"Sure!" Soul smiled and turned harsh to her Pokémon, "Stop it Buizel! Evee!"

They stopped, comedically, stopping in place and rejoining their trainer. Sneasel rolled her eyes at the crazy youngsters.

It was only a short walk to Kurt's house, he turned to see his granddaughter bring in a customer.

"What do you want?" Grumpy old Man Kurt asked.

"I have a Apricorn… can you make it into a Pokeball for me?" Soul held the Apricorn out, it was a different one than Evee bit into.

"Go away, we are closed." Kurt turned his head.

"But Grandpa…" His granddaughter whined.

"I said I am not taking any new costumers! And That is final now out with you!" Kurt shot up and shooed them all out the door, including Teddyursa and his granddaughter.

"What's with him?" Soul asked, brushing off her hat and the Egg, which was unharmed.

"Years ago, Grandpa's scroll was stolen and was used for Evil, he's been like this ever sense!" His granddaughter pouted and lowered her head.

Buizel rolled his eyes and Evee blinked two times. Sneasel listened intently.

"Your Grandpa sounds pretty down, when I'm down, I sing about the things that make me happy!" Soul smiled.

"I do that too!" The Granddaughter flourished.

Soul looked around.

"I'm going to look around town is that fine?" Soul asked and the Granddaughter nodded as Soul and her Pokémon walked off.

She saw Slowpoke, they were sleeping… with all their tails chopped off… Poor Slowpoke :(

"I wonder why all their tails have been cut off…" Soul wondered as something at the speed of light whooshed past her and towards the well. The Granddaughter ran up to Soul.

"Soul, Grandpa has gone nuts! He's going to face the people who have done this!" The Granddaughter sounded real worried.

"I'll snap him out of it!" Soul encouraged her Pokémon as they ran off toward the well to help Kurt! He was locked in battle with Rocket operatives.

"Your crazy old man if you're going to take us all at once!" A rocket operative with a Hat and looked so much different from the others. He was skinny, Blue hair with a hat, a black jumpsuit, and a white belt.

"Bring your best shot Youngsters!" Kurt yelled.

"Golbat!" The Man called out.

"You crazy old man!" Soul ran up to Kurt's side.

"Cheater! You brought Re-enforcements!" The Executive growled.

"Did not, she came at her own will!" Kurt growled.

Soul sighed.

"I think I know you, yes, you stopped my operatives from getting Buizel and now it is traveling with you!" The Execuative growled.

"So you're the 'Boss' ahead of this operation?" Soul asked nonchalantly.

"One of them Missy." He gave a devilish grin.

"You one sick wannabe," Soul commented and Buizel jumped out ready to battle Golbat, "Buizel Water gun!"

Buizel sucked in air and water spurted out of its mouth and hit Golbat directly, then It used Double team and hit Buizel with Leech life.

"Buizel Bubblebeam!" Soul commanded and Buizel sent out bubbles and hit Golbat back causing it to faint. But the Leech life was more effective than she thought.

"Smart girl, I am Team Rocket Executive Proton, and I will shred you and that Buizel to pieces!" Proton laughed and sent out a Weezing and a Ekans.

"Sneasel, Evee!" Soul commanded as the two hopped down to help Buizel and the egg moved more frequently in Soul's arms.

"Hold it!" A voice called, A red haired tall kid jumped down with a Sneasel at his side and the other with a Feraligatr and just randomly appeared in front of Soul and Kurt. Buizel pouted that he would interrupt when he was about to kick butt. Sneasel and Evee looked at the boy intensely. Suddenly the Pokedex started beeping and Soul brought it out. The Red haired kid looked back, they met eye to eye, as if it were fate.

"What are you going to team up with her against me? Don't make me laugh!" Proton laughed… didn't he just said don't make him laugh?

Silver didn't take his eyes off of Soul, she bent back the Pokedex over her face. The Pokedex from his hand was going nuts.He's a owner too?Silver stared into her eyes.Who was this girl? He thought to himself She has a pokedex, three pokemon who are probably the right level to battle this guy but… It was interesting to him how this girl got here and why she was. Her eyes where just pools of curiosity and it was like looking into someone that he thought he knew, and the uneasiness he felt before, vanished!

Silver turned, "I don't know who it is, but it isn't nice to threaten a lady." Silver teased Proton and sent the executive into a Rage.

"Attack!" Proton shouted as Ekans and Weezing got up and charged.

"Stay back," Silver commanded Soul and Kurt, "Sneasel Blizzard! Feraligatr Hydro Cannon!"

Feraligatr sent out a ferocious water attack that hit Weezing and rendered it unconscious. A Furious blizzard sounded from Sneasel and froze the Ekans and the ice broke.

"Grrr, fine take this! Arbok!" Proton sent out a slithering Arbok, his last and most powerful Pokémon. And Silver didn't notice the pokeball he had dropped onto the ground and rolled behind him and only Soul saw this and as she ran to push him out of the way a Koffing popped out and Soul pushed out of the way from the Selfdestruct.

"Bui!" Buizel cried out as the Egg flew up into the air and Sneasel caught it. Souls hat flew off her head and Silver's glove went off in a different direction.

"Stupid Girl!" Proton sent Arbok at them.

"Feraligatr!" Silver cried out and Kept Soul to the ground and Feraligatr pinned Arbok down to the ground , the powerful smashed rendered it unconsciousness, Proton was defeated!

Proton returned his Pokémon, "This isn't the last you see of me! Retreat!"

And without another trace left, they were gone out of sight.

"Are you alright Mister and Kurt?" Soul asked as she got up and whipped the dust off her clothing.

"I am just fine." Kurt said.

"I'm alright." Silver got up and brushed himself off as Buizel ran up to Soul and used water gun in Silver's face. Sneasel hit him over the head and Evee scolded him but they both ended up fighting.

Silver started to walk off and leave before he noticed the girls hat on the ground and picked it up and read inside of it "Soul". Her name was Soul, she was a Pokedex owner just as he was. He turned to give it back but then stood stunned.

Soul touched Feraligatr's head and it glowed and sparkled, calming the beast and seemingly reversing the wound on his rough skin, reversing time... as if that cut never happened.

How? I thought Yellow could only do that! Silver thought and shook it off as Soul turned and he approached her and brushed her hat off and put it on her head.

"Take care." Silver told her as he returned Sneasel and Feraligatr and sent out Murcrow and flew off in a pinch of a second.

Buizel crossed his arms as if he was happy he was gone. Evee saw something out of the corner out her eye, it was a black glove. She rushed over and picked it up in her mouth.

Sneasel held the Egg and handed it to Soul. Evee ran over with the glove in her mouth.

"Thank you for helping Azalea town Soul." Kurt bowed.

Soul nodded her head, but whose glove was this… She jumped, it was the red haired kid's glove! She looked inside, it said : Silver.